Big Flats Lions Club

-= July/August 1999 Newsletter =-

District News

District Governor John Sobotka mentioned a few goals he has set for 1999-2000.


Financial Report

Community Service Fund $2355.14

Administrative Fund $1143.20


Board Action

Thank you notes were received from Camp Badger and the Guide Dog Foundation for our contributions. The budget for the coming year was discussed and passed. A copy of last year's budget and contributions are enclosed. Dues to National is being increased from $21 to $25 per member per year.


Club News

Our final meeting ushered in our new cabinet and awarded our Lion of the Year award to Lion Herb Cox. Lion Herb has been an active member for 28 years. Congratulations Lion Herb! Our Citizen of the Year award went to Al Registro, who has served the area youth for over 41 years.



During the June Board Meeting the Board voted to establish a second membership category for our Club. The new membership class is that of Privileged Member. The qualifications for Privileged Member are: A member of this club who has been a Lion fifteen or more years, who, because of illness, infirmities, advanced age or other legitimate reason, as determined by the board of directors of this club, must relinquish his/her active status. A Privileged Member shall pay such dues as the local club may charge, which dues shall include district and international dues. He/she shall have the right to vote and be entitled to all other privileges of membership except the right to hold club, district or international office. Individuals desiring this membership classification must request that it be granted by the Board of Directors.



Lions Clubs International has very strict policies about the use of the Lions name and emblem. It restricts clubs from using the emblem on any item sold to the general public for fund raising efforts.

At the June Board meeting there was considerable discussion about non-Lions wearing hats and vests indicating that they were Lions members. These occurrences should be discouraged.

One of the important things to remember about the Lions emblem whether a lapel pin, jacket or hat is that when another Lion recognizes it, the emblem creates an immediate bond of friendship. Observance of trademark regulations and the use of the emblem help to protect this emblem as a symbol of understanding and cooperation between people of goodwill everywhere.



August 9th @ 6:30 PM, Cooper Pavilion, Big Flats Community Park.

Meat, rolls and beverage provided. Bring dish to pas, your own table service and $2 donation for meat. Reminder for those who signed up:




Johnston, Easterbrook, Gummoe (fruit), Smith, Yanak, Williams, Ormiston, Redner, Brinthaupt, King.

Barto, Lynn, Muir, Balland, VanEtten, Herber

Adamy, Hendrickson, Connors, Bernhardt, Roe, Powell

Cox - ? Hoos - ? Surprises

If you didn't have a chance to sign up, please join us and bring a dish. We have a good variety by the sign up sheet. This is a good time to invite a friend and bring them along.



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