Big Flats Lions Club

-= September 1999 Newsletter =-

District News

The Geneva Lions Club will be having their Charter Night on Sunday, September 12th at the Geneva American Legion. Reservations are due by Sept. 4th. Nineteen Lions will be indoctrinated. The Rushville Lions Club is sponsoring the new Club.

The Fall Conference is scheduled for November 12th and 13th at the Holiday Inn in Waterloo.


Financial Report

Community Service Fund $2040.01

Administrative Fund $996.20


Board Action

The Club received a donation of $100 from Mrs. Dickinson, Rita's mother, in appreciation for helping her daughter. A $25 check will be sent to the Geneva Lions Club with a note of congratulations. A motion was proposed and passed to purchase a canopy for our BBQ sales. Cost for the 10' X 20' canopy with one wall was $149.99 plus tax. Any member for a $25 donation may use the canopy.


Club News

Our Annual Picnic went well. A many thanks go out to King Lion Donna, Lion Lance Muir, Lion Norval Johnston and Lion Pat Johnston for their efforts in making this event a success.

Lion Rita attended the picnic. It was good to see her out and about. She needs a chauffeur while she is still in a wheel chair. A sign up sheet will be passed around at the first meeting for volunteers to bring her to our Dinner Meetings. Lions Jim Adamy, Al Draht, and Don Williams gave Rita a helping hand and installed steps and hand rails for her.

The Community sign is expected to come down before school starts. Lion Gary Bernhardt is chairing this effort.

Two additional names were added to our prospective member's list.

Happy Birthday to Lion Marshall Updike, Sept. 1st, Lion Herb Cox, Sept. 2nd, and Lion Grace Yanak.

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