Big Flats Lions Club

-= January 2000 Newsletter =-

District News

Reviewing some of the fundraisers in our District. Here are a few very good ideas. The Wolcott Lions has hosted 45 community auctions over the years raising an estimated $135,000. The Ithaca Lions are selling coverlet Blankets which depict local landmarks. The first order is selling quickly, and they have reordered more. 

Financial Report

Community Service Fund $ 4,578.62

Administrative Fund $ 1,205.75


Board Action

Lions Maryann Balland and Sue Brinthaupt are putting the final touches on our 30th Anniversary bash. There will be no entertainment for the event. This parallels the Elmira Clubs 75th anniversary bash, which was very successful. A memorabilia table will be organized. If you have anything to contribute, pictures, souvenirs, to the table call Maryann or Sue. Our Committee is trying to keep the cost to under $20. The Board voted to donate $100 to the Big Flats Youth Basketball League. Mr. Larry Kotacska will be inducted into Lionism at our first meeting.

Club News

King Lion Donna donated 2 hours to the Arctic League. Our Clubs participation was a bit light this year. Twenty-two Lions did donated 52 hours for the Food Pantry netting $594.36.

Happy Birthday to Lion Guy Hendrickson, Jan. 12th; Lion Don Williams, Jan. 13th; Lion Jim Ormiston, Jan. 17th; Lion John Hoos, Jan. 22nd; and Lion Al Redner, Jan. 25th.

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