Big Flats Lions Club

-= February 2000 Newsletter =-

District News

Our District Newsletter had an interesting survey in it. Adults 21 – 54 were asked what traits a club must have to gain and hold their interest. The traits most often stated included:

  1. Providing networking opportunities, both business and personal.
  2. Providing an opportunity for both spouses to participate.
  3. Not requiring more than 2 ˝ hours per month – no waste of time.
  4. Offering high quality professional and personal training or skills.
  5. Including socialization, fun, and enjoyable activities.


Does our Club satisfy the above requirements? What isn’t available at the Club level is certainly available at the District and Multiple District level. The problem is how many people have we invited to become Lions and have declined? Where are we falling short?


Financial Report

Community Service Fund $ 2,458.95

Administrative Fund $ 1,73.26


Board Action

A Thank You letter was received from the Big Flats Youth Basketball League for our donation. Lion Stephan Connors was reimbursed $20 for his contribution to the Chemung County Historical Society. The contribution was for having Ms Tina Hager speak to us at a prior meeting. The final drawing for the 50/50 raffle will be postponed to the second meeting in February. The Anniversary Committee is looking for door prizes for our Anniversary Dinner. If you are willing to contribute something please call Lion Sue Brinthaupt or Maryann Balland. Lion Bim VanEtten reported that the Big Flats Sign Committee had had one meeting and the chairperson is to call a follow-up meeting later this week. Privileged Member status has been granted to Lion Walt Jacobus. King Lion Donna appointed three members to the Nominating Committee: Lion Al Draht, Lion John Hoos, and Lion Bim VanEtten. Two additional members are to be appointed. Lion Bim conducted the Community Service 50/50 Drawing with the following winners: $20 – Paul Fetcie and Al Redner; $10 – Marshal Updike, Linda Whittney, Joe Williams, and Guy Hendrickson; and $5 – Mimi Rubin, John Hoos, and Sue Draht.

Happy Birthday to: Lion Jane King, Feb. 12th.


Club News

Our 30th Anniversary Dinner should be a memorable event for the Club. You have probably already have been called by someone on the calling committee. This is an event not to be missed! The Club has an opportunity to help the Wineglass Running Club hold their 3rd annual Valentine’s Day 5K Race in Big Flats on Sunday Feb. 13th at noon. This is a Community Service effort for both Clubs. Six Lions have volunteered to act as course marshals, controlling traffic and pointing the runners in the right direction. Our thanks to Ms Ann Clark, Elmira-Corning Airport Manager, for speaking to us at our 1st dinner meeting last month. Our speaker for our 2nd meeting in January was Lion George Prentice of the Ovid-Willard Lions Club. Lion George is the District Chairman of the Speech and Hearing Action Committee working with the death. Lion George "spoke" to us in sign language, which was interpreted by Mr. Kip Opperman. It’s amazing how someone’s personality shines through even without the gift of speech.


See you all at the Anniversary Dinner!

Saturday, February 12th !


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