Big Flats Lions Club

-= April 2000 Newsletter =-

District News

Our District Governor John Sobotka states we have a new Lions Club in our District. The Shortsville – Manchester Lioness Club was officially chartered as the Manchester – Shortsville Lions Club or MS for short. This is appropriate since the Club is all women, at least right now.

The District 20-E2 Leadership Training Class will be held Sunday April 9th from 12:30 PM to 4:00 PM in

Ithaca. Topics to be included include Leadership – what is it?, Overview of Public Speaking, and Dealing with Difficult People/Conflict. Contact Lion Mike Baratta at 607-625-3329.

PID Dr. Ed Cordes made a comment in our District Newsletter worth repeating. Dr. Ed said we don’t have the largest district and don’t contribute the most money to Multiple or International Projects. However, we are the richest district because of our high family values and cooperation among our members. It is a genuine privilege to serve this district.


Financial Report

Community Service Fund $ 2,976.95

Administrative Fund $ 1,257.39


Board Action

A motion was made and carried to increase our donation to the Big Flats Little League to $225 for the year 2000. The Club is considering taking on an Environmental Project. King Lion Donna is to appoint a chairperson. The Vintage Car Show Chicken Barbecue is scheduled for June 11th at the National Warplane Museum. There are two Boy Scout Troops in the area the $200 normally donated to Scouting was divided according to the Troop’s size. $150 will go to Troop 87 and $50 to Troop 3097. Delegates are needed for the New York State Lions Convention in Syracuse to vote for PID Lion Ed. In the absence of Lions Harry King and Jim Ormiston, Lion Bim will determine the eyeglass collection sites so they can be serviced. The National Soaring Museum is in need of volunteers.


Club News

The slate of officers for 2000-2001 is as follows:

President – Lion Bill Powell

1st Vice President – Lion Gary Bernhardt

2nd Vice President – Lion Stephen Connors

3rd Vice President – Lion Rita Dery

Secretary/Treasurer – Lion Norval Johnston

Immediate Past President – Lion Donna Barto

Tail Twister – Lion Lance Muir

Lion Tamer – Lion Patricia Johnston

One year Directors – Lion Mike Yanak and Lion John Hoos

Two year Directors – Lion E. R. "Bim" VanEtten and Lion Don Williams

The election of Club officers will be the first meeting in April.


Happy Birthday this month to: Lion Bim VanEtten, Apr. 13th; King Lion Donna Barto, Apr. 17th; Lion Mike Yanak, Apr. 21st; and Lion Ray Conklin, Apr. 27th. There is a change of address for Lion Marshall Updike to:

9 Wheaton Rd So, HH 14845. Lion Bill Powell has a new e-mail address


5K Race

As you can see by the application on the opposite side, our Lions Club has made a commitment. This is usually a busy weekend for us. The additional work can be handled without difficulty if we all pitch in. Most of you are saying, "I don’t know anything about a race!" Ask someone who helped out with the Valentine’s Day Race how much effort is involved. The most difficult part is merely showing up. The course is simple, comprising only five turns. Traffic control, direction pointing, and maybe a little encouragement for the stragglers is all that is required. Wearing your Lions hat and Adopt-A-Highway vest will be helpful. I have additional vests for those who do not have one.

Timers to call out the minutes and seconds at the one and two mile markers is a courtesy the runners appreciate. They like to know how they are doing. Most runners run against their own best time. All this requires is a digital stop watch (wrist watch) and a desire to speak. Sorry, there are only two spots for this guys! The one-mile marker will be on Winters Road south of Main Street. The two-mile marker will be on Maple Street near Canal Street.

Since the race is open to walkers the time on the course will be a little longer than for just runners. The walkers shouldn’t take more than one hour. An "official" car will follow the last walkers. The car should keep a respectable distance away from the last walkers so they don’t feel under pressure. The car is also there to give assistance if a runner cramps or falls and requires a lift back to the starting /finish area. Leave your dog home Lion Ray. This job is made for you! The passing of a familiar vehicle is also an indication for the Course Marshals to return to the park. We will probably require two people on some of the busier turns and intersections.

A water stop will be necessary if the weather is warm. We must plan for it. This requires filling four ounce cups and placing them on a table or handing them to the runners if the situation permits. The first wave of runners will be moving pretty fast. Hold the cups out from the bottom so they can be grabbed on the run. It takes about six people to work a water stop. Spouses and family can help. It’s fun! The stop will be just after the two-mile marker. The water should be spring water in five-gallon jugs. A pitcher can be used to transfer the water to the cups. Pure water is a must for a race! Water and/or juice must be provided at the finish also. This will be consumed in much greater volume than on the course. The water from the spigot should be okay for this. It has been flowing all day.

The Wineglass Running Club will handle the registration, the start, finish, and recording times and places.

There is a possibility we will have access to four two-way radios. This will enable us to broadcast the times and runners numbers (maybe names) to the family and friends at the park from the one and two mile marks. If we’re really good we can make it sound like a horse race! The Runners Club will handle this. This is something new. We’ll give it a try. Club members should watch how registration is handled and pitch in if need be. It isn’t difficult. A color code is used to differentiate gender and age categories.

The Awards will be given out by the Community Days Officials with the help of the Running Club.

There is plenty of lead-time for this. Think about how you may help without conflicting with our Barbecue effort. Both can be worked into your schedule. I will pass around a list of required positions at the first meeting in May. This will gives us enough time to prepare.

Lion Gene


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