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February, 2001

Events Calendar:

Feb 12th @ 6:30 PM

Dinner Meeting at Jennifer's Restaurant. Our speaker this evening will be Jim Sleeth, Director of the Steele Memorial Library.

Feb 19th @ 7:00 PM

Board of Directors meeting at the Senior Citizen's Center. 

Feb 26th @ 6:30 PM

Dinner Meeting at Jennifer's Restaurant. Our speakers this evening will be Judy Celelli and Sylvie Farr of Tri County Housing Council. Topic: Agency Services.


Club News:

We had two wonderful speakers in January. At the first meeting, Vicie Rolling of Corning Community College gave us some background information on the Phoenix Project - a pioneering initiative that provides education for 50+ year olds. Course categories include Interesting Pastimes such as antique appraisals and crafts, Computers, and Nutirition. At the second meeting, Brian Little, executive Director of the National Soaring Museum, gave us a little history and brought us up to date on new developments at the museum. Hours of operation are 10AM to 5PM, every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day. So much happening in our own back yard!

In other news, five Lions made visitation to the Elmira Lions on January 10. They also attended the Zone Meeting, which followed. Lion Bim VanEtten made presentation on "Obtaining Publicity in Local Newspapers". Lion Merrill Lynn was awarded the 30 year Service Chevron. Congratulations Lion Merrill! Two Lions donated 47 hours to the Big Flats Community Food Pantry, two Lions served as Site Managers for the Big Flats Council on Aging Nutrition Site donating 32 hours, seven Lions donated 18 hours delivering food to the Nutrition Site, and one Lion spent two hours collecting eyeglasses. Lions also contributed a total of 232 hours to other organizations in January: Details are available in the Lions Activity Report (now available online), compiled by Lion Norval Johnston.

Board Action:

Made decision to pursue two additional fund-raisers: 1) Coffee Stop at Kanona Rest Area on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends and 2) Chicken Barbecue for Big Flats School Reunion.

District News:

Prior to the MD 20 Convention to be held in Saratoga Springs, this April, there will be a Leadership Institute Training Program for Lions of 5 or fewer years in Lionism, that have not held an Office higher than President. If any Club would like more information, contact DG Jim Killam or VDG Bob Mizzoni. The winner of the Peace Poster Contest in District 20-E2 is Corie Sprentall, an 8th Grader, and a student at the Naples Central School. She was sponsored by the Canandaigua Lions Club. Are there any blind or visually impaired Lions in the District who wish to receive the MD-20 Lion Magazine on audio cassette? If so, please send your name and address to DG Jim Killam.

Lion Walt Jacobus:

Lion Walt is now a resident of the Chemung County Nursing Facility in Elmira. He would be very appreciative of visits and cards. His address is: Room 302, Chemung County Nursing Facility, Washington Street, Elmira, NY 14901.

Wheelchair Available:

The Club owns a wheelchair and it is available to anyone who is in need of its use. It is currently stored at Lion Al Draht’s house. Contact Lion Al if it is needed.

New E-Mail Address:

On your address list, please change Lion John Hoos’ E-mail address to:


Lion Gary Bernhardt distributed Suggested Member Applications at our last meeting, and we are reminded that new members do a lot for the vitality of our club. Besides, it's a great opportunity for them!

Birthdays in February:

Happy birthday wishes go out this month to Lion Jane King, Feb. 12th.

Web Happenings:

See the Web for more information on the Phoenix Project and/or the National Soaring Museum. Whenever possible, our Club's web page will have links to our speakers' sites under "Links of Local Interest".

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:

Oct. 23: The first drawing was conducted and the winners were: $20 – Michael Yanak and P. Rogan; $10 – Mary Thomas, Donna Barto, Tom Tokar and Timothy Walker; $5 – Ed Fairbrother II, Rebecca Kotacska and George Martinec.

Nov. 13: Winners were: $20 – Linda Redner and Dan O’Brien; $10 – Mary Ann Balland, Gene Herber, Guy Hendrickson and Jini VanEtten; and $5 – Amanda McIntosh, Maureen Farrell and Ed Fairbrother II.

Nov. 20: Winners were: $20 –Jim Lynch and Bob Sawyer; $10 – Libby Pressly, Charles Easterbrook, Deb Roe and Linda Redner; and $5 – Phil Moshier, Dave Manchester and Nelda Fuller.

Nov 27: The winners were: $20 – Ross Slavik and Joe Lesso; $10 – Deb Roe, Bob Adams, N. G. Johnston III and Mike Yanak; and $5 – Jean Bruns, Bernard VanEtten and Pat Williams.

Dec 11: The winners were: $20 – Jim Griffin and Danielle Dery; $10 – Dave Manchester, Nancy Reidy, Bob Sawyer and Charles Easterbrook; and $5 – D. Rossie, Adam Sedzewick and Gerry Donohue (donation).

Jan 8: The winners were: $20 – Norval Johnston and Rachael Giving; $10 – Al Draht, Nancy Reidy, Grace Yanak and Lynn Shepson; and $5 – Ann Ormiston, Phil Myers and Mary Ann Balland.

Jan 15: The winners were: : $20 – Joel Krapf and Philip Moshier; $10 – Chris Dean, Paul Fetcie, Terry VanEtten, and James Thomas; and $5 – Pat Williams, Larry Kotascka, and Nelda Fuller.

Jan 22: The winners were: : $20 – Ralph Kinney and Harry King, Jr.; $10 – Philip Moshier, Denny Hill, Maureen Farrell, and Ray Perry; $5 – Ryan Horne, Chris Collins, Michael Yanak, Robert Prokepec and Rachel Giving.

On February 12th, the tenth and final drawing will be conducted. There will be three $100 winners, two $20 winners, four $10 winners and three $5 winners.



Published: 02/03/01 -- Revised: 02/11/01

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