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July / August, 2001

Events Calendar:

Aug 13th @ 6:30PM Club Picnic, Cooper Pavilion.
Aug 20th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Senior Citizen's Center. 
Aug 31st Sept 3rd Labor Day Coffee Reststop - Kanona.

Club News:
There are a couple of big events coming up in August, beginning with the Club Picnic at the Cooper Pavilion, Big Flats Community Park. Cost is $2 per Adult (kids welcome!), and a dish to pass. As of July 16th there were 40 sign-ups. If you haven't signed up but would like to attend, please contact King Lion Gary or Lion Pat Johnston. Lions 50/50 tickets were distributed by mail, and members are encouraged to try your best to sell them. Please contact Lion Marshall Updike if you have trouble selling your tickets or would like some more. Our next Coffee Reststop is fast approaching on August 31st - September 3rd. This was an interesting and fun event for those who participated last time. Please see details below:

Labor Day Reststop - Lion Rita Dery

We will be having our second coffee rest-stop fundraiser over Labor Day weekend; Aug. 31-Sept 3 at the Kanona reststop. To make it even more successful than the Memorial Day event, we will be setting up on Friday afternoon to get an early start on Saturday morning. I will be actively seeking signups at the picnic Aug 13 as well as donations of cookies, muffins, etc. There will be four 3-hour shifts on Saturday and Monday, with at least 2 people each time slot. With full participation it will be an easy and enjoyable smashing success. Thanks, Rita

Board Action:
The Treasurer reported that $38.25 was generated from the Chinese Auction held at the Awards Banquet. Lion Mike Yanak is striving to improve mint sales, and is looking into new locations and additional dispensers. The Storage Building might have to be relocated due to upcoming construction around Town Hall. Lions Mary Ann Balland and Norval Johnston will review new site options. Per Lion Bim VanEtten's suggestion, the Secretary has added indicators to the membership roster for "Members at Large" and "Affiliate Members". These designations are described in the next section.

Membership Categories:
During the June Board meeting, the Board of Directors established a category of membership titled "Affiliate Member". An Affiliate is a quality individual of the community who currently is not able to fully participate as an Active member of the club but desires to support the club and its community service initiatives and be affiliated with the club. This status is conferred by the invitation of the club's board of directors. The club will have a limit of four of these memberships and be reviewed on a yearly basis. An Affiliate Member may be eligible to vote on club matters at meetings where he/she is present in person, but may not hold office in the club or represent the club at other Lions functions. The membership cost per year is $75. Lion Tom Abbott has been granted this status.

The Club also has a category designated as "Privileged". A Privileged Member is an individual who has been a Lion fifteen or more years, who, because of illness, infirmities, advanced age or other legitimate reason, as determined by the board of directors of the club, must relinquish his/her active status. A Privileged Member shall pay dues of $50 per year and have the right to vote and be entitled to all other privileges of membership except the right to hold club, district or international office. Lion Walt Jacobus, who has been a member since 1973, is a Privileged Member.

A third category, Member-At-Large, is granted to a member who has moved from the community, or because of health or other legitimate reason, is unable regularly to attend club meetings and desires to retain membership in the club, and upon whom the board of directors of the club desires to confer this status. This status is reviewed each six months by the board of directors of the club. A Member-At-Large shall not be eligible to hold office or to vote in district or higher meetings. The dues per year are $50. Lion Stephan Connors was granted Member-At-Large status in June 2001.

An Active member is entitled to all rights and privileges and subject to all obligations which membership in a Lions club confers or implies. Without limiting such rights and obligations, such rights shall include eligibility to seek, if other wise qualified, any office in this club, district or association and the right to vote on all matters requiring a vote of the membership; and such obligations shall include regular attendance, prompt payment of dues, participation in club activities and conduct reflecting a favorable image of the Lions club in the community. Our club currently has 37 Active members.

"Community First" - King Lion
King Lion Gary's slogan for the year is "Community First". His goals for the year are to add two to three new members and get better project participation by following up with volunteers one to two days prior to an event.

Activity Report:
Lions contributed a total of 225 hours to various outside causes in July. Notable among these, one Lion donated 86 hours at the Camp Badger Infirmary (a full report will be available on the website later this month. The President, First Vice President (Membership Chairperson) and Secretary/Treasurer attended the First Cabinet Meeting at Campbell on July 28th. Club totals for 2000/2001 were 3,199 hours and $4,008 donated.

Lion and Citizen of The Year Awards:
This year's Citizen of the Year award went to Russell Minier, a well-known entrepreneur and prominent community figure. The following is an excerpt from Lion Pat Johnston's introduction:

"...Not only does the store (Minier's) provide convenient shopping and personal service; Russell is always willing to share his space with the many small charitable and community service organizations that need to raise funds, but lack a professional staff or the sponsorship of large business organizations. Our Community Food Pantry would not exist without his support.
In spite of the rapid growth that surrounds us, community spirit is alive and well in Big Flats because the plaza provides a center where local people not only shop; they visit with neighbors and friends; drink coffee and solve world problems; and personally know the owner. With so many family businesses disappearing, it is nice to know it is possible to survive in a rapidly changing society."

Lion Norval Johnston earned his second Lion of the Year award, the first one being in 1989. Lion Norval has earned the perfect attendance award in each of his 14 years of service, beginning in 1986. During this tenure he's chaired or co-chaired 12 different committees, sponsored 8 new members, earned the 100% Secretary Award, and held the offices of Bulletin Editor, Secretary/Treasurer, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Vice President, 1yr Director, and President. He's always there, and always willing to work. As with all recipients of this award, Lion Norval is a "Lion's Lion", and this year we recognize his strong service and commitment. 

Thank You Notes:
Our Club received two thank you notes in June and July. The first was a note of appreciation from our Citizen of the Year, Russ Minier (see below), and the second was from Lion Donna Peck, Office Manager at Camp Badger, thanking us for a $100 donation towards medical supplies, as well as our continuing support.



Dear members of the Big Flats Lions Club, 

Thank you ever so much for honoring and recognizing me with your Citizen of the Year award. It was a wonderful surprise to me this night and I will treasure it. 

As I sit underneath this clear sky watching the sunset red, I think how thankful I am to be a part of this community and for all the people who have supported my family through the generations. 

I truly believe many sacrifices were made by those who came before me to make it possible for my family to be here in this community today. My family would also not be here today without the tremendous support we receive from each and every one of you. 

This community is so special because we share our lives and make so many special memories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this award.

With much appreciation,

Russ Minier

Community Days 5K Race 2001 - Lion Gene Herber
We have another 5K race under our belts. We should all be gaining some confidence now in what we are doing. I'm relying on Club members for feedback. Were there any slip-ups? How can we make this race safer and easier? Lion Skip Smith made some hand STOP signs he said were effective. Let me know if something like this would be helpful at your station. Do we need more coverage on any particular spot?

Since we are on the learning curve for a 5K race next year should be easier barring something unexpected. Lion Neal Gumoe suggested the use of additional two-way radios for calling in problems. One runner at Neal's turn started to cramp. He had no way of notifying First Aid or calling 911 if needed. Fortunately she managed to continue the race. There are still a lot of fine points to be worked out. Next year we will be adding a 70 and over age category. I stated in a previous newsletter that safety is of paramount importance. I think now you all realize this is not an understatement. Some of the 70-year-old walkers in this year's race requested more water stations. Perhaps a gallon jug and some cups could be provided at the turns. Both water and Gator Aid will be provided for the runners next year.

We have an opportunity to become more familiar with 5K races in Big Flats. The Wineglass Running Club sponsors the Valentine's Day 5K and the New Year's Day 5K. These races start and finish at the Big Flats American Legion. Both are understaffed. Some of you have helped with traffic control for the Valentine's Day race. It would be helpful if we would work registration and the finish line on these races as well. These races usually draw less than 100 runners. The big race in Big Flats is the Susan Komen Race for the Cure. This race is well promoted and requires a large staff. 

We can't do this race alone. The Wineglass Running Club is well known locally and respected. Their presence and assistance gives this race greater credibility. A big, thank you, to Diane Sherrer for writing an extended article on our race in the Star Gazette. We have been asked to contribute a race article to the Runner's Gazette, which is a national publication! -- Lion Gene

Birthdays in July/August:
Happy birthday wishes go out to Lions Sue Brinthaupt, Jul 9th; Dave Manchester, Jul 9th; Ed Fairbrother, Jul 15th; Jim Adamy, Jul 28th; Larry Kotacska, Aug 2nd; Norval Johnston, Aug 29th; Dick Wardell, Aug 30th; Tom Abbott, Aug 31st; and Lance Muir, Aug 31st.

Please be reminded that
Dues are Due! Thanks, and have a great summer!


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