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September, 2001

Events Calendar:

Sep 1st – Sep 3rd Labor Day Coffee Rest Stop - Kanona
Sep 10th @ 6:30PM Dinner Meeting at Jennifer’s Restaurant.  Brainstorming session. 
Sep 22nd Adopt-A-Highway.  Note:  This was rolled back one week from the 15th
Sep 17th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Senior Citizen’s Center.
Sep 24th @ 6:30PM Dinner Meeting at Jennifer’s Restaurant.  Speaker to be announced.

Club News:

The coffee rest-stop at Kanona was our first event in September, and it's reported that Lion Don Williams has secured the Campbell rest-stop for next Memorial Day.  The program at our first meeting in September will consist of a brainstorming session for all members regarding projects and programs.  King Lion Gary has provided a primer for this session, and it’s included below.  On a sad note, the Historical Society will not be conducting an Antique Show & Sale this year due to low vendor turnout.  This has been a major project for the Lions for many years, and its loss will be one of the topics at our brainstorming session. 


Board Action:


Activity Report:

In August, One Lion donated 48 hours at the Camp Badger Infirmary, three Lions donated 17 hours transporting food for the Big Flats Senior Nutrition Center.  Two Lions donated 38 hours to the Big Flats Community Food Pantry, two Lions donated 51 hours to the Steele Memorial Library, and one Lion worked 4 hours at the A. P. Darling Low Vision Center.  Also in August, Lions contributed 195 hours to other worthy causes.


Letter from Pamela Farr / Big Flats Historical Society:


August 28th, 2001


Dear John,


Would you please express my sincere appreciation to the Big Flats Lions Club for all their many years of volunteer work moving tables and helping dealers at our annual Antique Show & Sale.  Their help, support and enthusiasm has always been a contributing factor in our success.


It is with sincere regret that our 2001 show is cancelled.





Birthdays in September:

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Herb Cox, Sep 2nd, Marshall Updike, Sep 1st, and Grace Yanak, Sep 18th.

Message from King Lion Gary:




Brainstorming Session on Program and Project Ideas


We will conduct a brainstorming session during our meeting on September 10th, 2001 to obtain ideas for future projects and programs from our membership.  Please bring your ideas and this sheet to the meeting.


Ground rules:

1)      We will discuss ideas only, no details

2)      There is no such thing as a bad idea


Examples of Past Programs:

1)      Brian McConnell – Red Cross Disaster Services

2)      Brian Little – National Soaring Museum

3)      Kirk House – Curtiss Museum

4)      Richard Price – Blindness, Diabetes, Diabetic Retinopathy

5)      Lion George Prentice – Lions Hearing and Speech

6)      Bob Siebold – Batavia School for the Blind

7)      Leonard Kaner – Big Flats Fire Department

8)      Lion Bim VanEtten – Geneology

9)      Ms. Jan Mecham-Powell – County Child Protection Program

10)   Lion Donna Barto – L.C.I.F.


List of existing projects: 



1)      Journey for Sight

2)      Antique Car Club BBQ

3)      Highway Rest Stop (2 times/year)

4)      Mint Sales (ongoing through year)

5)      50-50 Club


No Income

1)      Adopt-A-Highway (4 times/year)

2)      Camp Badger Work Party (2 times/year)

3)      Xmas Bell Ringing (Food Pantry)

4)      Boy Scouts Food Collection (Food Pantry)

5)      World Service Day (Food Pantry)

6)      World Day of caring

7)      Community Days BBQ


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