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December, 2001

Events Calendar:

Dec 10th @ 6:30PM Christmas Party.  Dinner for this event will be $10.25.  Events will include a musical trio and a Chinese auction.
Dec 15th & 16th Christmas Bellringing at Minier's..
Dec 17th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Jay House (trailer next to Town Hall)


Club News:
Lions Mary Ann Balland, Ed Fairbrother, and Merrill Lynn spoke at our second meeting in November, and updated us on a number of happenings. These included the construction of new Town facilities, formation of a Department of Public Works, plans for the Community Center, changes at the Post Office building, and recent Park Department initiatives. Also in November, Lion Gene Herber reported that nine Lions had donated 25 hours to Adopt-A-Highway cleanup. Lion Pat Johnston reported that 20 Lions donated 78 hours to Scouting for Food in November. They counted, sorted, and stored over 3,400 items for the Big Flats Community Food Pantry. Lion Harry King reported that 953 pair of eyeglasses were collected by the Club and sent to Canandaigua for processing. A musical trio has been enlisted to provide entertainment for our December 10th program, and we'll also have a Chinese auction with 10 items. Dinner for this event will be $10.25. 

Board Action:
Thanks to efforts of Lion Bim VanEtten, our Club activities for the month of October were published in the Corning Leader and the Elmira Star Gazette. Lion Don Williams has reported that our pavilion roof painting project at the Big Flats Community Park has been delayed until spring. Other potential projects include repairing the sign on the Jacobus Pavilion. Lion Don has also met with Harlan Evans of the Wells-Jackson Lions about their experience in conducting a rose sale. The finances appear promising and King Lion Gary will appoint a chairperson and a committee to proceed with the project. Lion Mike Yanak is planning another Mint Sale at Sam's Club in the early spring.

Activity Report:
Two Lions donated 46 hours to the Big Flats Community Food Pantry, and four Lions donated 16 hours delivering food to the Big Flats Senior Nutrition Site. One Lion donated 49 hours to the Steele Memorial Library and 14 hours to the Big Flats Historical Society. Other Lions donated 294 hours to ten additional causes. Ten Lions made a visitation to the Southern Tier Retired Lions on the 27th. They were Lions Donna Barto, Gary Bernhardt, Stephan Connors, Neal Gummoe, Norval Johnston, Harry King, Jane King, Marshall Updike, Bim VanEtten, and Don Williams. One Lion (Donna Barto) attended the Fall Conference at Waterloo. 

New Members:
Membership Chairperson, Lion Rita Dery, inducted two new members into the Club on November 12, 2001. Lion Wolfgang vonSulecki is a business consultant working for Binghamton University. Wolfgang's E-mail address is Estabilo@AOL.com. Lion Al Redner is his sponsor. 

Lion Daniel C. Ferrara, who is an optometrist, works at Empire Vision Center in Consumer Square. Dan's E-mail is eyedoc@danielferraraod.com. King Lion Gary Bernhardt is his sponsor. Members are requested to add their contact information to their membership list.

"Sunshine Basket" for Lion Walt Jacobus:
We would like to prepare a "Sunshine Basket" for Lion Walt Jacobus to let him know that he is not forgotten by his fellow Lions. We are asking members who would like to participate to bring a small gift to the December 10th dinner meeting. Suggested items include: cookies; candy (NO gum drops); fruit (tangerines, bananas, etc., but NO oranges); individual serving snacks such as potato chips, crackers, etc.  Lion Pat Johnston is in charge and will be collecting these items from members at the meeting.
Members are reminded to keep the Calling Committee apprised of dinner meeting plans. Recent meetings have required additional table settings at the last minute.

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct. 22: The first drawing was conducted and the winners were: $20 - Gerry Muir and Virginia VanEtten; $10 - Gail Hall, Grace Jones, Lydia Lynn, and John Lane; and $5 - Aaron Manchester, Phyllis Rogan, and Ms. Louis Devillers. 
Nov. 12: Winners were: $20 - Lydia Lynn and D. Mullen; $10 - Pat Johnston, Judi Bohrer, Ann Brouse, and Mary Lee Fairbrother; and $5 - Virginia VanEtten, Linda Redner, and Ms. Louis Devillers.
Nov. 19: Winners were: $20 - Paul Fetcie and Charles Easterbrook; $10 - Tina Brown, Ann Ormiston, Pat Williams, and Gene Herber; and $5 - Jim Lynch, Gene Herber, and Dona Cincebox.
Nov. 26: Winners were: $20 - Merrill Lynn and Jim Adamy; $10 - Mary Ann Guiliano, Charles Easterbrook, Henry Farr, and Grace Yanak; and $5 - Janice Updike, Tom Makowiec, and Jennifer O'Brien.

Bell Ringing Schedule (Dec 16th & 16th at Minier's):


Dec. 16th (Saturday)

Bell Ringers

8:00 - 10:00 AM

Lions Grace and Mike Yanak

10:00 - 12 Noon

Lions Jane and Harry King

12 Noon - 2:00 PM

Lions Mary Ann Balland and Sue Brinthaupt

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Lions Rita Dery and Bim Van Etten

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Lions Donna Barto and Al Redner

6:00 - 8:00 PM

Lions Gary Bernhardt and Don Roe

Dec. 16th (Sunday)

Bell Ringers

8:00 - 10:00 AM

Lions Ed Fairbrother and Dave Manchester

10:00 - 12 Noon

Lions John Hoos and Lance Muir

12 Noon - 2:00 PM

Lions Merrill Lynn and Dick Wardell

2:00 - 4:00 PM

Lions Lois Love and Gene Herber

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Lions John Farr and Norval Johnston


Birthdays in December:
Happy Birthday to Lions Gary Bernhardt, Dec 5th, Skip Smith, Dec 15th, and Harry King, Dec 21st.

Recent Pictures:





Published: 12/03/01
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