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March, 2002

Events Calendar:

Mar 11th @ 6:30PM Dinner Meeting at Jennifer's Restaurant.  Lion Dr. Dan Ferrara will speak to us about Diabetes and Low Vision.
Mar 18th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Jay House.
Mar 23rd Disaster Training at Red Cross Chapter House, Church Street, Elmira.
Mar 25th @ 6:30PM Dinner Meeting at Jennifers Restaurant.  Our speaker this evening will be Ms. Lee Younge, regarding Radon.
Mar 30th Adopt-A-Highway

Club News:
Our speaker at the first meeting in February was Lion Richard Pucher, Executive Director of Camp Badger. Lion Richard's program on Camp Badger was both full and entertaining, complete with slides and music. He also presented our Club with a certificate of appreciation for adopting two cabins at the Camp. Also at the last meeting, our Club recognized Eagle Scout Scott Mullen and parents for attaining his rank, and Eagle Scout Mullen enthusiastically described his Eagle Scout project for the Lions and guests. Using a digital camera and high quality printer, he created personalized Holiday cards for residents at Bethany Village. Other guests in February were Lions Donna Peck and Art Peck IV from the Elmira Lions Club, and Tom Rhodes, who recently retired from Dairy Farming. Lion Gene Herber reported that 65 runners participated in the Wineglass Running Club 5K Valentine Race, and that 10 Lions helped out as Course Marshals. 

Ms. Amy Miller was the speaker at our second meeting. She is the Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates, and she presented a history and overview of her organization. King Lion Bernhardt reminded members about the Camp Badger Wish List and urged members to get donations to him for transportation to camp. He also reported that three Lions attended the Cabinet meeting at Waverly on Feb 23rd. They were Lions Gary Bernhardt, Rita Dery, and Donna Barto. Finally, congratulations to Lion Dan Ferrara and Lily, who were married on Valentine's Day! 

Red Cross Disaster Training:
Lion Donna Barto announces that Red Cross Disaster Training would be on March 23rd at the Red Cross Chapter House on Church Street in Elmira.

Slate of Officers for 2002-2003:
Lion Bill Powell, Chair of the Nominating Committee, presents the following slate of officers: President - Rita Dery, First Vice President - Mike Yanak, Second Vice President - Stephan Connors, Third Vice President - John Farr, Secretary/Treasurer - Norval Johnston II, Two Year Directors - Al Draht and Donna Barto, One Year Directors - Pat Johnston and Gene Herber, Tailtwister - Merrill Lynn, Lion Tamer - Sue Brinthaupt, and Immediate Past President - Gary Bernhardt.

Board Action:
On a motion by Lion Al Redner, a letter will be sent to PDG Jim Dormandy with a copy to Lion Dick Pucher that the Club will perform work on cabins at ESS&HC and donate $100 to be used to refrigeration, materials, or supplies. King Lion Gary has been having discussions with the Elmira Rotary Club about tax-exempt status. A Committee composed of Lions Bernhardt, Williams, and Norval Johnston will investigate the possibility. An Orientation session was held after the meeting for Lions Kotacska and vonSelecki. Lions Barto and VanEtten conducted the Session.

From the Activity Report:
Ten Lions donated 22 hours in planning and providing traffic control for the 5K Valentine Race on February 10th, two Lions donated 49 hours to the Big Flats Community Food Pantry, two Lions donated 9 hours transporting food to the Big Flats Senior Nutrition Site, two Lions donated 57 hours to the Steele Memorial Library, and two Lions donated 20 hours to the Boy Scouts. An additional 53 hours were donated to other causes.

Birthdays in March:
Happy birthday wishes go out this month to Lions Jim Dubois, Mar 2nd; Don Roe, Mar 11th; Mary Ann Balland, Mar 14th; and Pat Johnston, Mar 17th.

The Salvation Army speaker in January was Major Marie Harris, not BJ Smith as originally reported.

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct. 22: The first drawing was conducted and the winners were: $20 - Gerry Muir and Virginia VanEtten; $10 - Gail Hall, Grace Jones, Lydia Lynn, and John Lane; and $5 - Aaron Manchester, Phyllis Rogan, and Ms. Louis Devillers. 
Nov. 12: Winners were: $20 - Lydia Lynn and D. Mullen; $10 - Pat Johnston, Judi Bohrer, Ann Brouse, and Mary Lee Fairbrother; and $5 - Virginia VanEtten, Linda Redner, and Ms. Louis Devillers.
Nov. 19: Winners were: $20 - Paul Fetcie and Charles Easterbrook; $10 - Tina Brown, Ann Ormiston, Pat Williams, and Gene Herber; and $5 - Jim Lynch, Gene Herber, and Dona Cincebox.
Nov. 26: Winners were: $20 - Merrill Lynn and Jim Adamy; $10 - Mary Ann Guiliano, Charles Easterbrook, Henry Farr, and Grace Yanak; and $5 - Janice Updike, Tom Makowiec, and Jennifer O'Brien.
Dec. 10: Winners were: $20 - Mary Lee Fairbrother and Deb Roe; $10 - Charles Easterbrook, Mary Ann Balland, Ed Fairbrother, and Jim Griffin; and $5 - DJ Rossi and Eileen Pariso.
Dec. 17: Winners were: $20 - Chelle Fairbrother and William Haner; $10 - Mary Ann Balland, Gene Barcomb, Mike Yanak, and Anthony Palmeri; and $5 - Bill Powell, Mary Ann Guiliano, and Dona Cincebox.
Jan. 14: Winners were: $20 - Deb Roe and Gerry Donohue(donation); $10 - Mary Jane Abbott, Christopher Muir, Gerry Youmans, and Grace Yanak; and $5 - Bud Putnam, Phil Moshier, and Karen Edwards. 
Jan. 21: Winners were: $20 - Bob Sawyer and Virginia VanEtten; $10 - Lydia Lynn, Chris Thorborg, Chelle Fairbrother, and Gene Herber; and $5 - Owen Frank, Teresa Dean, and Helen Sawyer. 
Jan. 28: Winners were: $20 - Dona Bennett and Sabrina Grover; $10 - Carl Carson, Phil Myers, Randy Strope and Helen Sawyer; and $5 - Scott Ammerman, Jessica Luff, and Andrew McIntosh.
Feb. 11: Winners were: $100 - Mrs. Louis Devillers, Dona Cincebox, and Tom Tokar; $20 - Grace Yanak and Mike Yanak; $10 - Bill Powell, Dick Bauer, Glenda R. Solowie, and Mary Lee Fairbrother; $5 - Jim Sleeth, Andrew McIntosh, and Gail Hall.


Published: 3/05/2002
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