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January, 2003


Events Calendar:  

Jan 13th @ 6:30PM

Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Mary Lee Fairbrother of the Red Cross will present the topic, "Till Help Arrives".
Jan 20th  @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Jay House.
Jan 27th @ 6:30 PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Our speaker will be Gary Emerson on Queen Catharine of Montour Falls.

Club News:
DG Rich Shaff and his wife Lion Linda Shaff visited our Club in December, along with Ithaca Lions PDG Ron Havard, PDG Pete Romani, and Lion Ron Seacord. DG Rich recognized Lion Donna Barto for being Lioness Liaison, Lion John Farr for the Club website, and Lion Norval Johnston for presenting a Seminar for Secretaries at the Annual Training Session. He reminded us of the importance of collecting used eyeglasses, and challenged us to start a Leo Club at the Junior or Senior High School. Many thanks to Lion Jim Adamy for another lively Chinese Auction at our last meeting. Board members donated gifts, and the effort raised $58 for the Administrative fund. The evening's entertainment was rounded out by some wonderful short stories as told by Maureen Farrell. Overall, our move to the Hilton Garden Inn went smoothly but it wasn't without its hitches. To that end, King Lion Rita Dery recognized Lion Al Draht for shortening the flagpole to fit in the new meeting room! 

In other news, our Club received a thank-you note for a donation to the Cornell Lions Club. The money will be used to help the Ithaca Youth Bureau build a reading center in their facility, and they also report that they're spending a lot of time working with children on science experiments at the Science Center. We also received a thank-you note from our local recipients of eyeglasses, and one from PDG Leo Lejeune for the purchase of a $100 "Super Raffle" ticket to benefit the New York State and Bermuda Lions Foundation.

Dinner reservations are required by Friday noon preceding the meeting, and the Calling Committee will forward these to the restaurant. If she doesn't call you first, please inform Lion Grace Yanak of your plans for attendance.

Board Action:
The next Zone meeting will be held on February 24th immediately following our meeting at the Hilton Garden Inn. Lion John Hoos reported that there were expectations that six Scouts would gain Eagle Scout status this year. The Board approved a motion that Lions provide an engraved plaque for new Eagle Scouts to be presented at their Court of Honor or other appropriate forum. Lion John Farr will contact the Chemung County Highway Department in regard to placement of Lions Emblems with meeting location on Colonial Drive and Arnot Road. Potential signature project suggestions were solicited from Board members. Suggestions made were a "Sensory" garden in Community Park; wildflowers on Route 17 near the Big Flats sign and a pavilion in Community Park. Lion Sue Brinthaupt will check with Tom Tokar regarding park projects and Lion Norval Johnston will contact the Painted Post Lions regarding the pavilion they built in Village Square.

Valentine's Day 5K Race to benefit the Big Flats Food Pantry:
Lion Gene Herber reported that the New Years Day 5K race was a success with over 80 runners, and that an estimated $300+ was raised for the Big Flats Food Pantry. Lion Gene reminds members that the Wineglass Running Club will also be sponsoring its annual Valentine's Day 5K race on February 9th (also to benefit the Food Pantry), and that he'll provide additional details at the next meeting. 


Activity Report:

Twenty-seven Lions donated 44 hours ringing the bell for the Big Flats Community Food Pantry collecting $660.60.
Donated $200 to the Arctic League for Christmas toys.
Two Lions donated 70 hours to the Big Flats Community Food Pantry.
Two Lions donated 51 hours to the Steele Memorial Library.
Two Lions donated 21 hours to the Boy Scouts.
Two Lions donated 18 hours to the Big Flats Planning Board committees.
Two Lions donated 9 hours to the Horseheads Food Pantry.
Two Lions donated 3 hours to the Red Cross.
Other Lions donated their services to the following organizations:
Tanglewood Nature Center 19 hours
Big Flats Historical Society 15 hours
Food Bank of the Southern Tier 12 hours
Gold Card News 10 hours
Clemens Center 8 hours
Youth Talent Showcase 6 hours
Town of Big Flats 2 hours
TOTAL 286 hours

Held Christmas Dinner meeting with 66% attendance plus guests including the DG.
Held one regular Board meeting and a special Board meeting with DG Rich Shaff.

Norval G. Johnston II, Secretary



Birthdays in January:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Neal Gummoe, Jan 7th, Don Williams, Jan 13th, Jim Ormiston, Jan 17th, John
Hoos, Jan 22nd, and Al Redner, Jan 25th.


Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct. 28: Winners were: $20 - Shirley Salvatore and Chris Dean; $10 - Bryan Foster, Denny Hill, Brian Love, and Sydney Luff; and $5 - Phil Myers, Dot Mullen, and Mike Yanak.
Nov 11: Winners were: $20 - Dale Spitzer and Bryan Foster; $10 - Lydia Lynn, Pat Johnston, Lynn Shepson, and Donna O'Brien; and $5 - Richard West, Dan O'Brien, and Phil Meyers.
Nov 18: Winners were: $20 - E. Field and James Adamy; $10 - Pat McInerney, Gene Herber, Mary Ann Balland, and Virginia VanEtten; and $5 - Rita Dery, Lydia Lynn, and Sylvia Tuller.
Nov 25: Winners were: $20 - Charles Easterbrook and James Thomas; $10 - Amy McIntosh, Michael McDivitt, Dona Cincebox, and Tom Tokar; and $5 - Dale Spitzer, Sydney Luff, and Peg Kramer.
Dec 9: Winners were: $20 - Al Redner and Deanne Williams; $10 - Don Gaylord, Owen Frank, James Adamy and Joan Santulli; and $5 - Deb Roe, Tina Brown and Sylvia Tuller.
Dec 16: Winners were: $20 - Bryan Foster and Mike Yanak; $10 - Jean Williams, Steve Acuto, Deanne Williams and Brenda Solowiej; and $5 - Deb Roe, Ted & Andrea Love and Mimi Rubin.

From the Scrapbook:

Lions Service Day Food - 5 Nov 2002



Published: 1/07/2003
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