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March, 2003


Events Calendar:  

Mar 1st

Odessa Lions 50th Anniversary Celebration in Montour Falls.
Mar 10th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Our speaker will be Gary Roush, Helicopter Pilot.
Mar 17th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Jay House.
Mar 24th @ 6:30 PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Our speaker will be Dan O'Brien, Private Investigator.

Club News:
At our first meeting in February, Linda Reinshagen from the Seven Lakes Council of the Girl Scouts of America gave us a wonderful presentation on the goals and activities of the Girl Scouts. Duane Hills visited at our second meeting and discussed his appearance as an extra in film, "Gettysburg". It should be noted that Mr. Hills did not play favorites; rather, he appeared on both sides of the conflict! The regular meeting was followed by a Zone meeting, which was attended by over 40 representatives.

Also last month, ten Lions helped out as Course Marshals for the Wineglass Running Club's Valentine 5K Race to benefit the Food Pantry, and five Lions made a visitation to the Southern Tier Retired Lions. 

Nine Lions contributed 36 hours of interior painting at the Southern Tier Association for the Visually Impaired (STAVI). They were Lions Gary Bernhardt, Steve Connors, Rita Dery, Gene Herber, Pat Johnston, Norval Johnston, Merrill Lynn, Tom Rhodes, and Don Williams. Our Signature Project Committee, chaired by Lion Marshall Updike, is currently evaluating survey results pertaining to several proposals. It's an exciting time in this process, and the Club is looking forward to a doing something really nice.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lion Al Draht on the loss of his brother, Herbert, in February.

Board Action:
The Board did not meet in February due to a snowstorm.


Tentative Slate of Officers for 2003-2004:

President Lion Stephan Connors
1st Vice President  Lion Marshall Updike 
2nd Vice President  Lion John Farr 
3rd Vice President  Lion Suzanne Brinthaupt 
Secretary/Treasurer  Lion Norval Johnston 
Tail Twister  Lions Lance Muir & Jim Adamy 
Lion Tamer  Lions Grace Yanak & Tom Rhodes
1 Yr Director  Lion Donna Barto 
1 Yr Director Lion Al Draht 
2 Yr Director Lion Merrill Lynn 
2 Yr Director  Lion Al Redner
 Past President  Lion Rita Dery 


Activity Report for February 2003:

* Club hosted Zone Meeting on February 24th with eight members of the Big Flats Lions attending including the President and Secretary. Forty-four Lions and Lioness members from the Zone joined us for our dinner meeting.
* Ten Lions assisted with the 5K Valentine Race donating 13 hours.
* Three Lions donated 34 hours to the Boy Scouts.
* Three Lions donated 9 hours to Big Flats Planning Committee.
* Two Lions donated 50 hours to the Steele Memorial Library.
* One Lion spent 5 hours collecting used eyeglasses.
* Other Lions donated their services to the following organizations:
Big Flats Historical Society -- 12 hours
Clemens Center -- 10 hours
Gold Card News -- 10 hours
Tanglewood Nature Center -- 7 hours
Youth Talent Showcase -- 4 hours
Food Bank of the Southern Tier -- 4 hours
Big Flats Food Pantry -- 3 hours
Horseheads Food Pantry -- 3 hours
Meals on Wheels -- 3 hours
Elmira Hospitality Center -- 3 hours
Total -- 170 hours

Signature Project Committee continues work on selection of suitable project.
Held two Dinner meetings with 62% attendance. Board meeting was canceled due to inclement weather.

Norval G. Johnston II, Secretary

Birthdays in March:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Jim DuBois, Mar 2nd; Don Roe, Mar 11th; Mary Ann Balland, Mar 14th; and Pat Johnston, Mar 17th.

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct. 28: Winners were: $20 - Shirley Salvatore and Chris Dean; $10 - Bryan Foster, Denny Hill, Brian Love, and Sydney Luff; and $5 - Phil Myers, Dot Mullen, and Mike Yanak.
Nov 11: Winners were: $20 - Dale Spitzer and Bryan Foster; $10 - Lydia Lynn, Pat Johnston, Lynn Shepson, and Donna O'Brien; and $5 - Richard West, Dan O'Brien, and Phil Meyers.
Nov 18: Winners were: $20 - E. Field and James Adamy; $10 - Pat McInerney, Gene Herber, Mary Ann Balland, and Virginia VanEtten; and $5 - Rita Dery, Lydia Lynn, and Sylvia Tuller.
Nov 25: Winners were: $20 - Charles Easterbrook and James Thomas; $10 - Amy McIntosh, Michael McDivitt, Dona Cincebox, and Tom Tokar; and $5 - Dale Spitzer, Sydney Luff, and Peg Kramer.
Dec 9: Winners were: $20 - Al Redner and Deanne Williams; $10 - Don Gaylord, Owen Frank, James Adamy and Joan Santulli; and $5 - Deb Roe, Tina Brown and Sylvia Tuller.
Dec 16: Winners were: $20 - Bryan Foster and Mike Yanak; $10 - Jean Williams, Steve Acuto, Deanne Williams and Brenda Solowiej; and $5 - Deb Roe, Ted & Andrea Love and Mimi Rubin.
Jan 13: Winners were: $20 - James Thomas and Aaron Manchester; $10 - Jean Williams, Virginia VanEtten, D. Brinthaupt, and Margie Flynn; and $5 - Guy Tanner, Jane Lewis, and Bryan Foster.
Jan 20: Winners were: $20 - Anne Brouse and Jean Williams; $10 - Connie Black, Jennifer Barto, Donna Barto, and Donna O'Brien; and $5 - Grace Yanak, Gene & Nancy Barcomb, and Amanda McIntosh.
Jan 27: Winners were: $20 - Stacey Strouse and Gail Hall; $10 - Helen Sawyer, Gene Herber, Michael McDivitt, and Bryan Foster; and $5 - Denny Hill, Deb Roe, and Donna Barto.
Feb 10: Final Drawing - Winners were: $100 - Tom Tokar, Virginia VanEtten, and Linda Whitney; $20 - Bill Haner and Chris Thorborg; $10 - Sue Balland, Dave Smith, Terry VanEtten, and Pat Johnston; and $5 - E. Field, Mike Yanak, and Bernard VanEtten.


Published: 3/06/2003
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