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April, 2003


Events Calendar:  

Apr 12th

Camp Badger work party. Lion Gary Bernhardt is in charge.
Apr 14th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Barbara Ramsdell will speak to us about John W. Jones.
Apr 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Jay House.
Apr 28th @ Noon Painted Post Lions visitation at the Painted Post Holiday Inn. Lion Donna Barto is in charge.
Apr 28th @ 6:30 PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Our speaker will be Dick Peer on Local History.

Club News:
Gary Roush gave a wonderful presentation at our first meeting in March about his missions and activities with the Volunteer Pilots Association. The VPA is a charitable non-profit organization providing air transportation to needy people who must travel to obtain medical treatment. Their web site is at At our second meeting we were honored with a visit from Chemung County Executive Thomas Santulli, who gave a gripping presentation on the budget, the impact of Medicaid, and other issues facing the County ( Guests at the second meeting were Dan O'Brien, Chemung County Legislator, Len Kaner, Judy Zimmerman, Duane Gardner, Larry Wagner, Dan Panosian, and Ben Riggs. Lion Pam Lewis of the Painted Post Lions also visited us.

Our Signature Project is still its infancy, and much of the discussion to date would involve some sort of project for the Big Flats Community Park. The Feasibility Committee will now meet with the Park Commission on April 23rd to determine potential direction. Events in April will include a work party on the 12th at Camp Badger, led by Lion Gary Bernhardt, and a Visitation at Painted Post on the 28th, led by Lion Donna Barto. Looking further ahead, the Board has agreed to host another Chicken BBQ at the upcoming Vintage Car Show on June 8, and the Community Days BBQ will follow this rather closely on June 14th. We're coming into the busy season once again!

This reporter would like to take this opportunity to thank Lions Pat and Norval Johnston for their many years of dedicated service to this Club. They'll be moving back South to West Virginia later in the Spring, and it's with regrets we wish them all the best in their new life. Effective May 1st, Lion Sue Brinthaupt will be appointed Secretary Treasurer and Lion Bim VanEtten will serve as assistant. At that time, Lion Grace Yanak has agreed to move into Lion Sue's old job as Lion Tamer.

Board Action:
In addition to releasing the funds as detailed in the Activity Report, the Board also reviewed some new information from King Lion Rita and Aletha Rollins about sponsoring a new Girl Scouts Daisy Troop (K & 1st Grade). On a motion by Lion Gary Bernhardt the Board agreed to invite Aletha Rollins to the next Board meeting to discuss options.

Adopt-A-Highway: To Be or Not to Be? -- Lion Gene Herber
A rather trite way of starting but somewhat appropriate. What course are going to take? The Club is getting older. Manual effort is becoming more difficult. Do we give up a project we have been doing for 10 years, a project which gives us a sign on route 17? This isn't a signature project but it does give us our only advertisement.

The Department of Transportation has sent us a renewal application for the next two years. The Board of Directors has decided to allow the membership to decide whether to continue our efforts or not. In order to make this effort as easy as possible we will have pick ups both on Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend. This will allow us to have a more flexible schedule. We will curtail our pick up to either the section East or West of Exit 49. This will require a minimum of six Lions for the weekend to make a pick up. I will be working on both days leaving only four additional Lions necessary for the weekend. This is not outside our Club's ability.

Before you decide take a look at our section of road. The garbage is starting to mount. There is no other group in the area, to my knowledge, that is willing to help. Every time you drive through the area it will be getting worse. This is a project we cannot give up. There will be a sign up sheet passed out at the next meeting. If you cannot attend mention your thoughts to the caller for the next meeting or give me a call.

-  Lion Gene


Slate of Officers for 2003-2004:

President Lion Stephan Connors
1st Vice President  Lion Marshall Updike 
2nd Vice President  Lion John Farr 
3rd Vice President  Lion Mike Yanak
Secretary/Treasurer  Lion Sue Brinthaupt
Tail Twister  Lions Lance Muir & Jim Adamy 
Lion Tamer  Lions Grace Yanak & Tom Rhodes
1 Yr Director  Lion Donna Barto 
1 Yr Director Lion Al Draht 
2 Yr Director Lion Merrill Lynn 
2 Yr Director  Lion Al Redner
 Past President  Lion Rita Dery 


Activity Report for March 2003:

*  Community Service Funds were donated to the following organizations:
          Lions Clubs International Foundation:  $500
          Big Flats Branch Library (Audiobooks & Large Print Readers Digest):  $205
          Southern Tier Assoc. for the Visually Impaired:  $300
          Guide Dog Foundation:  $200
          Leader Dogs:  $200
          Big Flats Little League:  $250
          Big Flats Cinderella Softball:  $200
          Boy Scout Troops:  $200

*  Nine Lions donated 36 hours painting two rooms at the Southern Tier Association for the Visually Impaired.
*  One Lion worked 4 hours collecting and sorting eyeglasses
*  Two Lions donated 7 hours to the Big Flats Community Food Pantry.
*  Two Lions donated 50 hours to the Steele Memorial Library.
*  Other Lions donated their services to the following organizations:
          Boy Scouts - 16 hours
          Big Flats Historical Society - 13 hours
          Gold Card News - 10 hours
          Youth Talent Showcase - 8 hours
          North Presbyterian Food Pantry - 6 hours
          Corridor 49 Tioga Co Dev - 6 hours
          Prison Fellowship - 4 hours
          Horseheads Food Pantry - 3 hours
          Big Flats Planning - 2 hours
          TOTAL - 175 hours

*  Filed Annual Sight Summary and Annual Speech/Hearing Summary.
*  Lion Norval Johnston resigned as Secretary/Treasurer effective April 30, 2003 due to relocation.
*  Lion Sue Brinthaupt was appointed Secretary/Treasurer by the Board of Directors to complete the term effective May 1, 2003.
*  Held two Dinner Meetings with 59% attendance and one Board Meeting.

Norval G. Johnston II, Secretary 


Birthdays in April:
Happy birthday wishes go out this month to Lions Donna Barto, Apr 17th; Ray Conklin, Apr 27th; Bim VanEtten, Apr 13th; and Mike Yanak, Apr 21st.



Published: 4/08/2003
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