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May, 2003


Events Calendar:  

May 3rd & 10th 8AM

May 12th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Speaker to be announced.
May 19th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Post Office Building.
May 23-26 Memorial Day Coffee Rest Stop at Campbell. Co-chairs: Lions Lance Muir and Donna Barto.
May 26th No Meeting.

Club News:
At our first meeting in April Ms. Barbara Ramsdell gave a stirring presentation on the history of John Jones and the role he played in the Underground Railroad, and King Lion Rita welcomed three of our returning snowbirds, Lions Jane King, Harry King, and Charles Easterbrook. At our second meeting, Dick Peer spoke about local history and shared some delightful recollections of his many years as a local newspaper editor.

In April, four Lions and a son donated 50 hours to Camp Badger. Lions Don Williams, Charles Easterbrook, Gary Bernhardt, Tom Rhodes, and Lion Tom's son Ed worked on a new section of McDonald House (lake house) and installed a washer & dryer. Lions Don Williams, Bill Powell, Tom Rhodes, and Gene Herber participated in Adopt A Highway cleanup on April 26th, and four members made visitation to the Painted Post Lions on April 28th. They were Lions Pat Johnston, Norval Johnston, Donna Barto, and Bill Powell. Our Club also received thank you notes from Leader Dogs for the Blind, Southern Tier Association for the Visually Impaired, and the Big Flats Branch Library (list attached) for recent donations totaling over $700.

Our main event in May will be the Memorial Day Coffee Rest Stop at Campbell on the 24th - 26th. June's also around the corner, and members are asked to plan some time for the Vintage Car Show Chicken BBQ (6/8), Community Days Chicken BBQ (6/14), and Historical Society Open House (6/22).

Board Action:
Mary Ann Brown of the Seven Rivers Girl Scout Council outlined the program, "Science is Fun", that is being prepared for a Summer Program in conjunction with Taffy. It was suggested that Lions could assist the program by purchasing badges for the 50-60 girls at around $1 each, and the board approved such assistance up to $75. King Lion Rita stated that Lion Donna Barto had a quote of $5 to apply the Lions emblem to our aprons, and the Board approved $60 for this effort. Two Lions Club signs are now posted in the vicinity of the Hilton Garden Inn, and a thank you note will be sent to Tim Von Neida and staff at the Chemung County Highway Department. Lion Gene Herber stated that he had signed a two-year extension with the NYDOT to continue with the Adopt-A-Highway program. The Board approved the proposal from the Hilton Garden Inn for the upcoming year, which includes an increase in dinner price to $12. Members present filled out an evaluation form on the services provided by the Hilton and requested that the menu be known prior to the meetings. This will be requested when the feedback is given to the Hilton. The Big Flats School Reunion group has inquired about the possibility of serving a Hot Dog / Hamburger platter for the event on August 16th, and the Board approved this. Lion Mary Ann Balland announced that future Board meetings would be held in the rear of the Post Office since the current building will be used for construction management of the new Community Center.

Journey For Sight:
Due to other competing Lions activities, it was decided to delay this event until Fall 2003.

Signature Project:
Lion Don Williams reported at the Board meeting that the Committee had met with the Parks Commission and that they were enthusiastic about a bandstand in Community Park. Lion Don stated that he felt that two committees need to be started promptly - Fund Raising and Planning. Target date for the project would be to build in Spring of 2004.

Big Flats Branch Library - Audiobooks on CD purchased with donation:
Adult Fiction: Prey, by Michael Crichton; Full Tilt, by Janet Evanovich; Lost in A Good Book, by Jasper Fforde; Janson Directive, by Robert Ludlum, and Back Story, by Robert Parker. Juvenile Fiction: Magician's Nephew, by C.S. Lewis; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling.

Activity Report for April, 2003:

         Four Lions and a son worked 50 hours making repairs at Camp Badger.

         Four Lions spent 15 hours picking up trash on Route 17 as part of the Adopt-A-Highway Program.

         One Lion worked 15 hours collecting and sorting donated eyeglasses.

         Two Lions donated 59 hours to the Steele Memorial Library.

         Other Lions donated their services to the following organizations:

Tanglewood Nature Center - 40 hours

Boy Scouts - 15 hours

Little League - 15 hours

Big Flats Historical Society - 14 hours

Meals on Wheels - 10 hours

Clemens Center - 10 hours

Gold Card News - 10 hours

Food Bank - 8 hours

Town of Big Flats Committees - 5 hours

Big Flats Food Pantry - 4 hours

Big Flats Planning - 4 hours

Horseheads Food Pantry - 3 hours

RSVP Luncheon - 3 hours

Youth Talent Showcase - 2 hours

Senior Nutrition Site - 2 hours

TOTAL - 284 hours


         Four Lions made visitation to Painted Post Lions Club on April 28th.

         Held two dinner meetings with 73% attendance and one board meeting.

         Effective May 1, 2003, the Secretary/Treasurer is Lion Suzanne Brinthaupt, 20 Cayuga Drive, Horseheads, NY 14845. Her E-mail address is


Norval G. Johnston II, Secretary



Birthdays in May:
Happy birthday wishes go out this month to Lions Charles Easterbrook, May 8th, and Al Draht, May 20th.





Published: 5/07/2003
Revised: 5/08/2003
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