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July/August, 2003


Events Calendar:  

Aug 4th

Summer Picnic at Community Park, Cooper Pavilion (note 1st Monday).
Aug 16th Big Flats School Reunion BBQ. Lions Mary Ann Balland and Jane King are in charge.
Aug 22nd Rushville Lions 50th Anniversary / Geneva. Lion Sue Brinthaupt for details.

Aug 25th @ 7:00PM

Board of Directors meeting at the Post Office Building (note 4th Monday).
Labor Day Weekend Coffee Rest Stop at Campbell Rest Area. Four Days. Lion Marshall Updike to discuss at Picnic on the 4th.

Club News:
We were lucky with the weather in June, and our Club was able to hold three successful Chicken Barbeques in rapid succession. Special thanks are in order for Lions Lance Muir, Rita Dery, Don Williams, and Mary Ann Balland for their tireless leadership in these efforts. We'd also like to thank to Lion Bert Mamula for speaking to our Club about eyeglass reclamation in June. Lion Bert is a Charter Member of the small but energetic Canandaigua Lions Club, and his presentation provided inspiration for our collection efforts.

PID Ed Cordes officiated at our annual Awards Banquet and Installation of Officers meeting, and it made for a pleasant evening. Lion Merrill Lynn presented the Citizen of the Year award to Lion Norval Johnston for his many years of service to the Lions, the Presbyterian Church, and other capacities, and Lion Al Redner presented the Lion of the Year award to Lion John Farr for his service and for advances as Web Master. PID Ed Cordes presented the District awards, which consisted of the Roar Division Award and the Chuck Coman Award. The Roar Division Award recognizes community service hours, visitations, fundraising, financial service to local groups, record keeping, and other measures.

New officers are Lions Stephan Connors as President, Marshall Updike as 1st VP, John Farr as 2nd VP, Mike Yanak as 3rd VP, Sue Brinthaupt as Secy/Treas, Lance Muir & Jim Adamy as Tail Twister, Grace Yanak and Tom Rhodes as Lion Tamer, Donna Barto and Al Draht as 1Yr Directors, Merrill Lynn and Al Redner as 2Yr Directors, and Rita Dery as IPP. Mrs. Lydia Middaugh, widow of former Lion Charles Middaugh, was an honored guest at this meeting. Lion Norval has kindly provided photographs from the June meeting, and these will appear on the Club Web Site in the near future.  This editor was reminded that someone else will need to remember the camera next time!

Upcoming events include our annual Club Picnic on Monday, August 4th, the Big Flats School Reunion Chicken Barbeque on Saturday, August 16th, and the Labor Day Coffee Rest Stop at Campbell. As always, members are encouraged to bring guests and prospective members to our Summer Picnic. Enjoy the summer!

Lion Ray Conklin:
Please keep Lion Ray in your thoughts this summer as he was recently in a car accident and is suffering from other health difficulties.

Eagle Scouts:
In June our Club recognized three members of Boy Scout Troop 87 for earning the rank of Eagle Scout. Lion Bryan Foster presented our plaques to Eagle Scouts Shameer Gadkaree, Stephan Quattrini, and Matthew Work. Congratulations new Eagles! And thanks Lion Bryan!

Travels of the King Lion:
Starting the second week in August, King Lion Steve and wife Amy will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with a 16-day trip to Italy and Greece!

Hilton Garden Inn Agreement:
As was reported in the May Bulletin, the Board approved the proposal from Hilton Garden Inn for the upcoming year, and this includes an increase in dinner price to $12. Members present at the April Board meeting filled out an evaluation form on the services provided by the Hilton and requested that the menu be known prior to the meetings.

From the Scrapbook:

King Lion Rita accepts the 
Roar Division Award

Please be reminded that Dues are Due! Thanks, and have a great summer!


Activity Report:

* Boy Scouts - 1; 6 hours
* Big Flats Food Pantry - 1; 2hrs
* Clemens Center - 1; 4hrs
* Corning Meals on Wheels - 1; 4hrs
* Corridor 49 Tioga Bus. Dist. - 1; 3hrs
* Elmira Correctional Facility - 1; 3.5hrs
* Eye Glass Reclamation - 1; 10hrs
* Food Bank of the Southern Tier - 1; 2hrs
* Gold Card News - 1; 10hrs
* Historical Society - 3; 23.5hrs
* Prison Ministry-Elm. Correctional Facility-1; 6hrs
* Steele Memorial Library - 2; 60hrs
* Tanglewood - 1; 15hrs
* Town of Big Flats-Volunteer Committees - 1; 7hrs

In Addition:
One board meeting was held and two dinner meetings. The second meeting being our Installation of Officers and presentation of Lion of the Year and Citizen of the Year Awards.

The Club received a District Award for outstanding participation within our membership group. Lion John Farr received the District Chuck Koman Award.

Three barbeques were held in June:
* Vintage Car Club - 28 members + 1 relative; 150hrs
* Community Days - 24 members + 2 relatives; 131.75hrs
* Historical Society Open House - 16 members; 79.75hrs

Plus three members volunteered for Community Days in other capacities; 37hrs, and the 5 K Race - 6; 7hrs


Sue Brinthaupt, Secretary



Birthdays in July/August:
Happy birthday wishes go out to Lions Sue Brinthaupt, Jul 9th; Dave Manchester, Jul 9th; Ed Fairbrother, Jul 15th; Larry Kotacska, Jim Adamy, Jul 28th; Aug 2nd; Dick Wardell, Aug 30th; Tom Abbott, Aug 31st; and Lance Muir, Aug 31st.


Published: 7/24/2003
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