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September, 2003


Events Calendar:  

Labor Day Weekend

Coffee Rest Stop at Campbell Rest Area
Sep 8th @ 6:30 PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn.  Speaker to be announced.
Sep 15th  @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Jay House.
Sep 22nd @ 6:30 PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn.  Speaker to be announced.

Club News:
This summer we held our annual Picnic/meeting in July and hosted a barbeque for the Big Flats Union School Reunion under the leadership of Lions Mary Ann Balland and Jane King. Our Labor Day Coffee Rest Stop at Campbell was also a success, albeit a soggy one. Lion Marshall Updike was instrumental in securing volunteers to span four consecutive days, and this amounted to roughly 50% Club participation. Thanks to Lion Marshall, Lion Lance Muir, and all who volunteered! As requested by email, please send comments and suggestions pertaining to the Rest Stop to Lions Marshall and Lance.

Thanks are also in order for Lion Gary Bernhardt, who has affixed a Lions Logo to our supplies trailer behind Minier's grocery store. The logo provides some contrast to the otherwise perfect camouflage we were able to achieve by painting the trailer to match the store!

Board Action:
The Administrative and Community Service budgets were approved at the August Board meeting, and Signature Project was prominent among various discussions. A 24x24 Bandstand/gazebo would cost between $15,000 and $20,000, and the Board will approach the membership with the definitive question, "will you support with time, interest, advertising, etc. to bring this to fruition". King Lion Steve will select a Chair and organize a committee to consider fund raising ideas.

A suggestion was made that the Lions weed/feed and clean up the flowerbed by the concession stand in the old park. Lion Al Redner will organize the project. We'd also like to explore member interest in a split-rail fencing project at Tanglewood. The purpose of the fence will be to steer visitors from the parking lot to the Visitor Center instead of directly to the trails. We're looking into various options with respect to power tools, and the project will likely be broken into several short work parties over time.

Lion Donna Barto attended the District Cabinet Meeting at the Palmyra-Macedon Lions Club in August and reported on the happenings there. It was announced that International Dues would rise by $15 over the next 3 years, and a motion was also passed that members may now belong to more than one service organization. The Board also passed a policy, but not law yet, that Clubs must have a minimum of 10 members. There are currently about 5 clubs in this status. Clubs will have 4 years to bring membership up, and then DG will have to assign a task force. The District is also forming a Long Range Planning Committee. They are looking for interested people who would like to serve in the district, as well as people you feel should be recognized for their good works in the community for district awards.

Lion Ray Conklin:
Lion Mike Yanak reports that Lion Ray Conklin is currently at the Bath VA, but no additional details are available. Please keep Lion Ray in your thoughts, and feel free to send cards or letters c/o the Bath VA.

From the Scrapbook:

Exploring the limits of Water Resistance, 2003

Activity Report for August:

* BF Town Comm. (Volunteer) - 2 Lions / 4.5 hours
* Boy Scouts - 4 Lions / 78 hours
* Camp Badger - 1 Lion / 48 hours
* Clemens Center - 1 Lion / 4 hours
* Elmira Correctional Facility - 1 Lion / 3 hours
* Food Pantries - 3 Lions / 13 hours
* Historical Society - 1 Lion / 12 hours
* Red Cross-Corning Chapter - 2 Lions / 5 hours
* Steele Memorial Library - 1 Lion / 45 hours
* Tanglewood - 1 Lion / 32 hours
* BF School Reunion Barbeque - 8 Lions +1 / 34 hours

TOTAL LIONS PARTICIPATING: 25 + 1 family member 

Sue Brinthaupt, Secretary



Birthdays in September:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Marshall Updike, Sep 1st, and Grace Yanak, Sep 18th.

New Email Address:
Lion Gene Herber reports that he's "finally on the Net"! His new address is

Hilton Garden Inn Agreement:
As was reported in the May Bulletin, the Board approved the proposal from Hilton Garden Inn for the upcoming year, and this includes an increase in dinner price to $12. Members present at the April Board meeting filled out an evaluation form on the services provided by the Hilton and requested that the menu be known prior to the meetings.


Published: 9/04/2003
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