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October, 2003


Events Calendar:  

Oct 4th & 5th

Adopt-A-Highway. Old Grossman's lot, 8AM. Lion Gene Herber in charge.
Oct 11th @ 9AM Journey for Sight, Community Park track. Lion Mike Yanak in charge.
Oct 13th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Speaker to be announced.  Menu: Lasagna and meat sauce with garlic bread.
Oct 20th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Post Office Building.
Oct 25th Camp Badger Work Party. Lion Gary Bernhardt in charge.
Oct 27th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Speaker to be announced.  Menu: Chicken Cordon Bleu with lemon herb sauce.

Club News:
In September, Lion Al Redner led a party of 10 Lions to help beautify some flowerbeds at Community Park. Good work was done by all, and with the exception of some dead clipper batteries, it went off without a hitch. Lion Rita Dery reported that are still some outstanding Community Service 50/50 tickets. Our first drawing will be held on the 27th. In other news, Lion Lance Muir has graciously volunteered to lead the next push for our Signature Project. This involves getting a more detailed proposal for a bandstand, and we should be able to use this as a rallying point for early fundraising efforts. Thanks Lion Lance!

October promises to be a busy month with three work parties. Lion Gene Herber headed up the Adopt-A-Highway party on Saturday the 4th, but the second pickup (Sunday) was cancelled due to a combination of weather and lighter than average trash observed. We'll try for another Adopt-A-Highway in December, snow-permitting. On Saturday the 11th we have Journey for Sight, headed up by Lion Mike Yanak. Participants (and spectators, if applicable) will meet at the Community Park walking trail at 9AM, and the event will be followed by breakfast at a local restaurant. Pledges will be based on laps completed (@ 2/3 mile) rather than a total mileage goal, so you can feel free to participate to whatever extent that's comfortable. Finally for October, Lion Gary Bernhardt has scheduled a Camp Badger work party for Saturday the 25th. The date has been confirmed for the 25th, but the work requirements are yet unknown.
2003-2004 Club Contest:
All clubs in the District are automatically entered in the Club Contest, which runs from July 1st through April 2004. Last year our Club won the "Roar" division, representing clubs with 21-40 members. Criteria are as follows:

Pres., Sec'y, Membership Chair at Advisory Committee meetings - 75 ea.
Pres., Sec'y, Membership Chair at Cabinet meetings - 50 ea.
Pres., Sec'y, Membership Chair at Fall Conference - 75 ea.
Additional Club Members at Fall Conference, 50 ea.
Clubs sending members to train/assist on a photoscreening session, 100 ea.
New members, 100 ea.
Sponsor a New Lions, Leo or Lioness Club, 500 ea.
Sponsor a New Branch Club (5 or more members) 250 ea.
M&A Reports received by the 5th day of the next month 100 ea. (25 bonus if electronic)
Interclub meeting (visitation) with District 20-E2 Club; for each 10% of the Club (min 3 members), 50 ea.

CLUB SERVICE PROJECTS - 50 points each member - examples below: 
Work Day at Lions Camp Badger
Work Day at Upstate Guide Dogs
BOCES Hearing Project
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Diabetes, Glaucoma Screening
Health Fair
School Children Eye/Hearing Screen
Local Building Project
Eyeglasses recycled (5 points each eye glass)
Hearing aids recycled (50 points each hearing aid)
Youth Project

Activity Report for September 2003:

* BF Town Comm. (Volunteer) - 1 Lion, 2 hours
* Boy Scouts - 3 Lions, 16 hours
* Corridor 49 - 1 Lion, 3 hours
* Clemens Center - 1 Lion, 2 hours
* Elcor Nursing Facility - 1 Lion, 12 hours
* Elmira Correctional Facility - 1 Lion, 1 hour
* Eyeglass Collection - 1 Lion, 2 hours
* Food Pantries - 2 Lions, 9 hours
* Food Bank - 1 Lion, 6 hours
* Gold Card News - 1 Lion, 10 hours
* Historical Society - 1 Lion, 16 hours
* Low Vision Center - 1 Lion, 4 hours
* Meals on Wheels - 1 Lion, 4 hours
* Prison Visitations - 1 Lion, 6 hours
* Steele Memorial Library - 2 Lions, 61 hours
* Tanglewood - 1 Lion, 42 hours
* Community Park Clean-Up - 10 Lions, 20 hours
* Labor Day Weekend Rest Stop - 22 Lions, 121 hours (plus 6 spouses)
TOTAL: 337 hours

Big Flats donated: 287 metal-framed eyeglasses and 167 usable-plastic framed eyeglasses to the District 20E2 Eyeglass Reclamation Center. $28.41 was sent to the District Special Fund Project in our name.

Our club held one Board Meeting and two Dinner Meetings at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Community Service Fund Raiser "50/50 Raffle" is underway and first drawing will be October 27th.

2003-2004 Calendar of Events:


September February


Sept 8   Club Meeting @ Hilton 6:30 PM

Sept 15 Board Meeting @ the Post Office 7:00 PM

Sept 22 Club Meeting @ Hilton 6:30

Feb 9 Club Meeting

Feb 16 Board Meeting

Feb 23 Club Meeting








Oct 4/5 Adopt a Highway

Oct 11 Journey for Sight

Oct 13 Club Meeting

Oct 20 Board Meeting

Oct 25 Camp Badger Work Day

Oct 27 Club Meeting


Mar 8 Club Meeting

Mar15 Board Meeting

Mar 22 Club Meeting








Nov 1/8 Scouting for Food

Nov 10 Club Meeting -Dist Gov.

Nov 7-9 Dist. Conf. Painted Post

Nov 17 Board Meeting

Nov 24 Club Meeting

Apr 12 Club Meeting

Apr 17 Camp Badger Work Day

Apr 19 Board Meeting

Apr 26 Club Meeting









Dec 8 Club Meeting (Christmas Dinner)

Dec 15 Board Meeting

? Bell Ringing


May 10 Club Meeting

May 17 Board Meeting

May 24 Club Meeting

? Memorial Day Coffee Stop/Journey for Sight








Jan 12 Club Meeting

Jan 19 Board Meeting

Jan 26 Club Meeting

June 6 Antique Car BBQ?

June 7 Club Meeting

June 13/20 Community Days BBQ?

June 14 Board Meeting

June 21 Club Meeting Installation






50/50 Tickets Lion Rita:

I expect you have finished selling your 50/50 tickets by now. I hope to have this wound up by next Monday's meeting date since the first drawing will be on the 27th at the next meeting. It would be helpful if you could mail check and stubs to either me or Suzie. Thanks for all your hard work. YIL, Lion Rita 

Birthdays in October:

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Bill Powell, Oct 26th, and Tom Rhodes, Oct 26th.


Journey for Sight:

It's not too late! Contact Lion Mike Yanak.




Published: 10/07/2003
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