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December, 2003


Events Calendar:  

Dec 7th 10AM-1PM

Annual Arctic League Production at the Clemens Center. Free Admission. King Lion to present $200 donation.
Dec 8th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn. Cary Hooper (who spoke to our Club in November) will provide musical entertainment.
Dec 15th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Post Office Building.

Club News:
DG Frank Muccini gave us a rousing visitation at our dinner meeting on November 10th, complete with a live demonstration of a PhotoScreener camera. He distributed a nice, new version of the membership application that includes our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics, and he also provided "stamp forms" which are a fundraising tool for the District Lions Foundation. 
At our second meeting we were doubly privileged to have six visiting Lions from Painted Post Lioness', and Cary Hooper as a speaker. Cary is a gifted scholar and musician, and she is totally blind. She also speaks at least four languages, including Swedish, German, and Italian, and she learned these through cultural immersion and travel in Europe. Members were left with nothing less than total amazement after hearing this young woman's story. We also look forward to her musical performance at our Christmas dinner meeting on December 8th. 
Concerns for Members:
Our Club is concerned for the health of two members this month. Lion Ray Conklin has been an inpatient at the Bath VA Nursing Home Care Unit for several months now, as was reported by Lion Mike Yanak at our August Board meeting. Cards and letters may be directed to Ray W. Conklin, c/o NHCU-2, Bath VA Medical Center, 76 Veterans Avenue, Bath, NY 14810. We are also concerned for Lion John Hoos, who collapsed from a heart ailment and required surgery at Arnot Ogden on the 25th. The surgery went well and he is now recovering. Lion John headed up our Scouting for Food effort earlier in the month, and he is credited for the strong turnout of Club members. Finally, Lion Marshall Updike's father Lynn, 94, passed away on November 29th. Lets keep these Lions in our thoughts this holiday season.

Board Action:
King Lion reported on the District meeting, where he attended the luncheon and President's Forum. Journey for Sight will be held again in March 2004. Lion Rita reported that a Daisy Troop has been started at the Big Flats School. Board approved a donation of $59.70 for program costs. Eye Screening - Lion Donna will be doing this at the Montessori School soon. It was suggested that we have a clinic at Community Days in June or on a Saturday in order to reach those children not currently in a day car or nursery school program. King Lion Steve spoke to the Board on his desire to see more emphasis on Sight Projects.

Activity Report for November:

* BF Town Comm. (Volunteer) - 1 Lion, 1.5 hours
* Boy Scouts - 3 Lions, 23 hours
* Corrida 49 - 1 Lion, 3 hours
* Food Pantries Hhds/Big Flats - 3 Lions, 10 hours
* Gold Card News - 1 Lion, 10 hours
* Historical Society - 1 Lion, 19 hours
* Nutrition Site - 2 Lions, 3 hours
* Steele Memorial Library - 2 Lions, 49 hours

Club Activities:
* Scouting For Food - 24 Lions, 66 hours 

TOTAL HOURS: 184.5 hours

Two dinner meetings were held at the Hilton Garden Inn with a 23 + 2 guests and 24 + 8 guests in attendance.

One Board Meeting was held at the Big Flats Post Office.

The Club is now sponsoring a Daisy Girl Scout troop that meets at the Big Flats Elementary School.

Lion Suzanne Brinthaupt, Secretary

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct. 27: Winners were: $20 - Tim Walker and Beth Osborne; $10 - Jim Griffin, Jane Gummoe, Phyllis Rogan, and Bill Whitney; and $5 - Barb Powell, Zak Palmer, and Dan O'Brien.
Nov 10: Winners were: $20 - Grace Yanak and Bryan Foster; $10 - Maureen Ferrell, Bary Bernhardt, Dan O'Brien, and Merlyn Tiwari; and $5 - Deb Rowe, Chuck Coons, and Al Draht.
Nov 17: Winners were: $20 - Mary Ann Balland and Charles Easterbrook; $10 - Cola Thayer, Charles Kakritz, Tina Brown, and Gene Herber; and $5 - Stacy Strause, Diane Robinson, and Barb Powell.
Nov 24: Winners were: $20 - Phyllis Rogan and Dona Cincebox; $10 - Gail Hall, Charles Easterbrook, Ed Putnam, and Lance Muir; and $5 - Pat McInerney, Bryan Foster, and Sydney Luff.

Scouting for Food - 2003:


Birthdays in December:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Gary Bernhardt, Dec 5th, Skip Smith, Dec 15th, and Harry King, Dec 21st.


Published: 12/04/2003    Revised: 12/06/2003
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