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February, 2004


Events Calendar:  

Feb 9th  @ 6:30PM

Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn.  Our speaker will be Walt Nelson, Sr. Extension Resource Educator in Horticulture from Cornell Cooperative Extension.
Feb 16th  @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Post Office Building.
Feb 23rd @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Hilton Garden Inn.  Art Kieffer, Historian, will do a program on bridges.

Club News:

Our own Lion Bim VanEtten gave us a wonderful presentation on some historic homes in Big Flats. Lion Bim is also the Big Flats Town Historian, and he'd been approached by the Southport Historical Society to profile some of the old homes that Southport residents have seen and wondered about as they pass through our Town. His presentation therefore began with the old Mountain House on Rt. 352 (a popular watering-hole for Civil War soldiers) and ended with some buildings near Consumer Square. It was entertaining and we all learned something from it. Thanks Lion Bim! 

At our second meeting, PDG Fred Daniels from the Waverly Club spoke to us about Diabetes awareness. A Lion since 1975, PDG Fred also serves on the MD-20 Health Services Committee and works for the State Education Department. His talk was interesting and informative, and he left us with some pamphlets on diabetic eye disease and glaucoma that we can distribute at our next public event. At the same meeting, Arthur Devenport gave heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Big Flats Historical Society for our many years of support and work at the annual Antique Show & Sale. In thanking us he also provided an interesting history of the Society and museum.

Upcoming in February we'll have Walt Nelson, Sr. Extension Resource Educator in Horticulture from Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Art Kieffer, Historian, will do a program on bridges. Meeting/presentation dates will be Feb. 9th and the 23rd, respectively.

In other news, several Lions have visited Lion Ray Conklin at the Bath VA LTC unit and they report he appears to be fine. Our Club is also concerned for Lion John Hoos, who is still having some heart difficulties following an incident in December. Lion John is back home and doing well. Finally, our Club will be providing Course Marshall services for the upcoming Valentine's Day 5K Race. Please contact Lion Gene Herber if you'd like to help. 


New Member - Lion Pat McKenzie:
Our Club extends a warm welcome to Lion Pat McKenzie, who joined our ranks recently from the Elmira Lions. Lion Pat is a Secretary with Miller Associates, a rehab therapy group, and she's also served as Secretary in her six years in Lionism. Her email address is, and her phone number is 734-1975. On behalf of all of us, welcome to our Club!

Board Action:
Zone Meeting - Lion Donna will be attending. There will be discussion about "Bowling Day for the Blind" and Vision Screening. The Zone has received a $1,500 grant from WalMart. Lions Rita Dery, Gene Herber, Mary Ann Balland, Sue Brinthaupt, Gary Bernhardt, Lance Muir, Stephan Connors, and Donna Barto attended a visitation to Southern Tier Retired Lions on the 27th. Vision Screening - Montessori School January 29th. Lions Steve and Gary have volunteered to assist Lion Donna. Another possible screening will be on February 13th. Lion Gary proposed that the Club consider moving meetings to the Crystal House where they will offer a buffet for $10/person. Other possibilities were discussed, and Lion Gary made a motion that we have our meetings at the Crystal House May 24th and June 28th.

Activity Report for January 2004:

Big Flats Historical Society - 1 Lion, 16 hours
Big Flats Town Committees - 2 Lions, 17 hours
Boy Scouts - 2 Lions, 30 hours
Clemens Center - 1 Lion, 4 hours
Environmental Emergency Services - 1 Lion, 3 hours
Food Bank - 1 Lion, 3.5 hours
Food Pantry - 1 Lion, 6 hours
Gold Card News - 1 Lion, 10 hours
Health Care Assistance - 2 Lions, 11 hours
Meals on Wheels - 1 Lion, 4 hours
New Years 5 K Race - 1 Lion, 4 hours
Sing Sing Watershed Committee - 1 Lion, 4 hours
Tanglewood - 2 Lions, 19 hours
Steele Memorial Library - 2 Lions, 55 hours
Vision Screening - 1 Lion, 2 hours
TOTAL HOURS 188.5 hours

Club Activities:
Bell Ringing for the Big Flats Food Pantry From December- 18 Lions participated
One Board Meeting
John Farr was presented his Outstanding Achievement Award for creative website and newsletter
Two club members attended the Zone meeting
Two dinner meetings with a total of 21 and 17 members attending
Past District Governor Fred Daniels and his wife were our guests at the January 26th meeting.
A representative from the Big Flats Historical Society attended the January 26th meeting to thank the club for its assistance at the many Antique Shows through the past years.


 Lion Sue Brinthaupt, Secretary


Pop Quiz -- Name this place from Lion Bim's presentation:

Photos courtesy of Big Flats Historical Society 2003 Calendar


Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct. 27: Winners were: $20 - Tim Walker and Beth Osborne; $10 - Jim Griffin, Jane Gummoe, Phyllis Rogan, and Bill Whitney; and $5 - Barb Powell, Zak Palmer, and Dan O'Brien.
Nov 10: Winners were: $20 - Grace Yanak and Bryan Foster; $10 - Maureen Ferrell, Gary Bernhardt, Dan O'Brien, and Merlyn Tiwari; and $5 - Deb Rowe, Chuck Coons, and Al Draht.
Nov 17: Winners were: $20 - Mary Ann Balland and Charles Easterbrook; $10 - Cola Thayer, Charles Kakritz, Tina Brown, and Gene Herber; and $5 - Stacy Strause, Diane Robinson, and Barb Powell.
Nov 24: Winners were: $20 - Phyllis Rogan and Dona Cincebox; $10 - Gail Hall, Charles Easterbrook, Ed Putnam, and Lance Muir; and $5 - Pat McInerney, Bryan Foster, and Sydney Luff.
Dec 8: Winners were: $20 -David Shout and Bob Adams; $10 - Harry King, Donna O'Brien, Sheila French, and Marylee Fairbrother; and $5 - Kathy Rinde, Jim Adamy and Jini VanEtten.
Dec 15: Raffle was not held - it will be continued one extra week.
Jan 12: Winners were: $20 - Steve Jacobs and Bud Putnam; $10 - Jim Farr, Owen Frank, David Shaut, and Grace Yanak; and $5 - Emily Beloski, Jody Egleston, and Phyllis Muccini.
Jan 19: Winners were: $20 - Dan Lewis and Shannon McInerney; $10 - Grace Jones, Ed Fairbrother, Butch Deming, and Lydia Lynn; and $5 - Gaill Hall, Jini VanEtten, and Dot Mullen.
Jan 26: Winners were: $20 - Lydia Lynn and Emily Beloski; $10 - Doug Brinthaupt, Kara Brinthaupt, David Shaut, and Russ Minier; and $5 - Paul Fetchi, Linda Whitney, and Ed Fairbrother.

Birthdays in February:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Loisann Love, Feb 9th, and Jane King, Feb 12th.


Published: 02/06/2004
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