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October, 2004

Events Calendar:  

Oct 2nd & 3rd

Adopt A Highway. Lion Gene Herber is in charge.
Oct 9th @ 8AM Journey for Sight at the Town Park. Lion Mike Yanak is in charge.
Oct 11th @ 6:30PM Club Meeting at the Crystal House. Speaker to be the Executive Director of Meals on Wheels. Menu: Roast Beef w/au jus, Scallop Potatoes, Green Beans, Rigatoni w/Sauce, Cake for dessert.
Oct 16 @ 1PM Blind Bumper Bowling at Paramount Lanes. < Rescheduled for January >
Oct 18th @ 7PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
Oct 23rd Camp Badger work party. Stairs need to be built between the mess hall and the barbeque pit. Lion Gary Bernhardt is in charge.
Oct 25th @ 6:30PM Club Meeting at the Crystal House. Program will be an "Our Town Showcase". Menu: Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes w/Brown Gravy, Corn, Rigatoni w/Sauce, Cake for dessert.

Club News:
We kicked off September with a Coffee Rest Stop over the Labor Day weekend and we had a good turnout of workers. The traffic was a little slow, possibly due to the truck inspections going on, but it was a worthwhile effort and we wish to thank Lion Lance Muir for coordinating this. It's notable that in addition to the 107 hours donated by Lions, family members donated 48! Another ongoing project is the Big Flats Welcome Sign, headed by Lion Al Redner. A group of Lions has cleaned up the area around the sign while the sign itself is being repainted, and our Club will continue to maintain the area.

At our first September meeting we had a truly wonderful wine tasting hosted by Lion Jim and Ann Ormiston, who represent Standing Stone Vineyards on Route 414 in Hector, NY. Standing Stone offers dry and fruit intense wines in the classic European style, designed for food pairing. Lion Steve Connors spoke to us at our second meeting about Southern Tier Association for the Visually Impaired (STAVI) and the new Low Vision Center that was sponsored by our Club. The new Vision Center is under construction at 719 Lake Street in Elmira. It was also interesting to hear how STAVI has adapted over the years to remain not only as a valued community resource, but also as an economically viable one that can compete with the "best of them". Bob Newlun also spoke to us about the Senior Nutrition Site and the need for Site Managers, and the Community Centers desire for a Piano. Possible Site Managers from our Club include Lion Al and Linda Redner, Lions Mike and Grace Yanak, Lion John and Dorothy Hoos, and Lion Don and Jean Williams. Also in September, Lions Donna Barto and Gary Bernhardt performed a vision screening with the camera at the Soaring Museum. Thanks Lions!

October is shaping up to be quite busy with an Adopt-a-Highway work party on the 2nd (where 7 Lions participated), Journey for Sight on the 9th, and a Camp Badger work party on the 23rd. Many thanks to Lions Gene Herber, Mike Yanak, and Gary Bernhardt, respectively, for coordinating these events. Looking ahead we'll be observing our Clubs 35th anniversary on February 9th. Please mark it down!

Board Action:
Lion Gary Bernhardt reported on the progress with the Piano/signature project: A rebuilt piano would be very difficult to find and maintain, and are actually quite expensive when compared to promotional deals on new pianos. Renting is not recommended. A dehumidifier will cost between $400 and $500. The board requested a firm cost and financial plan before anything can be decided, and a special account will need to be set up for the project. Lion Sue reported that $190 has been sent to PDG Lion John Palmer in response to a request from Lion Jim Adams of the Corning Lions Club. The club donated $100 while $90 came from four individual members, and the money will be used toward material costs for John's ramp. Lion Skip Smith has generously donated two new magnetic signs for the Rest Stop, and Lion Don Williams has sent in our application for 2005. Lion Pat McKenzie reported on an opportunity for our Club to assist the Food Bank for the "Challenge Packing Day", but the Board needed to decline due to a conflict with Adopt A Highway on Oct 2nd. 

Activity Report for September:

Sight Services: 
Eyeglass Collection: 1 lion, 2 hours.
Youth Services:
Boy Scouts: 1 lion, 40 hours.
Community Services:
Big Flats Historical Society: 1 lion, 13 hours.
Clemens Center: 1 lion, 17 hours.
Cerebral Palsy of CC: 1 lion, 2 hours.
Church: 1 lion, 16 hours.
Food Bank: 3 lions, 36 hours.
Food Pantry: 3 lions, 17 hours.
Gold Card News: 1 lion, 10 hours.
Interfaith Hospitality Center: 1 lion, 3 hours.
Steele Memorial Library: 1 lion, 52 hours.
Tanglewood: 2 lions, 220 hours.
Community Clean-Up: 5 lions, 26 hours. (Town sign project)
Red Cross: 1 lion, 15 hours. 
Fundraising Projects:
Labor Day Rest Stop: 21 lions (and spouses), 156 hours.
Club Activities:
One Board Meeting; Two dinner meetings with wine tasting as a kick-off for the first dinner meeting of the year.
Two Lions worked at the Soaring Museum Vision Screening- 4 hours each.
District Activities:
One Lion worked 4 hours at the Newtown Battlefield Reenactment.
Community Service Donations:
Check donated to Lion John Palmer for the ramp that was built for him.

 Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary.


Birthdays in October:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Bill Powell, Oct 26th, and Tom Rhodes, Oct 26th.

Attendance Make-Up Rules (Club Secretary Manual 2001-2002):

  1. Absence from a regular meeting of a Lions club may be made up within the time limit of 13 days prior to and 13 days following the date of the missed meeting in any one of the following ways:
    a. Attendance at a meeting of any other Lions club, regular or special.
    b. Attendance at a meeting of the member's home club board of directors.
    c. Attendance at a duly constituted meeting of a standing committee of the member's home club.
    d. Attendance at any meeting scheduled or sponsored by the member's own club, including club fundraising and service activities.
    e. Attendance at a region or zone meeting.
    f. Attendance at an international, state or district convention, or any other recognized Lions meeting.
    g. A visit within said time limit to the office of Lions Clubs International or the office of any district or state outside the country of which the visiting Lion is a member. Cards evidencing such visits shall be made available to Lions.
  2. A member who is forced to miss a meeting(s) by reason of illness shall automatically be granted attendance credit for the meeting(s) missed.
  3. A member who is forced to miss a meeting(s) as a result of military service, jury duty, elected government position or other statutory requirements shall be given attendance credit for the meeting(s) missed. In each case, the club board of directors shall decide if credit should be given for the missed meetings(s).
  4. Any Lion who finds it necessary or is assigned to perform occupational duties for an extended period in a place from which he or she cannot readily attend a Lions club meeting, may, at the discretion of his/her club, be granted credit for meetings missed thereby.
  5. Responsibility should be placed on the club secretary to verify that the member has fulfilled attendance requirements.
  6. The Executive Committee shall use its discretion in granting continuous membership in cases in which a political situation is involved in a country.
  7. A member who is forced to miss meeting(s) by reason of pregnancy or childbirth shall be granted attendance credit for meeting(s) missed for an appropriate period of time to be mutually agreed upon by the club's board of directors and the member.

    Members desiring attendance credit are responsible for informing the Secretary of their circumstances!

Community Service 50/50:
Let's turn in those tickets!


Published: 10/06/2004 - Revised: 10/14/2004
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