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January, 2005

Events Calendar:  

Jan 10th @ 6:30PM Club Meeting at the Crystal House. Our speaker will be Jason Harmon of the Chemung County Historical Society Education Dept. talking on the Underground Railroad (helping slaves to escape slavery in the early 1800s).
Jan 17th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center. Nancy Zito from the Elmira club will attend to discuss the Senior Notebook program.
Jan 24th @ 6:30PM Club Meeting at the Crystal House. Our speaker will be Bob Adams, owner of Willow Creek Golf Club and president of new Big Flats Business Association, talking about Who and What is the Big Flats Business Association.

Club News:
We had some good music and laughs at our annual Christmas Dinner this year. Our entertainment was provided by the Barley Boys duo (Mark Chevalier and Kenny VanEtten) out of Gibson, NY. Their hilarious spin on Bluegrass involved a guitar, a banjo, a tuba (baritone?), and all manner of devices from garage sales and hardware stores, which will make music when placed in the right hands! Zone Chair Donna Peck also visited us at our Christmas Dinner, and Lion Bill Powell reported that he had recently turned in 718 pairs of glasses!
Also in December our Lions completed restoration work on one of the Welcome to Big Flats signs, and we provided bell-ringing services at Miniers to benefit our local Food Pantry. Our speakers in January will be Jason Harmon on the Underground Railroad (helping slaves to escape in the early 1800s), and Bob Adams, President of the new Big Flats Business Association. May your holidays be merry and safe, and may we see you in the upcoming year!
Board Action:
World Service Day - it was noted that Julie Spanglenberg-Jolley will speak in March and we will then coordinate the WSD program. Dues - when International raises their dues, we will go to $55 (currently $50) and if the State raises their dues, we will go to $60.
Bell Ringing (from Lions Mike and Grace Yanak):
As you know the Lions rang the bell at Minier's for the Food Pantry on December 18 an 19. The following Lions took part in this event: Steve Connors, Pat McKenzie, Harry King, Jane King, Al Draht, Bim VanEtten, Bill Powell, John Hoos, Gary Bernhardt and his wife Adrienne, Marshall Updike, Rita Dery, Gene Herber, Don Williams and his wife Jean, Merrill Lynn, John Farr, Grace Yanak, Mike Yanak
We received a call from the man who was running the program for the Food Pantry and the unofficial count for the two days is $850. He was most pleased and asked me to send along thanks to the Club.
Activity Report:

Youth Services: 

 * Boy Scouts, 2 lions, 31 hours.

Sight Services: 

 * Eyeglass Recycling 1 lion, 6 hours.

Community Services: 

 * Big Flats Historical Society, 1 lion, 6 hours.

 * Food Bank/Pantries, 6 lions, 26 hours. 

 * Gold Card News, 1 lion, 10 hours. Meals on Wheels, 1 lion, 7.75 hours. 

 * Nutrition Site, 2 lions, 3 hours. 

 * Steele Memorial Library, 1 lion, 24 hours. 

 * Town Committees, 3 lions, 12 hours. 


 * Tanglewood Nature Center, 1 lion, 2 hours.Fundraising 


 * Mints 1 lion, 3 hours.

Club Activities: 

 * Bell Ringing-Food Pantry 10 lions, 20 hours. 

 * One Board Meeting One Dinner Meeting & Christmas Party. Donna Peck (Zone Chair) attended.Community 

Service Donations: 

 * Artic League - $200.00


 Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary


A card was sent to Ann and Jim Ormiston this month, and here is a reprint of the calendar for sending cards to Lion Ray Conklin at the Bath VA:






Wk #1





Wk #2


Mike Yanak



Wk #3





Wk #4

Grace Yanak




Wk #5




Ray W. Conklin
c/o NHCU-2
Bath VA Medical Center
76 Veterans Avenue
Bath, NY 14810

Birthdays in January:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Neal Gummoe, Jan 7th, Don Williams, Jan 13th, Jim Ormiston, Jan 17th, John Hoos, Jan 22nd, and Al Redner, Jan 25th.
Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Nov 8th: Winners were: $20 - Steve Acuto and Jini VanEtten; $10 - Jini VanEtten, Megan McKenzie, Kathy Rinde, and Jim Sleeth; and $5 - Nancy Reidy, Kathy Walker, and Eric Corey.
Nov 15th: Winners were: $20 - Dot Mullen and Jackie Sampsel; $10 - Jean Williams, Barney VanEtten, Donna Mather, and Kim Beckman-Drah; and $5 - Dave Manchester, Brian Kotacska, and Lucille Easterbrook.
Nov 22nd: Winners were: $20 - Kathy Shaut and Rita Dery; $10 - Lucille Easterbrook, Donna Barto, Gene Herber and Glenda Soloweiz; and $5 - Ken Parker, Rachael Gioino, and Timothy Walker.
Dec. 13: Winners were: $20 - Jean Williams and Lydia Lynn; $10 - Linda Redner, Steve DeAcuto, Rachel Connors, Diane Robinson; and $5 - Jody Eggleston and Bill Powell.
Dec. 20: Winners were: $20 - Dot Mullen and Jackie Sampsel; $10 - Jean Williams, Barney VanEtten, Donna Mather, and Kim Beckman-Drah; and $5 - Dave Manchester, Brian Kotacska, and Lucille Easterbrook.

December 2004 Pics -- Restored Sign and Bell Ringing:




Published: 01/07/2005
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