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February, 2005


Events Calendar:  

Feb 13th @ 12:00PM 8th Annual Valentine's Day 5K Race sponsored by the Wineglass Running Club.

Feb 14th @ 6:30PM

35th Anniversary and Valentine's Day Celebration! Our speaker will be PID Dr. Ed Cordes. Social Hour begins at 6:30 followed by Dinner at 7:00. Location will be the Crystal House in Fisherville. Cost is $15 per person. Menu: Italian Baked Chicken Fillets, Salt Potatoes w/Butter, Peas, Penne Pasta w/Sauce.
Feb 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
Feb 28th @ 6:30PM Club Meeting at the Crystal House. Our speaker will be Dorothy Smith on the historic Robert Shaw House in Fisherville. Menu: Roast Beef w/au jus, Mashed Potatoes w/Brown Gravy, Broccoli, Rigatoni w/Sauce.

Club News:
Our big news in October is that we will be holding 35th Anniversary & Valentines Day Celebration on February 14th, and you and your Valentines are invited! Our speaker will be PID Dr. Ed Cordes from the Corning Lions, and we'll have much memorabilia on display. When: Monday, February 14th, cocktails ate 6:30 and dinner at 7PM. Where: The Crystal House - Located in downtown Fisherville, East of Lowes on Country Route 64 (past the Toyota dealer and near El Monte's). 
In other news, Jason Harmon spoke to us at our first meeting in January about the Underground Railroad in the Elmira area. Jason is the Curator at the Chemung County Historical Society Museum, and he brought his topic to life with details and anecdotes that many of us had not heard before. It was thoroughly enjoyable. At our second meeting we heard from Bob Adams, owner of Willow Creek Golf Club and president of new Big Flats Business Association. Bob spoke about "Who and What is the Big Flats Business Association", and we thoroughly enjoyed it. In the early stages of spearheading this effort, Bob was surprised to learn (as we were) that there are over 50 businesses within the Hamlet area! Also in January our Club was gripped by the news of the Tsunami tragedy, and we donated $500 to LCIF toward this cause. This was matched by $360 in individual member donations, and we hope this will help in a small way at least.
Board Action:
Nancy Zito from the Elmira Club was unable to attend to explain what the Sr. Notebook staff has proposed. The basic idea is for the TV program to plug various Lions programs in the area. The Board agreed to donate $50.00 in 2005 to the Sr. Notebook Group with an annual review before budget time each year. Echo Taps: Lion Ed Fairbrother has volunteered to coordinate the project while Lion Bim is recuperating. Signature Project: Lion Mary Anne Balland reported that the committee decided to wait until a big project comes our way. Crystal House: Board decided to forego some proposed changes to the menu in order to keep the price the same.

Activity Report for January:

Youth Services: Boy Scouts, 2 lions, 17 hours.
Sight Services: Eyeglass Recylcing, 1 lion, 2 hours.
Community Services: 
Big Flats Historical Society, 1 lion, 3 hours. 
Clemens Center, 1 lion, 2 hours. 
5 K Race, 1 lion, 2 hours. 
Food Bank/Pantries, 5 lions, 19 hours. (+12 guests) 
Gold Card News, 1 lion, 10 hours. 
Nutrition Site, 3 lions, 68 hours. 
Steele Memorial Library, 1 lion, 13 hours. 
Town Committees, 2 lions, 7.5 hours.
Tanglewood Nature Center, 2 lions, 110 hours. 
Chemical Hazard Info Team, 1 lion, 3 hours.
Health: Red Cross, 1 lion, 8 hours.


Fundraising Projects: 
Mints, 1 lion, 3 hours.
Club Activities: 
Visitation from 9 Corning Lions 
Three of our members have been hospitalized this month - we have been busy driving/visiting/feeding etc.
Community Service Donations: 
LCIF Tsunami Relief - $500.00 from the club + additional member donations

 Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary


Message from Lion Grace Yanak (1/19/05):
Don Roe's wife Deb tells us that he is in Arizona visiting his son and wants the Club to know that he has purchased hearing aids while there and will now be able to hear everyone at our meetings without asking for a repeat.

Cards for Lions Lance, Dick, and Bim following surgery, and for the Adamys and Gummoes to show support. Lions Merrill Lynn, Steve Connors, Tom Rhodes, and Donna Barto will be writing cards to Lion Ray Conklin this month.

Ray W. Conklin
c/o NHCU-2
Bath VA Medical Center
76 Veterans Avenue
Bath, NY 14810

Sister Cities of Corning, Lviv, Ukraine Committee needs your help:
In January the Sister Cities Committee appealed to our Club for help in sponsoring a visit by The Zabava Musical Group during the week of April 18th, 2005, to do several musical performances. This is a unique opportunity to achieve a worthy cultural exchange, particularly between the young people. The students do not have money for their airfares, and in most cases neither do their parents. The Sister Cities, Lviv Committee is looking to people, businesses, and organizations in the Elmira/Corning area to help finance this visit. 

If you would like to help, please make your large or small tax deductible checks out to the Sister Cities Association with the check memo: Zabava Musical Group. The Association is a 501-C3 Not-for-Profit designated organization by the IRS with Tax ID Number 16-1310323. Send checks to:

Sister Cities Association
William J. Misnick, Sr.
2869 Northwood Circle
Corning, NY 14830-3685

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Nov 8th: Winners were: $20 - Steve Acuto and Jini VanEtten; $10 - Jini VanEtten, Megan McKenzie, Kathy Rinde, and Jim Sleeth; and $5 - Nancy Reidy, Kathy Walker, and Eric Corey.
Nov 15th: Winners were: $20 - Dot Mullen and Jackie Sampsel; $10 - Jean Williams, Barney VanEtten, Donna Mather, and Kim Beckman-Drah; and $5 - Dave Manchester, Brian Kotacska, and Lucille Easterbrook.
Nov 22nd: Winners were: $20 - Kathy Shaut and Rita Dery; $10 - Lucille Easterbrook, Donna Barto, Gene Herber and Glenda Soloweiz; and $5 - Ken Parker, Rachael Gioino, and Timothy Walker.
Dec. 13: Winners were: $20 - Jean Williams and Lydia Lynn; $10 - Linda Redner, Steve DeAcuto, Rachel Connors, Diane Robinson; and $5 - Jody Eggleston and Bill Powell.
Dec. 20: Winners were: $20 - Dot Mullen and Jackie Sampsel; $10 - Jean Williams, Barney VanEtten, Donna Mather, and Kim Beckman-Drah; and $5 - Dave Manchester, Brian Kotacska, and Lucille Easterbrook.
Jan. 10: Winners were: $20 - Zack Palmer and Jack Rothenberg; $10 - Marshall Updike, Sydney Luff, Denny Hill, and Bob Newlun; and $5 - Gene Herber, Deb Roe, and Bill Powell.
Jan. 17: Winners were: $20 - Butch Mitchell and Gene Herber; $10 - Ryan(?), Linda Redner, Grace Yanak, and Anne Miller; and $5 - Lydia Lynn, Anna Muth, Cola Thayer.
Jan. 24: Winners were: $20 - Gene Herber and Cola Thayer; $10 - Barney VanEtten, Bryan Foster, Lucille Easterbrook, and Bryan Foster; and $5 - Megan McKenzie, Rita Dery, and David Shaut.
Birthdays in February:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Loisann Love, Feb 9th, and Jane King, Feb 12th.


Published: 02/10/2005
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