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March, 2005
Events Calendar:
Mar 14 th @ 6:30PM
Club Meeting at the Crystal House. Our speaker will be Julie Spangenberg-Jolley, director of the Big Flats Food Pantry will speak to us about current operations. Menu: Baked Ham, Scallop Potatoes, Green Beans, Penne Pasta w/Sauce.
Mar 21st @ 7:00PM
Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
Mar 28th @ 6:30PM
Club Meeting at the Crystal House. New Member Induction: Chris Friend. Our speaker will be Lion/Town Supervisor Mary Ann Balland on Town of Big Flats Emergency Preparedness. Menu: Italian Baked Chicken Fillets, Salt Potatoes w/Butter, Whole Green Beans, Rigatoni w/Sauce.

Club News:
In February we celebrated our Club's 35th Anniversary with many Club members and distinguished guests from the District and Zone 1 in attendance. PID Dr. Ed Cordes was our guest speaker and he gave us a rousing and thought-provoking talk on Lionism and what makes for a strong Club. Local speakers included Lion Gary Bernhardt with a memorial to deceased members, Lion Merrill Lynn on the history of the Big Flats Lions Club, and Lion Al Redner on recognition of Past Presidents. Our two remaining charter members were also present and played important roles in our celebration. Many thanks to Charter Member Lion Don Williams for heading the planning committee for this event, and Charter Member, Lion, & Reverend Donald Roe for delivering the invocation and benediction. Special thanks are also due to DG Lion Wayne Wagner, who fetched his camera when this Bulletin Editor forgot to bring one! The celebration was an overall success, bringing forth many fond memories and a bright outlook for the future.

At our second meeting in February Dorothy Smith gave us a wonderful talk and slideshow on the historic Robert Shaw House in Fisherville. The house is entirely frescoed on the interior, and it's a treasure worth saving. Such artistry in our own backyard! At the same meeting, King Lion Marshall Updike presented our $3,000 grant from the NYS & Bermuda Foundation to the Southern Tier Association for the Visually Impaired, represented by Lion Stephan Connors.

Board Action:
Earl Barfoot from the Sr. Notebook would like to present a program at a Lions Dinner Meeting in the near future. Programs are needed for Mar. 28, Apr. 25, May 9 & 23, June 13. Any ideas, please forward to Lion Marshall.

Activity Report:
  Youth Services:
* Boy Scouts, 2 Lions, 24 hours
Community Services:
* Food Bank/Pantries, 7 Lions, 27.75 hours.
* Gold Card News, 1 Lion, 10 hours.
* Nutrition Site, 2 Lions,3 hours.
* Town Committees, 1 Lion,3 hours.
* Tour Guide CMG, 1 Lion, 2 hours.
* Tanglewood Nature Center, 1 Lion, 120 hours.
* Chemical Hazard Info Team, 1 Lion, 3 hours.
Fundraising Projects:
* Mints, 1 Lion, 3 hours.
Club Activities:
* 35th Anniversary Dinner
* Driving ailing members to doctor's visits, 7.75
* Valentine's Day 5K Race-acting as road marshals-no report
District Activities:
* Recipients of a $3000 grant for ST Vision Clinic
Community Service Donations:
* $50.00 to Senior Notebook Program

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

Big Flats Lions Club History - Lion Merrill Lynn
(Originally presented by Lion Merrill Lynn at our 35th Anniversary dinner. Portions to be reproduced monthly)

The Big Flats Lions Club was organized and chartered on February 9, 1970. Lion Tim Davidson of the Elmira Lions Club, Lion Jack Smith from the Apalachin Club, and the Reverend Donald Roe were instrumental in organizing and starting the Club.

Our Club was chartered with 22 members - 18 new Lions and 4 transfers from other clubs. The first officers were: President - Don Roe; Secretary - Roy Nutt; and Treasurer - Don Thomas. Two of those charter members are active in the Club today: Lions Don Williams and Don Roe.

Charter night was held March 7, 1970 in the First United Methodist Church on Hillview Drive. Twenty of the 22 members were present along with 138 guests' representing 15 other clubs. According to Charter Night Chairman Don Thomas, the other event in Big Flats that day was a solar eclipse. Lion Stan Douglas from Elmira was the Master of Ceremonies. The Charter was presented by District Governor John R. McGuire from Lakeville, New York. The speaker was International Counselor Harley Ess from the Oakfield, New York club. And, of course, dinner was served by the ladies of the church.

Since that initial meeting the Club has moved around Big Flats: From the Flaming Pit at the Mall, to Morrison's, the Airport Restaurant, Lowrey's, Mr. Anthony's, El Monte's, back to Jennifer's at the airport, to the Hilton and now to Crystal Gardens.

To be continued!

Welcome back to Lion Dick Wardell! Lion Bim is also getting along nicely. Several Lions will be writing cards to Lion Ray Conklin in March.

  Ray W. Conklin
c/o NHCU-2
Bath VA Medical Center
76 Veterans Avenue
Bath, NY 14810

35th Anniversary Celebration:

Foreground: Lion Donna Barto and Lydia Lynn. Head Table: Mark and Lion Sue Brinthaupt,
King Lion Marshall and Janice Updike, PID Dr. Ed Cordes and King Lion Gail Cordes
of the Corning Lions.

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Nov 8th: Winners were: $20 - Steve Acuto and Jini VanEtten; $10 - Jini VanEtten, Megan McKenzie, Kathy Rinde, and Jim Sleeth; and $5 - Nancy Reidy, Kathy Walker, and Eric Corey.
Nov 15: Winners were: $20 - Dot Mullen and Jackie Sampsel; $10 - Jean Williams, Barney VanEtten, Donna Mather, and Kim Beckman-Drah; and $5 - Dave Manchester, Brian Kotacska, and Lucille Easterbrook.
Nov 22: Winners were: $20 - Kathy Shaut and Rita Dery; $10 - Lucille Easterbrook, Donna Barto, Gene Herber and Glenda Soloweiz; and $5 - Ken Parker, Rachael Gioino, and Timothy Walker.
Dec. 13: Winners were: $20 - Jean Williams and Lydia Lynn; $10 - Linda Redner, Steve DeAcuto, Rachel Connors, Diane Robinson; and $5 - Jody Eggleston and Bill Powell.
Dec. 20: Winners were: $20 - Dot Mullen and Jackie Sampsel; $10 - Jean Williams, Barney VanEtten, Donna Mather, and Kim Beckman-Drah; and $5 - Dave Manchester, Brian Kotacska, and Lucille Easterbrook.
Jan. 10: Winners were: $20 - Zack Palmer and Jack Rothenberg; $10 - Marshall Updike, Sydney Luff, Denny Hill, and Bob Newlun; and $5 - Gene Herber, Deb Roe, and Bill Powell.
Jan. 17: Winners were: $20 - Butch Mitchell and Gene Herber; $10 - Ryan(?), Linda Redner, Grace Yanak, and Anne Miller; and $5 - Lydia Lynn, Anna Muth, Cola Thayer.
Jan. 24: Winners were: $20 - Gene Herber and Cola Thayer; $10 - Barney VanEtten, Bryan Foster, Lucille Easterbrook, and Bryan Foster; and $5 - Megan McKenzie, Rita Dery, and David Shaut.
Feb. 14: Winners were: $20 - ; $10 - ; and $5 - .
Feb. 28: Winners were: $100 - Harry King, Donna Barto and Ann Devillars; $20 - Lydia Lynn and Phyllis Rogan; $10 - Pat McInerney, Lucille Easterbrook, Sylvie Farr and Bryan Foster; and $5 - Jean Dickinson, Lydia Lynn and Daniel Muir.

Birthdays in March:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Don Roe, Mar 11th; and Mary Ann Balland, Mar 14th.


Published: 03/10/2005 -- Revised: 03/11/2005
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