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July/August, 2005
Events Calendar:
Jul 18th @ 7PM
Board of directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center. This will be followed by an orientation session for new members.
  Aug 8th @ 6:30PM Picnic at the Cooper Pavilion. Bring a friend! Dish to pass, hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided. Donation is $2/person.
  Aug 15th @ 7PM Board of directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Aug 20th Cabinet Meeting at Rushville Lions.
Club News:
June is usually our busiest month with 3 chicken barbecues and a 5K race to support. The Antique Car Show was on a beautiful day allowing us to sell out fairly early. We served about 225 dinners. There is some thought of cooking a few more next year contingent on the weather and consent of the crew. Thanks Lion Lance, for your efforts and leadership.
Community Days didn't seem as well attended this year. Weather may have been a factor. The final results for the entire event will be posted after all the bills come in. We managed to sell out our BBQ at around 8:00 PM. The 5K race helped. We had 114 runners eligible to receive dinners after the race. A few of their family members purchased dinners at the same time. A cash box will be available early enough to accommodate this next year. Thanks King Lion Marshall. This event is a nice way to culminate your year of service as our president.

The Big Flats Historical Society BBQ was the last event on our calendar for the year. Again there was some question as to the number of chickens which could have been cooked. The same guide lines for the Antique Car Show effort will be followed for this event also.

King Lion John is in charge of the "bring list." Lion Sue and husband Mark have volunteered to do the cooking. Thanks Sue! Here's a link for the Picnic & signup sheet:
...and here's a link if you'd like to know what you brought last year!

The Labor Day coffee rest stop is coming up. Dates are Sep 2,3,4, and 5. Marshall and Lance are co-chairs, and a signup sheet will be circulated at the picnic.

Neal Gummoe is at home and doing well after four days in the hospital due to knee surgery. This is the second knee surgery for Neal, and his family is taking good care of him during this rehab and recovery phase.

Crystal House: We are booked through December at the same price of $10 per person. Lion Tom Rhodes gave this as a preliminary report, and a full report will come later from Lion Gary Bernhardt.

Birthdays in July/August:
Happy birthday wishes go out to Lions Sue Brinthaupt, Jul 9th; Dave Manchester, Jul 9th; Ed Fairbrother, Jul 15th; Larry Kotacska, Aug 2nd; Jim Adamy, Jul 28th; Aug 2nd; Dick Wardell, Aug 30th; Tom Abbott, Aug 31st; and Lance Muir, Aug 31st.

Activity Report for June:


Youth Services: Boy Scouts; 1 lion, 20 hours.
Sight Services: Eyeglass Collection; 1 lion, 4 hours.
Community Services: Corning Museum-Guide; 1 lion, 6 hours.
Elmira Corr Facility; 1 lion, 3 hours.
Food Bank/Pantries; 7 lions, 50 hours.
Gold Card News; 1 lion, 10 hours.
Historical Society; 1 lion, 7 hours.
Meals on Wheels; 1 lion, 4.25 hours.
Nutrition Site; 2 lion, 3 hours.
Steele Memorial Library; 1 lion, 26 hours.
Town Committees; 3 lion, 15.5 hours.
Environment: Tanglewood Nature Center; 1 lion, 106 hours.

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

Published: 08/01/2005
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