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September, 2005
Events Calendar:
Sept 2,3,4,5
Labor Day Coffee Rest Stop.
  Sept 12th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at the Crystal House. Dr. Robert G. Lyon, an Elmira dentist and spearhead of the Elmira Carousel Restoration, to speak and show the DVD video on the Carousel Restoration."
  Sept 19th @ 6:30PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Sept 26th @ 6:30PM District Governor Phyllis Ludwig visitation.

Club News:
The Club picnic on August 8th was a very successful event. Good food and good conversation along with beautiful evening made for an enjoyable happening.

Lions Marshall and Lance head up the Labor Day coffee rest stop. The specifics with respect to its profitability should be announced at our first meeting.

Hurricane Katrina has left its toll. DG Ludwig has asked for Club participation. Our Club will be accepting donations at the first meeting.

Board Action:
Our Club received a thank you from Senior Notebook for our donation of $50.00. Restaurant: Lion Gary and Lion Tom reported the price will stay at $10.00 except for special dinners; more than 30 people there will be 2 buffet lines; fish and meat will be extra $2.00;pie or pie a la mode will be extra $1.00; waitress will refill coffee cups during dinner; Lions have priority for Mondays; the count of attendees has been working out just fine; sidewalk lighting-Lion Gary and Lion Tom will be volunteering their time to help do the extra wiring needed. Ink Cartridges: Lion Don will attend the Zone meeting to explain that we are expanding our collection points to Southside, Elmira and Horseheads; should work with Senior Notebook to advertise our project. Rest Stop/Trailer:

Lion Lance is organizing the items in the trailer by projects. Lion Marshall is working on the work list for Rest Stop; club needs to consider having one person co-ordinate procurement of groceries/materials for various projects. Lion Mary Ann suggested that those who do not work at rest stop could donate coffee /cookies/supplies for the event. Lion Lance suggested that we begin a filing system for various projects as to how much is ordered; costs; profit; schedules etc.

Old Business: Dinner at Tanglewood canceled as rental cost is quite high; suggestion made that a tour be scheduled. BBQ?s: Lion Don suggested that members commit to buying extra chickens(if there are any) in order that we could increase number of chickens prepared for each event and not lose money if they are not sold. Discussion to continue.

New Business: Budget for 2005-2006 was approved. Loaner Hospital Beds: Lion Tom noted that there is a need by a BF resident for this service. Lion John contacted the Cohocton Lions - no reponse as yet. Meanwhile other suggestions were presented and will be followed up on by Lion Tom. Lion Marshall discovered "grabbers" for picking up trash on the highways at a reasonable cost. Lion Lance made motion to quickly purchase a quantity of "Oran-u-tongs" sufficient to equip our highway group and that Gene Herber will keep track of them. Approved. A member donated $50 toward the purchase. Note: Lion Marshall will order 2 dozen as several members expressed an interest in purchasing their very own Oran-u-tong!

Activity Report for August:


Youth Services:
Boy Scouts - 3 Lions, 74 hours.
Sight Services:

Eyeglass Collection - 1 Lion, 2 hours.
Community Services:
Corning Museum-Guide - 1 Lion, 6 hours.
Food Bank/Pantries - 6 Lions, 29 hours.
Gold Card News - 1 Lion, 10 hours.
Historical Society - 1 Lion, 13 hours.
Meals on Wheels - 1 Lion, 3 hours.
Nutrition Site - 2 Lions, 17 hours.
Steele Memorial Library - 1 Lion, 39 hours.
Town Cemetery - care - 2 Lions, 26 hours.
Town Committees - 2 Lions, 10.5 hours.
Labor Day Rest Stop - 1 Lion, 8 hours.
Environment: Tanglewood Nature Center - 2 Lions, 146 hours.
Health: Red Cross - 1 Lion, 8 hours.

Fundraising Projects:
Mints - 1 Lion, 3 hours.
Labor Day Rest Stop - to be reported in Sept
50/50 raffle in full swing
Club Activities:
Town of Big Flats sign- maintenance - 4 Lions, 15 hours.
Club Picnic - 29 Lions and guests
Held 1 Board Meeting
2005-2006 Budget adopted

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

Picnic - 2005:

Published: 09/10/2005
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