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Lion Gene Herber -- 562-3168

December, 2005
Events Calendar:
Dec 12 th @ 6:30PM
Club meeting and Annual Christmas Party at the Crystal House. Entertainment will be Common Time Choral Group. Cost will be $12 per person. 50/50 raffle is optional and an additional $1. Bring your spouse or significant other.
  Dec 17th & 18th Bell Ringing at Miniers for the Food Pantry. See schedule enclosed.
  Dec 19th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.

Club News:
Our Club started the month with a dinner program featuring Dr. George Beale, Corning Inc, retired. Dr. Beale spoke on Glass Ceramics at Corning from the 1950's. Lion Gene Herber reported on our Adopt-A highway effort. The report stated 6 lions participated. Actually 7 Lions participated. Lion Mike Yanak was our shuttle and supplied us with bags during our effort. Lion Mike was omitted in last months report. As was mention at the first meeting, the DOT plans to replace our missing accreditation sign. They also mentioned Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant would like to pick up exit 49. Scouting for Food set a new record by collecting 4517 food items. Lion John Hoos was in charge and reported 17 Lions worked 4 hours in the effort. Lion Don Roe has yet to under go surgery and thanked members for their cards. Our second meeting featured Joyce Hyatt of the Chemung Valley Rural Health Network. We were handed coasters reminding us that the VD rate in this country is 1 in 5. Considering the age of the Club it took a little head scratching to relate to this. Club members pitched in and moved the late Lion Charlie Middaugh's wife into her new residence. Lydia Middaugh also happens to be our King Lion's mother-in-law. 5 Lions worked 12.5 hours with the help of spouses and friends. Our Christmas party will include a chinese auction. Bell Ringing at Miniers for the Food Pantry is chaired by Mike Yanak. The schedule follows:

  Saturday, December 17th Sunday, December 18th  
  10 to 12 Grace & Mike Yanak 10 to 12 Bim VanEtten & Pat McKenzie  
  12 to 2 Jane & Harry King 12 to 2 Sue Brinthaupt & Mary Ann Balland  
  2 to 4 Al Draht & Rita Dery 2 to 4 Don Williams & Gene Herber  
  4 to 6 Gary Bernhardt & Marshall Updike 4 to 6 John Farr ( and sons)  
  Anyone interested in assisting King Lion John from 4 to 6 on Sunday please call.  

Board Action:
The Club received a Thank you, note from LCIF for our contribution for Katrina. Letter received asking the Club for sponsorship for a town newsletter. Lion Don Williams will have 3 ink jet receptacles ready by the end of the month to be placed in Horseheads, Elmira, and Big Flats. Signature Project still being considered. Project meetings will be held immediately after the Board of Directors meetings. Certificate of appreciation to be presented to Minier's for providing snack food for the Boy Scouts during the food drive. This is a good time to thank Lion Bill Powell for supplying pizza for the older folks. Thanks, Lion Bill! King Lion John would like to see the Club consider the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.

Activity Report for November:

Youth Services:
Boy Scouts 220

Community Services:
* Corning Museum-Guide - 1 lion, 3 hours.
* Gold Card News - 1 lion, 10 hours.
* Elmira Correctional Facility - 1 lion, 3 hours.
* Food Bank/Pantries - 5 lions, 20.5 hours.
* Historical Society - 1 lion, 18 hours.
* Meals on Wheels - 1 lion, 3 hours.
* Senior Nutrition Site - 5 lions, 57 hours.
* Steele Memorial Library - 1 lion, 48 hours.
* Town Committees - 2 lions, 15.5 hours.
* Church - 2 lions, 45 hours.

* Tanglewood Nature Center - 2 lions, 116 hours.
* Chemical Hazard Team - 1 lion, 3 hours.

Fundraising Projects:
* Mints - 1 lion, 3 hours.

Club Activities:
* Held 2 dinner meetings and 1 board meeting
* Helped a past Lion's widow move to new home - 5 lions, 12.5 hours.
* Adopt-A-Highway - 6 lions, 25 hours.
* Scouting for Food - 17 lions, 65 hours.
* Lion John Farr attended the Fall Conference held in Geneva.


Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

Scouting for Food - November '05:



Published: 12/08/2005 - Revised: 12/10/2005
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