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January, 2006
Events Calendar:
Jan 9th @ 6:30 PM
Club meeting at the Crystal House. Art Devenport will speak to us on his World War II experiences as a US Marine.
  Jan 16th @ 7:00 PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Jan 23rd @ 6:30PM Club meeting at the Crystal House. Our guest speaker will be Shela Katz, speech pathologist and teacher of deaf persons, and Judy Schaeffler, audiologist and teacher of deaf persons, who will tell us of their work.

Club News:
Our Club started the month with a dinner program featuring The Common Time Chorale. This was our Christmas party. Wives and significant others were treated to the groups talents and a delicious buffet. This was our only meeting for the month. Lions Mike & Grace Yanak were in charge of the Bell Ringing for the Food Pantry at Minier's Plaza the weekend before Christmas. Lion Mike reported 15 Lions worked 30 hours to help raise $385.32 on Saturday and $356.22 on Sunday.

Board Action:
Our ink jet cartridge collection effort now has two collection points. One is in the Solutions Credit Union in Southport and another in Elmira known only to Lion Pat. If we're nice maybe she'll let us know where. King Lion John presented a project proposal form. Suggestions made will be presented at the 2nd dinner meeting in January. A sound system for the Community Center has already been purchased by the Seniors and Friends of the Community Center. There is a current request for eyeglass assistance. Lion Al Draht will contact and make the arrangements. The Horseheads house owned by the Peterson family was destroyed by a gas explosion. Individual donations are encouraged. Also Club members could work with the Horseheads Lions Club on a reconstruction project.

Activity Report for December:


Youth Services:
Sight Services:
Community Services:

* Corning Museum Guide 1 Lion, 4 hours.
* Community Christmas Act. 2 Lions, 4 hours.
* Historical Society 1 Lion, 18 hours.
* Gold Card News 1 Lion, 10 hours.
* Steel Memorial Library 1 Lion, 36 hours.
* Town Committees 2 Lions, 11 hours.
* Church 2 Lions, 14 hours.
* Senior Nutrition Site 1 Lion, 2 hours.
Fundraiser Projects:

* Mints 1 Lion, 3 hours.
Arctic League $250.00

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

District News :
The 20 E-2 District is having a District Survival Crisis. Our District membership is down to 1258 from 1263 last month. The minimum population is 1250. There are two other districts with lower populations. If we fall below 1250 it may prompt a general state wide reorganization. Our association with Camp Badger can be threatened. The District Officers are asking Club Secretaries to realize that the prompt processing of new members is vital! If there was ever a thought about asking someone to join, now is a good time to ask.

Christmas Party, 2005:






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