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February, 2006
Events Calendar:
Feb 12th @ Noon
Valentine's Day 5K Race, Big Flats Legion.
  Feb 13th @ 6:30 PM Club meeting at the Crystal House. Our guest speaker will be Tim Pelot, Director of Sales & Marketing for the Sensor Systems Group of IST Corporation.
  Feb 20th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Feb 27th @ 6:30PM Club meeting at the Crystal House. Our guest speaker will be Walter Nelson of the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Club News:
Our Club started the month with a dinner program featuring Mr. Art Devenport who spoke to us about his experiences in World War II. The Club welcomed back to our dinner meeting Lion Neal Gummoe. Good to see you again Lion Neal. The dinner speakers for our second meeting were Shela Katz and Judy Schaeffler. Their main topic was cochlea implants for the hearing impaired. The $100 raffle tickets offered by NYS/Bermuda for Camp Badger were purchased by groups of Lions each contributing $20. Community Days will be on the third weekend in June as usual. Switching it to the fourth weekend was not feasible.

Board Action:
We received a notice from Lion Bob Jensen of the MJF. The Club is entitled to nominate a Lion for a Melvin Jones Fellowship award due to our contribution of $1000 for Hurricane Katrina. The three Club BBQ's will be the 11th, 17th, and 25th of June. Additional Rest Stop openings are being explored by Lion Don Williams as a fund raiser. Lion Bim reported that Lion Jim Adamy's granddaughter is doing quite well and may be back in school in the near future.

District News:
The 20 E-2 District is having a District Survival Crisis. Our District membership is down to 1258 from 1263 last month. The minimum population is 1250. There are two other districts with lower populations. If we fall below 1250 it may prompt a general state wide reorganization. Our association with Camp Badger can be threatened. If there was ever a thought about asking someone to join, now is a good time to ask. This is printed again as a reminder.

Activity Report for January:

Youth Services:
* Boy Scouts - 2 Lions, 31 hours.
Sight Services:
* Vision Screening - 1 Lion, 3.5 hours.
Community Services:
* Corning Museum Guide - 1 Lion, 2 hours.
* 5K Race - 1 Lion, 4 hours.
* Food Banks/Pantries - 7 Lions, 70.5 hours.
* Gold Card News - 1 Lion, 10 hours.
* Historical Society - 2 Lions, 18.5 hours.
* Meals on Wheels - 1 Lion, 3 hours.
* Senior Nutrition Site - 1 Lion, 25 hours.
* Steel Memorial Library - 1 Lion, 43 hours.
* Town Committees - 1 Lion, 7.5 hours.
* Tanglewood Nature Center - 2 Lions, 143.25 hours.
* Environ. Emerg. Services - 1 Lion, 4 hours.
* Red Cross - 1 Lion, 7 hours.
Fundraiser Projects:
Club Activities:
* Prep. for Summer BBQ's - 1 Lion, 2 hours.
* Zone meeting in Elmira - 2 Lions

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary


Published: 01/05/2006
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