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October, 2006
Events Calendar:
  Oct 9th @ 6:30PM Dinner Meeting. District Governor Rena Haigh visitation.
  Oct 10th @ 7:00PM Zone meeting at the Big Flats Community Center, Room A.
  Oct 14th Journey for Sight. Lion Mike Yanak is in charge.
  Oct 16th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Community Center.
  Oct 21st @ 7:30AM Camp Badger Work Party. Meet at Miniers. Lion Gary Bernhardt is in charge.
  Oct 23rd @ 6:30PM Dinner Meeting. Our guest will be Vicie Rollins, speaking on the Long Term Care Insurance and Awareness Program.
  Oct 28th Adopt-A-Highway. Lion Gene Herber is in charge.

Club News:
In September we saw some changes to our usual meeting routine. There is no longer a "head table", rather, a podium is available to any speakers who so desire, and the traffic pattern is slightly different in the buffet line. The program for our first meeting consisted of brainstorming in breakout groups, and these yielded some good suggestions on prospective new members, programs, and service projects. One of the suggestions was already in place by our second meeting, and we had two wonderful EMT's from the Big Flats Fire Department as guests and speakers. They were Candy Reynolds and Brandon Rosetti.

Another product of the brainstorming was a list of prospective new members. If you have a prospect in mind, please consider inviting them to the meeting on November 13th. This meeting will be geared towards new members, with special presentations and a wine tasting.

Looking at the calendar, October seems to be rivaling June as our busy month! We have Journey for Sight, a Camp Badger work party, and Adopt-A-Highway, so please volunteer early and often. Please note that our June 9th meeting will be held jointly with the Horseheads Lions, and DG Rena Haigh will visit us at that time.

Board Action:
Lion Lance showed the board the "sandwich" board he has purchased to display signs indicating that the Big Flats Lions have "another project in progress". There will be a Lions emblem on the sign. SIGHT FIRST - Lion John Farr gave an overview of the Lions International Program. Board had approved, last year, to give $500 to LCIF each of the next 2 years (to be designated for this project. Suggestion made to use monies from Journey for Sight as a donation also. Lion Jim Adamy, Lion Pat McKenzie and Lion Lance Muir formed a committee to pursue idea of pancake breakfasts as a fundraiser for SIGHT FIRST. Rest Stop Report - Lion Lance suggested the club buy a second coffee maker as a backup, as well as a bigger thermos. Signature Project - Lion John Farr reviewed what has been accomplished to date: $4,000 set as an amount to spend; choices narrowed to a clock, a veteran's memorial, establish a scholarship. The club could raise more money if needed over the next few years. Topics for discussion in October will be Big Flats signs, Signature Project, and Pancake Breakfasts.

Noted by the Board: Lion Ed Rhodes has been busy this summer cleaning up by the Big Flats sign on Rte 17/86 - mowed 10 times and trimmed 4 times. Thank you Ed!

Fridays at the Food Bank - submitted by Lion Bill Powell
For the past two years lions Rita Dery, Tom Rhodes, Ed Rhodes & Bill Powell [the Catlin contingent of our club] have spent every other Friday morning as warehouse volunteers at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. We want to invite any and all other lions to join us in helping out this very important charity. This is open to spouses and friends and we are usually joined by Barb Powell and occasionally by Barb Rhodes. Come and bring a friend. We work from 9:00 [actually more like 9:15] to noon. We'll finish 2006 on Fridays Oct 6, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 17, Dec 1 & Dec 15. The Food Bank is on County Route 64 near Lowe's across from Target.

As a wholesale operation for some 30 plus food pantries and kitchens across 6 counties, the Food Bank often gets donations of bulk packed food that need to be repacked in smaller quantities for distribution to the pantries. We have repacked everything from Fruit Loops to frozen chickens, from potato wedges to corn on the cob, from beets to butternut squash. Recently we have been sorting and repacking canned food collected by the Postal Carriers earlier this year.

The work is about as hard as the repacking we do for the Boy Scout food drive though the pace is slower and steadier at the Food Bank and we have time to talk. I find it very satisfying to know that each time we work nearly a ton of food is made ready to feed the hungry in our area and that the 10 or 20 or 30 lb boxes that fill several pallets are labeled "Packed by the Big Flats Lions Club". I hope several of you will join us in this ongoing community activity.

Activity Report for September:

Youth Services:
* Boy Scouts - 15 hours.
Sight Services:
* Eyeglass Collection - 2 hours.
Community Services:
* Big Flats Historical Society - 17 hours.
* Corning Museum-Guide - 8 hours.
* Food Banks/Pantries - 49 hours.
* Meals on Wheels - 4 hours.
* Nutrition Site- Office for the Aging - 2 hours.
* Steele Memorial Library - 33 hours.
* Senior Citizen Bus Trips - 10 hours.
* Town Committees - 4 hours.
* Tanglewood Nature Center - 66 hours.
* Environmental Emergency Services - 3 hours.
* American Red Cross - 4 hours.
Fundraising Projects:
* Labor Day Rest Stop (Donations only) - 169 hours.
Club Activities:
* Held 1 board meeting
* Assisted at the Memorial for Trooper Sperr - 28 hours.
* 2 Dinner Meetings - one was devoted to members filling out a survey regarding new members, new projects, what projects to continue, what projects have been unsuccessful or just getting old, ideas for programs. This was done with members divided into teams. Attendance pins awarded to eligible members.
Membership: 35 - Dues paid YTD
District/National: Board voted to contribute $500 to Sight First for each of the next 2 years; possibly a new fund raiser to benefit this project.

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

EMTs from the Big Flats Fire Department - Candy Reynolds and Brandon Rosetti

Published: 10/05/2006
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