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January, 2007
Events Calendar:
Jan 8th @ 6:30PM
Dinner meeting. Eddy Daniels will give a talk about his shrimp business and future organic livestock farm here in Big Flats.
  Jan 17th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting Wednesday at the Community Center.
  Jan 2nd @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting. Induction ceremony for new members.
Club News:
Those of you who attended our Christmas Party in 2004 will remember the Barley Boys duo (Mark Chevalier and Kenny VanEtten) out of Gibson, NY. Well, they joined us once again this year and they're better than ever! There were new songs and new/odd instruments, along with our old favorites such as the "Overweight" song & PVC/Pan Pipes! The Horseheads Lions joined us for the entertainment portion of the evening, followed by another wonderful Chinese Auction by Lion Lance Muir. In December our Club also "rang the bell" for the Food Pantry. While numbers were not available at the time of this writing, personal observation would suggest that the customers at Minier's were particularly generous this year.
(Update: Lions Harry and Jane King report that we raised $674.00!)

This month our thoughts go out to Lion Bim VanEtten, who has been in and out of the hospital throughout the holidays. Please also remember Lions Don Roe and Ray Conklin with your cards and well wishes.

Addresses for Lions Bim, Don, and Ray:

  Lion Bim VanEtten
PO Box 95
Big Flats, NY 14814
Lion Don Roe
406 Fletcher Street
Horseheads, NY 14845-2323
Lion Ray Conklin
c/o NHCU-2
Bath VA Medical Center
76 Veterans Avenue
Bath, NY 14810

Board Action:
The Board has approved membership for two new Lions, Richard Seely and Dan O'Brien; induction ceremony is planned for the January 22nd meeting. Outstanding checks: A decision has been made to stop payment and deduct the $20 charge from the donation to those organizations for this year. A letter will be sent with the check explaining the club's decision. Apron logos: Lion Chris had several designs for input from the Board. Lion Chris also proposed a Calendar Fundraiser, and the Fund Raising Committee will consider this.

Activity Report for December:

Sight Services:
* Eyeglass Collection 4 hours.
Community Services:
* Big Flats Historical Society - 7 hours.
* Corning Museum Guide - 4 hours.
* Food Banks/Pantries - 10 Lions, 33 hours.
* Meals on Wheels - 4 hours.
* Nutrition Site - Office for the Aging - 4 hours.
* Town Committees - 2 Lions, 7 hours.
* Steele Memorial Library - 16 hours.
* Tanglewood Nature Center - 40 hours.
Fundraising Projects:
* Mint Sales 9 hours.
Club Activities:
* Held 1 board meeting
* 1 Dinner Meeting-Christmas Party-invited Horseheads to join us for the entertainment
* Bell Ringing for the local Food Pantry - 14 Lions, 32 hours.
* Arctic League - $250.00
* 2 membership applications approved for January 2007

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

Editor's Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Christmas Party, 2006:


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