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May, 2007
Events Calendar:
May 14th @ 6:30PM
Dinner meeting. Our speak will be Ralph Marino, Superintendent of the Horseheads School District.
  May 19th @ 9:00AM Journey for Sight. Meet at Community Park walking trail. Coffee and Donuts for participants!
  May 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Community Center.
  May 25-28 Memorial Day Rest Stop. Lion Lance Muir is in charge.
  May 28th @ 6:30PM Memorial Day. No dinner meeting.

Club News:
Our regular Camp Badger work party was cancelled due to bad weather, but Lions Tom Rhodes, Ed Rhodes, and Gary Bernhardt logged about 45 hours over a couple of days anyway. Thanks Lions! Our April rest stop was also cancelled due to the weather, and Lion Lance is recycling some of that preparation for our Memorial Day rest stop. Please see details below.

The Blood Drive was one event that wasn't cancelled in April! Thanks to Lion Al Draht for organizing this, and all of the Lions who participated and donated. Together you produced 35 units! Thanks also to our speakers in April, Mark Watts and Don Davis, for helping to make our meetings fun and informative.

Coming up in May we have the Journey for Sight (coffee & donuts provided!) and of course the Memorial Day rest stop. Hope to see you there!

Board Action:
Community Project - Lion John Farr reported that Fritz Meyers is in favor of the sign on his property, but needs approval from the Businessmen's Association as well as an easement; the current welcome to Big Flats sign could be moved to Winters and Rte 64; committees to meet April 30th to continue discussion of this project (Rules - T. Rhodes, E. Rhodes, P. McKenzie; Location - J. Farr; Sign Purchase - S. Brinthaupt, M Balland).

Community Days is looking for help to build a bandstand in Community Park. They will provide the materials. Questions: size of project; location of project; design of project. The Lions need some specifics before committing to overseeing the project or building the project. Lion Lance will contact Kathy Shoemaker for clarification.

Dues - district dues may increase to $18 per year. We currently pay $39 to International and $13 to District. The increase would put us in the minus column by $2 per member. Increase to be discussed after the Convention in April. Agreed to leave the menu for the Installation the same as usual - no increase in price. Suggestion made by Lion Mary Ann that we change our meetings to 1 dinner meeting/speaker and 1 board meeting with coffee/dessert. No decision.

Memorial Day Rest Stop - Lion Lance's email
Memorial Day is our first rest stop project for 2007. The attachment is a copy of the manning schedule for the Kanona activity, which was cancelled. I have left the names in the time slots that you volunteered for Kanona and would hope that you can work the same time slots for the Memorial Day event. It's only a starting point. Please note that we have an additional day to support. Please don't hesitate to volunteer for more than one time slot. That is an acceptable action albeit a very unusual occurrence. Please contact me via return e-mail or phone with your confirmation.

We will bring the schedule to Monday's meeting where we -- hopefully -- can finalize the manning schedule. SEE YOU MONDAY.......

REMEMBER -- THINK COOKIES. We will begin where we left off. I have a record of who contributed cash in lieu of 4 dozen cookies.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Activity Report for April:

Youth Services:
* Boy Scouts - 4 hrs.
Community Services:
* Church - 6 hrs.
* 5-K Race-money raised for local church - 4 hrs.
* Food Banks/Pantries (8) - 4 hrs.
* Nutrition Site-Office for the Aging - 12 hrs.
* Town Committees - 8 hrs.
* Tanglewood Nature Center - 57 hrs.
* Red Cross - 14 hrs.
Club Activities:
* Two dinner meetings
* 2007-2008 slate of officers presented and approved
* New member approved by Board - to be initiated on May 14th - Connie Lambert.
(Camp Badger and Rest Stop canceled due to weather)

Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

Editor's Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Published: 05/10/2007
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