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Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

July/August, 2007
Events Calendar:
Aug 6th @ 6:30PM
Summer Picnic at Community Park.
  Aug 6th Board of Directors (quick) meeting following the Summer picnic.
  Aug 13th & 20th First and second concerts at Community Park.

Club News:
We wrapped up our 2006-7 year two wonderful BBQ's in June, and the Lion of the Year award went to Lion Bill Powell. Congratulations Lion Bill! Our Citizen of the Year award also went to one of our own, Lion Mary Ann Balland. Congratulations Lion Mary Ann, and thanks also for a very successful Lions year! Another milestone for the year was that Lion Bill Powell collected over 900 glasses. Good work! The summer concerts will be new projects for us this year, so please contact Lion Lance Muir if you'd like to help out.

Board Action (June and July):
In June Lion Al Draht raised the issue of an Elmira family who needed a handicap ramp, and suggested that if the Elmira Lions were unable to do the project that Big Flats would offer to partner with them. This was approved, and Lions Al Draht, Tom Rhodes, and Ed Rhodes partnered with one Elmira Lion and completed the work. Our share of the expense was $417.92. Rest Stop - Lion Lance suggested that a sign be made to show what projects our club sponsors and that donations are welcome. Lion Don Williams outlined conditions for Labor Day rest stop, indicating that we must clean up and must apply for a temporary food service permit. Lion Muir will set up schedule. Mints - Lion Gary Bernhardt recommended we abolish this fundraiser - Approved.

Editor's Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

From the Scrap Book:

Thanks Lion Gary Bernhardt, for providing these pictures of "Lions Tom and Ed Rhodes' handiwork" at Camp Badger!

Awards & Installation Dinner in June


Published: 08/02/2007
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