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Lion Suzanne Brinthaupt -- 562-3241
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

January, 2008
Events Calendar:
Jan 14th @ 6:30PM
Dinner meeting at the Crystal House. Our speaker will be Jerry Wright of Mattress Ministries.
  Jan 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Community Center.
  Jan 28th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at the Crystal House. Our speaker will be Amy Miller of CASA.

Club News:
The “Trebble Makers” quartette provided entertainment at our annual Christmas Dinner, with assistance from Lion Lance Muir for the memorable “Santa Baby” number! They really made it interesting with various pranks and games, including a game where audience members had to try and identify the particular carols that made up an extensive medley. This was followed by our traditional Chinese Auction, conducted by Lion Lance Muir. All of the auction prizes were made and/or donated by Barb Rhodes, so here’s a ROAR of thanks, Barb, from all of us!

Board Action:
Antique Car Show BBQ: Lion Lance reported that the Car Club requested we prepare 250 chicken halves. We can increase that number by as many as two racks (48 halves), and those additional chickens can be ordered as late as the Wednesday before the event. Concert in the Park dates will be Aug. 11 and Aug. 25th, as reported by Lion Judy Zimmerman. Alternate/rain location is the Community Center. Chinese Auction: Lion Lance suggested sending a thank you note to Barb Rhodes. Rest Stop: Lion Don Williams is getting the permits. It was noted that the State is encouraging us to do a 3rd coffee rest stop. It was generally agreed any additional weekends would need to be in the warm weather months. Scouting for Food: Lion John Hoos reported that food donations were down by 500 units from last year, and he noted that the Council did not provide bags this year due to high cost. Pizza, donuts, and other refreshments were donated by Lion John and Dottie Hoos, and Lion Bill Powell, and Russ Minier donated a $20 gift certificate toward these items. Lion Judy Zimmerman provided the names of speakers for the next four Club meetings. Blood Drive: The next one will be in February.

Board approved a motion to support the Big Flats Library Advocate by serving food at their Classy Collectible sale on March 29th. Lion Lance volunteered to head up this project. Lion John Hoos requested that next year's budget should include $50 toward pizza and refreshments at the Scouting for Food event. This was approved on a motion from Lion Mike Yanak, which was seconded by Lion Lance Muir. Lion Mike Yanak asked if anyone was Ill that we should be aware of. King Lion Pat mentioned Lion Connie Lambert, and Lion Ray Conklin was also mentioned. Lion John Farr to email the membership with Lion Ray's last known address at the Bath VA [Ray W. Conklin, c/o NHCU-2, Bath VA Medical Center, 76 Veterans Avenue, Bath, NY 14810]. Per Lion Sue’s email, let’s also keep Lion Bim in our thoughts during his recovery.

Activity Report for December:

Sight Services:
* Eyeglass Collection - 2 hrs.
Community Services:
* Church - 34 hrs.
* CC Office for aging-Nutrition Site - 7 hrs.
* Food Banks/Pantries - (8) 51 hrs.
* Historical Society - 6 hrs.
* Library - 6 hrs.
* Town Committees (3) - 15 hrs.
* Museum Guide - 7 hrs.
* Meals on Wheels - 4 hrs.
* Tanglewood - 65 hrs.
* Environmental Emergency Services - 3 hrs.
Club Activities:
* One dinner Meeting
* Bell Ringing for Food Pantry - 14 Lions, 30 hrs.
* Artic League - $200


Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:

The Trebble Makers and Lion Lance performing Santa Baby

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Published: 01/08/2008
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