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June, 2008
Events Calendar:
  Jun 8th Chicken BBQ at the 31st Annual Twin Tiers Vintage Car show.
Jun 9th @ 6:30PM
Dinner Meeting at the Crystal House.
  Jun 10th 1-6PM Blood Drive. Lions John Hoos and Judy Zimmerman volunteered to help.
(see June 23rd)
  Jun 16th Sojourners will paddle through Big Flats along the river. Contact: Lion Bob Byland.
  Jun 16th @7PM Board of Directors meeting at the Community Center.
  Jun 21st Community Days Chicken BBQ. King Lion Pat McKenzie is in charge.
  Jun 23rd 1-6PM Blood Drive at the Fire Hall. Lion Al Draht is in charge.
  Jun 23rd @ 6:30PM Awards Dinner and Installation of Officers at the Crystal House. Bring a friend!

.Club News:
JoAnn Schucker spoke to us at our May meeting regarding her role as the Editor of the New Big Flats Times. A retired teacher of History, Psychology, and Sociology, JoAnn said it was called "New" because they had found an earlier copy of the Big Flats Times dated 1910. The paper is financed by sponsors and issues are published the first week of January, May, and September. The original mailing list came from the Board of Elections, so if you have not received a copy and would like to join the 3,500 people who do, please contact JoAnn via the Town Hall. Prior to JoAnn's talk, Lion Ralph Marino gave us a preview of the School Budget which was coming up for a vote the following week. Thanks Lion Ralph!

The month of May was short one meeting due to Memorial Day, but the month of June this year will be as busy as ever! Activities begin with the Vintage Car Show BBQ on the 8th, which is before our next meeting, so please contact Lion Lance if you'd like to help but haven't signed up yet. A new activity this June is the Sojourner's Canoe Trip scheduled for June 16th. Lion Bob Byland will be seeking volunteers to serve lunch to the canoeists at Minier Landing. Lion Gary Bernhardt reported that the Camp Badger crew made a second trip this month to spend 27 hours extending the porch on cabin 2. Thanks to Lions Gary Bernhardt, Tom Rhodes, and Ed Rhodes for that work. Thanks also to Lion Ed Rhodes for welding services in the repair of our portable trailer-sign!

Lion Don Roe Update:
Once again our thoughts go out to Lion Don Roe, who is still in Hospice care at Elcor. Please consider visiting him there. Lion Bill Powell reported that Lion Don is still about the same, but his wife Deb is back at the Cleveland Clinic for heart problems.

Lion Bim VanEtten Update:
The following is a reprint of "Swallow Test #5", as forwarded by Lion Lance Muir on May 25th: "Test scheduled Friday.Pass or fail we have reservations for 14 June.Coming home with or without the feeding tube.SEVEN MONTHS !!TOO LONG !!!". Hope to see you soon, Lion Bim!

Board Action:
Lion Mike Yanak reported that 10 people participated in Journey for Sight, and Lion John Hoos reported on the Members Attendance Rule Committee saying that it was a work in progress. Lion Lance Muir requested permission to obtain a Sam's Business card in the Lions name and this was approved. The Board also approved a motion by Lion Mary Ann Balland to include $35 in next year's budget to be paid annually to Brad Zehr for hosting our web site. Camp Badger will be a day camp only this summer due to state and federal regulations that it be made handicap accessible. There was a suggestion that we sell pies made by the Amish at the local Farmer's Market from 3-6 each Monday, June through September. This was tabled pending the need for more information.

Activity Report for May:


Youth Services:
* Boy Scouts 6
Sight Services:
* Low Vision Center 3
* Eyeglass Recyling 4
Community Services:
* Church 32
* CC Office for Aging 24
* Food Banks/Pantries (7) 61
* BF Historical Society 5
* Meals on Wheels 2
* CG Museum Guide 6
* Town Committees 30
* Senior Bus Trip-organizing 6
* LPGA 33
* Tanglewood 53
Fundraising Projects:
* Memorial Day Rest Stop-19 Lions/7 Guests 105
Club Activities:
* Two Dinner Meetings
* Journey For Sight-10 Lions 10
* Maintained at 39


Sue Brinthaupt, Club Secretary

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Published: 06/04/2008 - Revised 06/10/2008 (Calendar)
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