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December, 2008
Events Calendar:
  Dec 8th @ 6:30PM Annual Christmas Party with entertainment at the Crystal House. Bring a friend!
  Dec 10th @ 7:00PM Presentation of Community Project concept before the Big Flats Town Board. Lion Bob Byland is in charge.
  Dec 15th @ 6:30PM Board of Directors meeting at the Community Center.

Farewell Lion Ray Conklin:
A member since 1978, Lion Ray Conklin passed away this month at the Bath VA. In his long tenure, Lion Ray served as Lion Tamer, Director, 3rd VP, Blood Bank Chair, Sight Chair, Publicity Co-Chair, Restaurant Relations Co-Chair, Rummage Sale Chair, and he sponsored a new member. A Veteran of WW II serving his country with The US Navy, Ray was a retired tool and die maker at Westinghouse Corporation in Horseheads, NY. In addition to Lions, Ray was a volunteer driver for The American Red Cross in Elmira, NY. We'll miss you, Lion Ray.

Club News:
Lion and Town Supervisor Mary Ann Balland gave us an upbeat assessment of Town happenings at the first November meeting, and we were also treated to a visit by DG Noni Krom, who was in town visiting the Horseheads Lions that day. DG Noni spoke to us about her motto, "Lions sowing seeds of service help our communities grow", brought us up to date on Camp Badger, and stressed the importance of growing our District. Lion Judy Zimmerman conducted our second meeting in November, where Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli took time out of his busy schedule to bring us up to date on news and challenges in the County and State. Many questions were asked and answered, and it appears that the County is well positioned for the future.

Special thanks are due to Russ Minier, who only charged us for half of the 10 turkeys we raffled off in November! Thanks also to Lions Mary Ann Balland and Sue Brinthaupt for coordinating this successful event, where 19 Lions contributed 56 hours. Three of the 10 turkeys won were donated to the Big Flats Food Pantry, making this an event where the gifts kept on giving! November was a busy month overall, with Scouting for Food (where 24 Lions sorted 4,800 food items!), and help with the Town's tree planting project on one of the coldest and wettest days of the month!

Coming up in December we'll have our famous & traditional Christmas party on the 8th. Bring a friend!

Board Action:
We received a Thank You note from the Big Flats Community Center for club participation in Fall Festival. Signature/Community Project - Lion Bob Byland to present our current proposal to the Town Board at their meeting on December 10th. A war memorial is being proposed for the Big Flats Community Center. Membership Rules - Lion John Hoos has distributed a written summary of the new rules to all Board members along with a list of projects for the year. This document will also go out by email and with the December newsletter and King Lion Mike Yanak will also bring hardcopies to meetings. Tree Planting - Lion Bill Powell reported that it went well but it was very wet that day. Food Pantry - King Lion suggested that we do something extra for the Food Pantry this year. Lion Tom Rhodes mentioned the former World Service Day project, how it evolved into a free-will offering / cash donation to the Food Panty, and that while we donated last year, we did not collect individual offerings. Lion Lance Muir made a motion to accept free-will offerings this year for the Food Pantry. This was seconded by Lion Pat McKenzie and passed, with Lion Bill Powell designated as the point person for donations.

Holiday Help for the Hungry - a message from Lion Bill Powell:

  The tough economy has increased demands on our food pantries. To help, our club is collecting money at our Thanksgiving and Christmas meetings. Please give generously.

The donations will go into the Big Flats Food Pantry's account at the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. What would cost a $1.00 in a grocery store can be bought from the Food Bank for 17¢. This is a six fold increase in our gifts.

If you would prefer to support another local food pantry, please write that pantry name on an envelope with your gift in it. Your donation will go in that pantry's account at the Food Bank.

Both cash and checks are welcome. All checks should be made out to the Big Flats Lions Club.

Thank you for your generosity.


From the Scrap Book - Online Pictures by Lion Bob Byland:
Lion Bob Byland managed to get some snapshots during the WET tree planning work party in November, and he was kind enough to make them available online. Check them out at

Activity Report for November:


Youth Services:
* Boy Scouts - 6 hrs
Sight Services:
* Eyeglass Recycling - 2 hrs
* Low Vision Center - 4 hrs
Community Services:
* Church - 52 hrs
* CC Office for Aging / Nutrition Site - 18 hrs
* Food Banks/Pantries - 35 hrs
* Meals on Wheels - 2 hrs
* CG Museum Guide - 6 hrs
* Town Committees - 42 hrs
* Senior Bus Trip-organizing - 14 hrs
* Historical Society - 6 hrs
* Scouting for Food - 78 hrs
* Turkey Raffle - 50 hrs
* Tanglewood - 50 hrs
* Environment Emergency Services - 6 hrs

Total Hours - 371

John Farr , Club Secretary

Attendance Guide - Drafted by the Attendance Rules Committee and Approved:
* Regular attendance at meetings and functions are expected and encouraged.
* Lion's International recognizes that there are special situations that may prevent regular attendance. Special membership categories have been established and are available to all Lions. The Board of Directors will review and rule on all applications for special membership.
* The following guidelines apply to all Lions who are not covered by a special membership category.
* Big Flats Lions are expected to attend at least 10 club functions per year or 12 consecutive months. Two (2) of the 10 requirements must be participation in a club project as a chair or participant.
* The functions are defined as follows:
1. Lions regular meetings
2. Lions Board Meetings
3. Lions projects
* A list is included (circulated at the last meeting) representing approximately 25 normal activities for one year. This listing will change each year. Members will receive current activities at meetings, club bulletin, and at our web site.
* Lions who fail to meet these requirements will be contacted by their sponsor or a Board member to review their status and determine if they wish to continue their membership and meet club requirements or qualify for a special membership category. Failure to satisfy one of the above options will result in removal from the membership list.

List of Projects/Opportunities and their frequency: (1)Big Flats community days chicken BBQ, (1)Course marshal for community days 5K run, (1)Car show chicken BBQ, (4)Roadside coffee rest stops, (2)Camp Badger work party, (2)Community center summer concerts, (1)Community center fall festival, (1)Boy Scouts food drive, (1)Bell ringing for Big Flats food pantry, (6)Red Cross blood drives, (1)Maintain landscaping at Big Flats sign behind elementary school, (2)Adopt a Highway cleanup, (2)Journey for Sight, (1)Southern Tier Food bank

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct 27th: Winners were: $20 - R. Dickinson and Pat McInerney; $10 - Peg Densberger, Harry King, Mike Yanak, and Megan McKenzie; $5 - Linda Whitney, Marshall Updike, and Connie Lambert.
Nov 10th: Winners weres: $20 - Connie Ogilvie and Joe Lesso; $10 - Pat McInerney, Marshall Updike, Maureen Ferrell, and Jim Sleeth; $5 - Gene Herber, Frank Noneman, and Jean Williams.
Nov 17th: Winners were: $20 - Ahneece Hancock and Mimi Farr; $10 - Dick Seely, Mark Wilson, Mary Parmenter, and Cola Thayer; $5 - Zack Presley, Deanne Williams, and Linda Whitney.
Nov 24th: Winners were: $20 - John Voorhees and Janet Ackerman; $10 - Judy Zimmerman, Dan O'Brien, Maureen Monroe, and Chris Friend; $5 - Meagan Horne, Guy Tanner, and Connie Wilcox.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 12/03/2008 - Revised: 12/04/2008
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