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Lion Mike Yanak -- 562-7433

Lion Judy Zimmerman -- 562-3461
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

March, 2009
Events Calendar:
Mar 9th @ 6:30PM
Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.
  Mar 16th @ 7:00PM Board meeting is rescheduled for Mar 23rd at 5:30PM
  Mar 23rd @ 5:30PM Board meeting 5:30, Regular Club Meeting 6:30 at the Crystal House.
  Mar 28th Classy Collectibles / Library Friends project.

Club News:
At the first meeting in February we celebrated the 39th Anniversary of our Club with a retrospective of our many service projects. The event was conceived and organized by one of our original charter members, Lion Don Williams. More details on this event are listed below. Thanks Lion Don, and all who participated! Also at that meeting, Lion Lance announced the Classy Collectibles project on March 28th at the Community Center. This is to benefit the Library, and Lions would be serving food.

Later in the month, Jabe Warren, Education Coordinator for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chemung County spoke to us about Marcellus Shale gas drilling in the local area, citing demographics, statistics, and technical aspects of this method. Thanks Jabe! Lion John Hoos announced that he would present our Eagle awards to the four new Eagle Scouts in Troop #87 at a time of their choosing. He also displayed the plaques that would be presented, and mentioned that the scouts had received flags from Congressman Massa's office along with some other recognitions.

Board Action:
We received an Email from ZC Mike Eisenhart announcing a fundraiser of the Horseheads Lions. Event - Psychic Phil Jordan; Location - Horseheads Elks Lodge; Date - 4/26/09; Tickets - $15.00 per person; Contact - Cynthia Rohan at 358-4162. Also received a letter from MD20 requesting nominations for the MD20 Youth Band. Raffle tickets were included. Signature Project - Lion Bob Byland reported that a ballpark figure for the memorial would be $2,500 - $2,700 and he proposed some wording for the plaque. Our goal will be to unveil the plaque on Memorial Day. On a motion by Lion John Hoos and seconded by Lion Donna Barto, the following wording was approved unanimously: "To the man an women of Big Flats past and present, who have served our country, we dedicate this memorial --- Big Flats Lions Club, 2009". Turkey Raffle - King Lion Mike Yanak announced that he needs a chair for the Spring event, and Lion Judy Zimmerman volunteered to find one. Goal will be to conduct the drawing 2 weeks before Easter.

Phone Bank volunteers are needed for the Arnot Ogden Radiothon, March 12-14th. Thursday and Friday will be at Arnot Ogden, Saturday and Sunday will be at the Arnot Mall. Lion Grace Yanak is coordinating our participation. Lion Lance Muir reported that Town Supervisor and Lion Mary Ann Balland has expressed the need for marshals at the Town Hall Open House on June 14th. Volunteers are needed mainly in the garage to keep children off the equipment. Lion Donna Barto noted that this date may conflict with the Antique Car Show. Lion Lance to check on this. It was further noted that the Community Days BBQ will be on June 20th. Lion Donna Barto reported on the need for eye screenings at the Big Flats and Center Street schools. No dates have been set yet, cost will be about $1.00 per set (photo attempt). There was a unanimous vote to support this project. Lion Don Williams reported that he could perform new member inductions at the first meeting in April. Lion Lance Muir expressed the need for a new tent and volunteered to research and return with prices.

39th Anniversary Celebration in February - A Trip Down Memory Lane:
In order to celebrate the 39th anniversary of our Club, Lion Don Williams organized members to give short presentations on the history of various service projects. It was quite a show! Here is an overview of the members and topics that were presented:


* Lion Judy Zimmerman - Turkey Raffle. Since 2006.
* Lion Judy Zimmerman - Blood Drives.
* Lion Donna Barto - Lions organization, Districts, Regions, Zones.
* Lion Gary Bernhardt - Camp Badger since 1975, Cabins 8 (Walt Jacobus) and 1 (Herb Cox).
* Lion Don Williams on behalf of Lion Bob Byland - River Project / Sojourners / 200 meals served.
* Lion Rita Dery - Community Service 50/50 raffle, begun by Lion Fran Tokar.
* Lion Al Draht - Sight and Hearing since 1991.
* Lion Ed Fairbrother - Tree planting project on Maple Street. Will do again in spring after sewer done.
* Lion Gene Herber - 5K Race since 1997.
* Lion John Hoos - Scouting for Food, average 4,000 items per year. Also mentioned plaques for Eagles.
* Lion Merrill Lynn - Chicken BBQ's since 1971.
* Lion Pat McKenzie - Bell Ringing for the Food Pantry. Started 1990 by Lions Pat & Norval Johnston.
* Lion Lance Muir - Coffee Rest Stops since 2001. Gave us a quiz.
* Lion Bill Powell - Eyeglass recycling - 750 pairs annually toward 1 million collected by LCI.
* Lion Ed Rhodes - Upkeep of the Big Flats sign since 1999.
* Lion Tom Rhodes - Food Bank volunteers since Lion Marshall Updike's challenge in 2004.
* Lion Marshall Updike - Summer concerts.
* Lion Dick Wardell - Food Bank, and how to make your donations count the most.
* Lion Mike Yanak - Journey for Sight.
* Lion John Farr - Adopt-A-Highway since 1991.

Activity Report for February:


Youth Services
* Boy Scouts - 18 hrs
Community Services:
* Church - 15 hrs
* CC Office for Aging=Nutrition Site - 14 hrs
* Food Banks/Pantries - 54 hrs
* Meals on Wheels - 3 hrs
* CG Museum Guide - 2 hrs
* Town Committees 20 hrs
* Senior Bus Trip - Organizing - 2 hrs
* Historical Society - 5 hrs
* American Red Cross - Steuben - 6 hrs
* RSVP - 3 hrs
* Tanglewood - 38 hrs
Total Hours: 180

* Community $ 200
* Youth $ 1,150
* Health $ 1,300
* LCIF $ 500

Club Activities:
* Two Dinner Meetings
* One Board Meeting
* One Red Cross Blood Drive

Membership: Maintained at 39

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook - 39th Anniversary Celebration, 2009:


Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
On February 9th Lions Rita Dery and Pat McKenzie conducted the final drawing of the Community Service 50/50 Raffle for the 2008/09 year. Thanks for all your work, Rita and Pat!

Oct 27th: Winners were: $20 - R. Dickinson and Pat McInerney; $10 - Peg Densberger, Harry King, Mike Yanak, and Megan McKenzie; $5 - Linda Whitney, Marshall Updike, and Connie Lambert.
Nov 10th: Winners weres: $20 - Connie Ogilvie and Joe Lesso; $10 - Pat McInerney, Marshall Updike, Maureen Ferrell, and Jim Sleeth; $5 - Gene Herber, Frank Noneman, and Jean Williams.
Nov 17th: Winners were: $20 - Ahneece Hancock and Mimi Farr; $10 - Dick Seely, Mark Wilson, Mary Parmenter, and Cola Thayer; $5 - Zack Presley, Deanne Williams, and Linda Whitney.
Nov 24th: Winners were: $20 - John Voorhees and Janet Ackerman; $10 - Judy Zimmerman, Dan O'Brien, Maureen Monroe, and Chris Friend; $5 - Meagan Horne, Guy Tanner, and Connie Wilcox.
Dec 8th: Winners were: $20 - Tom Reed and Mike Rent; $10 - Shirley Salvatore, Linda Redner, Chris Friend, and Dean Wenzel; $5 - Ashlee Brinthaupt, Gerald Donahue, and George Martinec.
Dec 15th: Winners were: $20 - Connie Wilcox and Maureen Ferrell; $10 - Jini Van Etten, Ralph Marino, George King, and Gene Herber; $5 - Shaemus McGannan, George Martinec, and Megan McKenzie.
Jan 12th: Winners were: $20 - Tom Rhodes and Connie Ogilvie; $10 - Ann DeVillars, Audrie Vanderhoff, Shirley Salvatore, and Megan McKenzie; $5 - Joan Santulli, Emma Gardner, and Gerald Donahue.
Jan 20th: Winners were: $20 - Lydia Lynn and Gina Allen; $10 - Joan Santulli, Barb Rhodes, Ralph Marino, and Shannon McIreney; $5 - Bob Byland, Dean Zimmerman, and Pat Derosh.
Jan 26th: Winners were: $20 - Joe Lesso and Jane King; $10 - Melissa Juhl, Rosemary Hooey, Henry Farr, and Tom Rhodes; $5 - Donna Barto, Virginia VanEtten, and Matt Presley.
Feb 9th: Winners were: $100 - Dean Zimmerman, Tom Tokar, and Susan Balland; $20 - Virginia VanEtten and Connie Lambert; $10 - Sidney Luff, Tom Rhodes, Tory Malik, and Chris Dean; $5 - Shanon McIrney, Frank Noneman, and Gerald Donahue.

Lions on FaceBook:
Lion Gary Boisseau has created a Facebook group called "Lions District 20-E2 - "The Finger Lakes District". Lion Gary says this is "... an attempt to increase our membership and spread the news about Lionism, especially among the Generation Y'ers, I have formed a group on Facebook for our district. Please check it out." Here's the link:

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


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