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July/August, 2009
Events Calendar:
  Aug 3rd @ 5:30PM Annual Club Picnic at Sperr Park. Cost is $3.00/person. Bring guests!
  Aug 17th @ 7PM Board of Directors meeting at the Community Center.
  Aug 28-30 Pre-Labor Day Rest Stop at Kanona. Lion Lance Muir is in charge.
  Sep 14 @ 6:30PM First Club dessert meeting at the Community Center. Dedication of the Signature Project / Memorial.

Club News:
June was a typically busy month with the Rest Stop, Antique Car Show and Community Days BBQs, but the most notable accomplishment was the long awaited delivery of our signature project! Lion Bob Byland coordinated this event, and also documented it with a photo gallery at the following link: Lion Bob has also set up a Yahoo Group called "BFLions", and he recently sent out invitations to join. Please contact Lion Bob Byland if you are interested and did not receive your invitation. This group will be a wonderful tool for facilitating our sign-up sheets, photo galleries, and more!

This year's Lion of the Year award went to Lion Gary Bernhardt, and the Citizen of the Year award was jointly presented to Lion Al Redner and Linda Redner. Congratulations for these well-deserved awards! Lion Gary was cited for his tireless service, members sponsored, and many years of coordinating the Camp Badger work parties, and Al and Linda Redner were cited for their contributions to Boy Scouts over 50 years, as well as work for the Chemung County Office for the Aging, the Senior Nutrition Site, and Bus Trips for seniors. Congratulations also to our incoming officers, and a big thank you to PDG George Hunt of the Corning Lions for the installation ceremony. Lion "jumpin" Judy (aka: King Lion Judy) lead the entertainment for the June banquet, a sing-along with Bonnie ("watch her dancin' fingers tickle those ivories") Miller on Piano. We were also glad to see Lion Bim VanEtten at the meeting, who treated us with a joke to wrap up the evening.

Important: Meeting schedule for 2009-2010:
We will be trying a new schedule for the first four months of the upcoming year. This will feature one dinner and one dessert meeting per month, where the dessert meeting would cost about $5. The dinner cost at Crystal house will stay at the $10 level with some adjustments to the menu. New schedule:

2nd Mon = Desert Mtg. 6:30pm Community Center
(9/14 will be a dedication ceremony for memorial)
3rd Mon = Board Mtg. 7:00pm Community Center
4th Mon = Dinner Mtg. 6:30pm Crystal House
(Except Dec.: Dinner on 14th, Board on 21st, no 3rd mtg.)

At the July Board meeting, Lion Mike Yanak noted that Lion Grace is laid up at home with compression fractures to the back. He said she would appreciate phone calls, cards, and cheer.

Aug 3rd, 5:30pm Sperr Park. Cost will be $3 per individual. Membership Chair Bob Byland reminds us that the picnic is a great opportunity to bring a guest!

Dues for 2009-2010:
Our dues at the State level were raised by $2, but they were unchanged at the National level. In July the Board passed a motion to raise our own dues from $55 to $57 in order to break even. Family unit dues will also rise to $37.50.

Board Action:
Thank you notes from Big Flats/Horseheads Lacrosse, Erin-Sullivanville UMC for donation in Lion Don Roe's memory, Leader Dogs for the Blind, and Lions Project for Canine Independence for participation in drawing.
* King Lion Mike asked about the Town campus open house and Lion Judy Zimmerman reported that it was fantastic
* Coffee Reststop at Kanona: This will be held the last weekend in August, which is one week prior to Labor Day. On a motion by Lion Bill Powell, seconded by Lion Judy Zimmerman, we will run this project for three days from Friday through Sunday.
* Eyeglass Recycling: Lion Bill Powell reported that this year he collected 715 pair to be turned in to Canandaigua Lions for recycling.
* Box Tops for Education / Camp Badger: Lion Donna Barto reported that she had collected 304 box tops.
New Business:
* King Lion Mike Yanak thanked the Board for it's support and there was applause.
Treasurer's Report:
Lion Tom Rhodes presented the budget for discussion and among other things noted that only about ½ of our donations out of the Community Service Fund went to local organizations. After some discussion it was agreed that a committee should be formed to review our donations with an eye toward local contributions. Lions Donna Barto, Rita Dery, and Mike Yanak volunteered to serve on this committee.
Lion Tom Rhodes reported that dues were raised by $2 at the State level but were unchanged at the National level. In order to break even we would need to raise our annual dues from $55 to $57 ($18 State + $39 National), and family unit dues would need to be set at $37.50 ($18 State + $19.50 National). These new rates were passed on a motion by Lion Bob Byland, seconded by Lion Lance Muir.
Old Business:
* Concerts - Lion Lance reported that food will be served in the tent so we're good for any weather, and thanked all who had volunteered, noting that he has the manning he needs. King Lion Judy added that the Community Center has a new grill and two tanks of gas courtesy of the Sr. Citizens.
* Costa Project / Grill loan - King Lion Judy said we could do this as long as the participants are willing, and Lion Lance indicated that they were. This will most likely result in another donation, and Lion Bob Byland added that the event benefits the food Pantry. Our participation was approved on a motion by Lion Mike Yanak, seconded by Lion Gene Herber.
* Meeting schedule for next year, approved for a 4 month trial period on a motion by Lion Mike Yanak, seconded by Lion Donna Barto, with one dissenting vote. King Lion has discussed this with the Horseheads Lions as their meetings will be impacted.
New Business:
* Signature Project Dedication - Sept 14th 6:30pm BFCC. Speakers will include Lion Mary Ann Balland, Lion Neal Gummoe, and Lion Bob Byland. We will also invite the American Legion Post to serve as color guard.
* Visitations - Lion Donna Barto to research this.
Good of the Order:
* Lion Rita - 50/50 - Has bought 500 tickets to cover 2yrs. Will hand out tickets starting with August Board Meeting. Has list of Lion Bim's customers and will distribute to other members for followup.
* Lion Lance Muir will have the signup sheet for the Kanona Rest Stop at the picnic.
* Lion Bob Byland noted that he had posted some photos of the memorial delivery on the Web, and Lion John Farr will provide a link to these via the newsletter.
* Lion Bob Byland also proposed that we should set up a group on either Yahoo or Gmail to support our communications and our many sign-up sheets, and he also volunteered to do the work. This was approved on a motion by Lion Mike Yanak, seconded by Lion Lance Muir.

Website Receives a Facelift:
Please check out the new look of our Website when you get a chance! The changes are mainly cosmetic, but there is one important and sustentative change: We are now using a "Google Calendar". This makes it easier to maintain the calendar, but it also gives you the user some new advantages:

  1. You can toggle between three different views: Month, Week, and Agenda.
  2. It's easy to print the calendar.
  3. US Holidays are overlaid on the Lions Calendar (I could include phases of the moon, but it starts to get busy)
  4. If you wish to set up your own Google Calendar, you could overlay this calendar onto your own. You could also set up email notifications to remind yourself of upcoming events.

Your Committee Participation in 2008-2009:
In the interest of maintaining our membership records, please click here to view last years committee listings for accuracy, and report any mistakes to Secretary John Farr.

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Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 07/26/2009
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