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September, 2009
Events Calendar:
Sep 14th @ 6:30PM
Dessert Club Meeting and Dedication of Memorial at Big Flats Community Center.
  Sep 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Community Center.
  Sep 23rd @ 6:15PM Zone Meeting at Elmira.
  Sep 28th @ 6:30PM Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.

We will be trying a new schedule for the first four months of the upcoming year. This will feature one dinner and one dessert meeting per month, where the dessert meeting would cost about $5. The dinner cost at Crystal house will stay at the $10 level with some adjustments to the menu. New schedule:

2nd Mon = Desert Mtg. 6:30pm Community Center
(9/14 will be a dedication ceremony for memorial)
3rd Mon = Board Mtg. 7:00pm Community Center
4th Mon = Dinner Mtg. 6:30pm Crystal House
(Except Dec.: Dinner on 14th, Board on 21st, no 3rd mtg.)

Veteran's Memorial dedication - Sept 14th:
Our first desert meeting at the Community Center will be a special occasion with our dedication of the Veteran's Memorial. Lion Neal Gumoe will make the inaugural address, and Lion Mary Ann Balland or Lion Ed Fairbrother will represent the Town. An introduction will be given by Lion Bob Byland, and the invocation will be given by Rev. Rick Price. Invitations will be sent to the Zone Chairman and the District Governor as well as the Press and local officials. The general public is also invited.

Club News:
August was busy with foodservice projects at two Community Concerts, assistance for a chicken BBQ benefitting the Painted Post Food Pantry, and a three day coffee rest stop fundraiser at Kanona. Many thanks to the Lions and outside helpers who filled the slots and donated snacks, money, and time in order to make these summer events possible.

Lion Bim - Bim is still in the hospital in Texas. He is stable but is recovering from pneumonia and infection. A feeding tube has been inserted since he still has difficulty swallowing. Bim may remain in Texas and stay with his son. The Club may be asked to help move his household effects. Bim was in charge of the Club's Public Relations. 1st V.P. Bob Byland will be asked to resume those duties. Update from Lion Jane King on 9/9: "Bim called me on Monday evening and we talked. He is home from the hospital and gaining strength each day. He has a long way to go but is encouraged at this point.".

Board Action:
* Lion Bill Powell suggested we place a limit of $7430 on the Community Service Budget. It was seconded by Grace Yanak and passed. The Veterans Memorial has been paid for in two installments of $1900 and $1932.56 for a total of $3832.56.
* The Annual Picnic was considered a success even though it was moved at the last minute to the Community Park in lieu of Sperr Memorial Park. Presently the Memorial Park does not have electricity or potable water. It was noted that a bear and her cub were spotted on the trails in the vicinity of the Park.
There was some confusion whether the cost of the picnic was to be $2 or $3 dollars. King Lion Judy decided to split the difference. The cost was $2.50 per person. Income was $92.
* The 50-50 raffle tickets were given out. Rita Dery stated 5 Lions have already turned in their stubs.
It was mentioned our storage space in very limited and we are looking for more space.
* Car Show Tent - The tent is need of end pieces. Lion Tom Rhodes said he has some material that might work. We will see if it fits. A new tent will cost between $500 and $800.
* Richard Ernst, 1st Vice District Governor wants a commitment from us to support a platoon in Iraq. A platoon comprises about 90 soldiers. King Lion Judy to obtain more information. Lion Mike Yanak suggested putting the request in the Newsletter. The Board supports the initiative, particulars to follow. Lion Mike made the motion and it was seconded by Lion Lance Muir.
* Zone Meeting - to be hosted by the Elmira Lions Club on Wednesday, September 23rd at 6:15 PM in the down town Holiday Inn on Water St. Zone Chairman is Michael Eisenhardt.
* Lion Donna Barto will update our Brochure.
* Good of the Order - Tom Rhodes suggested we build a small float for the Community Days Parade. It would mention our 40th anniversary and a sign showing the things we do for the community. We have one remaining charter member, Lion Don Williams.

Activity Report for August:


Community Services:
* Church - 25 hrs
* CC Office for Aging=Nutrition Site - 14 hrs
* Food Banks/Pantries - 48 hrs
* Meals on Wheels - 3 hrs
* CG Museum Guide - 8 hrs
* Town Committees - 41 hrs
* Seniors / Bus Trips / Other - 22 hrs
* Historical Society - 4 hrs
* American Red Cross - Steuben chapter - 3 hrs
* RSVP - 10 hrs
* Tanglewood - 32 hrs
Fundraising Projects:
* Coffee Rest Stop - 88 hrs
Total Hours: 298

Club Activities:
* Concerts in the Park - Foodservice
* Maintained at 38

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:

To be dedicated September 14th. Photo courtesy of Lion Bob Byland

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Published: 09/09/2009
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