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Big Flats, New York

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Lion Judy Zimmerman -- 562-3461

Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

November, 2009
Events Calendar:
Nov 9th @ 6:30PM
Dessert / Regular Club Meeting & DG visitation - Big Flats Community Center.
  Nov 10th Southern Tier Retired Lions - Visitation. Lion Donna Barto for details.
  Nov 14th Scouting for Food - Presbyterian Church - around 9:30AM. Lion Bob Byland in charge.
  Nov 14th @ 2:00PM Turkey Raffle Drawing. Lions Sue Brinthaupt and Mary Ann Balland in charge.
  Nov 16th @ 7:00 PM Board of Directors Meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Nov 23rd @ 6:30PM Dinner / Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.

Club News:
The October dinner meeting was well attended, featuring many committee reports and a great speaker. Lion Connie Lambert was perhaps the newsmaker of the month, both for her work at Camp Badger (and reporting on the 4 days she spent at the camp with husband Herb), and for her donation of $1,235 in thanks for work done on her garage! We can thank Lions Al Draht, Tom Rhodes, and Ed Rhodes for doing the work, and also King Lion Judy for suggesting that this could be a job for our Lions. Lions Donna Barto, Grace Yanak, and Mike Yanak also did our club proud by attending the 80th Anniversary of the Towanda Lions. Our speaker at the dinner meeting was Joyce Hyatt of the Chemung County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Committee, who presented the topic, "Get the Facts about Novel H1N1 Influenza". It was a timely subject and there was much interest.

Coming up we have the Turkey Raffle in the first half of November, Scouting for Food on Nov. 14th, and our own 40th Anniversary celebration which is now slated for the 4th Monday in April.

Board Action:
Correspondence: - Ithaca Lions drawing on Dec 21st to help a young mother needing a bone marrow transplant; Big Flats Youth Basketball funding request. We will send the budgeted $100 ASAP; Thank you note from Painted Post and Corning Community Food Pantries for work at Costa's BBQ by Lions; King Lion Judy sent an apology to the American Legion flag detail for interrupting ceremony.
Reports: Costa BBQ Chicken - Lance Muir, Bill Powell, Merrill Lynn, Marshall Updike, Tom Rhodes, Ed Rhodes, and Don Williams participated. Adopt-A-Highway - Lions Bill Powell, Gene Herber, Mike Yanak, Dick Wardell, and John Farr participated. Camp Badger - Lions Tom Rhodes, Connie Lambert, Gene Herber, Don Williams, Judy Zimmerman, and Gary Bernhardt, and guest worker Dave Marks contributed 51 hours. Started suspended ceiling in cabin 3 but switched to porch ceiling on same cabin because of improper materials. Blood Drive - 10/27 1-6PM. Lion Gary Bernhardt and King Lion Judy to work at canteen, which gives our club credit for co-sponsoring the drive. Turkey Raffle - Lions Sue Brinthaupt and Mary Ann Balland are co-chairs. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. Hours at Miniers will be 2-4 and 4-6 on Nov. 5,6, 7, 12, 13, and 14. It was noted that Russ Minier donated half of the Turkeys last year, and also that Scouting for Food is on the 14th. Donations Committee - Lions Mike Yanak, Donna Barto, and Rita Dery recommend that we should rotate our support among the 4 dog-related organizations. This was approved. An amendment was further made to set the level of support to $200 for each of the two organizations in a given year. The result is that we spend $400 annually as opposed to $750 for dog-related causes. This will be effective in the current year, and we will donate to Canine Companions & Canine Helpers.
Old Business: Brochure - Lion Donna made a new brochure and presented at last Board Meeting; Nov 9 meeting - This will be a DG visitation at the Community Center. Lions Mary Ann Balland and Sue Brinthaupt to provide dessert. Note: The agenda listed Nov. 10 as the date, but Nov. 9 is the correct date; 40th Anniversary - Report by Lion Don Williams. Charter member and Melvin Jones Fellow Craig Andrews was invited but unable to attend in February. Due to weather concerns the Board moved the date to April 12th and we will re-invite Craig.
Good of the Order: Lion Jane King reported that Lion Bim and Jini were doing well.

Activity Report for October:


Community Services:
* Meals on Wheels - 6 hrs
* Town Committees - 25 hrs
* CG Museum Guide - 6 hrs
* Food Banks/Pantries - 60 hrs
* Adopt A Highway - 14 hrs
* Tanglewood - 41 hrs
* Church - 46 hrs
Club Activities:
* Camp Badger - 51 hrs
* Fall Festival - 45 hrs

Total Hours: 294

* Maintained at 38

John Farr , Club Secretary

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct 26th: Winners were: $20 - Gene Herber and Connie Lambert; $10 - Judy Kadlec, Robert Matthew, Ava Fairbrother, and Donna Barto; $5 - George Dery, Big Flats Lions (sold by Lion Bill Powell), and Ed Fairbrother.

REMINDER - Our trial of a new meeting schedule is in effect through December:
We will be trying a new schedule for the first four months of the upcoming year. This will feature one dinner and one dessert meeting per month, where the dessert meeting would cost about $5. The dinner cost at Crystal house will stay at the $10 level with some adjustments to the menu. New schedule:

  2nd Mon = Desert Mtg. 6:30pm Community Center
3rd Mon = Board Mtg. 7:00pm Community Center
4th Mon = Dinner Mtg. 6:30pm Crystal House

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 01/08/2009
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