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Membership Chair

Lion Judy Zimmerman -- 562-3461

Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

January, 2010
Events Calendar:
Jan 11th @ 6:30PM
Regular Club Meeting at the COMMUNITY CENTER with CATERED DINNER.
  Jan 18th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at LION BOB BYLAND's HOUSE (due to MLK day)
  Jan 25th @ 6:30PM Dinner / Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.

Club News:
Our annual Christmas party was an enjoyable affair, with A.J. Stowe on piano, a sing-along, a Chinese auction, and some other humorous awards. Many thanks to all who helped, including Barb Rhodes for all of the wonderful auction gifts and awards, and to Lion Lance Muir for MC'ing the event, and to King Lion Judy for organizing the event and underwriting the entertainment cost. King Lion Judy had also placed 9 blank Christmas greeting cards at each place setting and asked us all to write a few lines on each for the patients at the Bath VA. She has since delivered these cards along with the toiletry items collected, and she is pleased to announce that there were enough cards for everyone.

Holiday Help for the Hungry - Reported by Lion Bill Powell:
This project is to collect donations from club members to buy food for the less fortunate. Money was collected at two club meetings, the second one of November and the December meeting. A total of $372.50 was received and will be given to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. $322.50 will go into the account of the Big Flats Food Pantry and $50 will go into the account of the Food Pantry at the North Presbyterian Church. The amount raised is about 10% larger than was raised last year. I want to thank all the Lions who donated to this worthy cause.

Bell Ringing results - Reported by Lions Harry and Jane King:
I had a call from Julie at the Food Pantry. Big Flats Lion's Club had another great year ringing the bell for the food pantry. On Saturday the total was $445.67 and on Sunday the total was $391.22 for a total for 2 days of $836.89. Harry and I want to thank all those who helped raise this money.

Board Action:
Treasurer's Report - There were 7 no-shows for the Christmas party and the Club had to cover their meals. This was partially offset by a positive margin at the dessert meeting.
Correspondence - Lion Lance received email from Vintage Car Show. We believe it will be June 12th, and we are not sure if it will conflict with Community Days. Lion Lance made a motion that we commit to the 2010 car show. This was seconded by Lion Bill Powell and passed.
* Arctic League - King Lion Judy sent our donation.
* Christmas Party - Lion Dean Zimmerman and King Lion Judy delivered our cards and toiletry items to the Bath VA and there were enough for all the patients.
* 40th Anniversary - April 16, 2010 - Committee consists of Lions Don Williams, Donna Barto, John Farr, Ed Fairbrother, and Mike Yanak. Lion Rita asked if we would consider a new club pin and Lion John mentioned that Lion Don wanted him to look into a pin for the Anniversary. Lion John to research this, and our ability to reproduce a Big Flats pin from the old design.
* Membership - Lion Dave Marks to be inducted at meeting on Jan 24th. Lion Merrill Lynn to induct. Lion Donna Barto said she may have a prospect.
Old Business:
* Visitations - Lion Donna will start again in Jan/Feb with Corning.
New Business:
* Blood Drive - Dec 29, 1-6PM - Lion Gary and King Lion Judy to volunteer. This drive will be in memory of Trooper A.J. Sperr.
Good of the Order:
* Lion Bob Byland contacted the concrete company and plaque company for advice on how to fix the vandalism / scratches on our memorial. We can use a compound / wax filler, or we could remove and redo it, or we can live with it. Lion Bob will look into the filler option.
* Lion Gary Bernhardt noted that the next Board meeting (Jan 18) falls on Martin Luther King Jr. day. Lion Bob Byland volunteered to host the meeting at his home, on the scheduled date. His home is at 30 Brookside Circle (2nd right on Suburban Drive, [which is the 1st turn after bridge], 6th house on the right.

Activity Report for December:

Community Services:
* Meals on Wheels - 5 hrs
* Town Committees - 8 hrs
* Warplane Museum - 4 hrs
* Historical Society - 10 hrs
* Food Banks/Pantries - 19 hrs
Environmental Services:
* Tanglewood - 55 hrs
* Church - 29 hrs
Club Activities:
* Bell Ringing for Food Pantry - 34 hrs

Total Hours: 164

* Maintained at 37

John Farr , Club Secretary

Birthdays in January:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Neal Gummoe, Jan 7th, Don Williams, Dec 14th, Jim Ormiston, Jan 17th, and John Hoos, Jan 22nd.

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct 26th: Winners were: $20 - Gene Herber and Connie Lambert; $10 - Judy Kadlec, Robert Matthew, Ava Fairbrother, and Donna Barto; $5 - George Dery, Big Flats Lions (sold by Lion Bill Powell), and Ed Fairbrother.
Nov 9th: Winners were: $20 - Victoria Updike and Marlene Carpentier; $10 - Sue Brinthaupt, Phyllis Rogan, Shannon McInerney, and Amy McIntosh; $5 - Lydia Lynn, Bill Whitney, and Jacki Williams.
Nov 16th: Winners were: $20 - Elaine Putnam and Maureen Ferrell; $10 - Amy McIntosh, Bob Petrie, Russ Minier, and Donna Barto; $5 - Beth Friedel, Phyllis Rogan, and Rita Dery.
Nov 23rd: Winners were: $20 -Sylvia Tuller and John Farr; $10 - Susan Balland, Barb Rhodes, Lance Muir, and Lenore Confield; $5 - Dean Zimmerman, Jini VanEtten, and Peg Dernsberger.
Dec 14th: Winners were: $20 - Jini VanEtten and Laurel Cody; $10 - Emily Belosky, Lydia Lynn, Lance Muir, and Hannah Belosky; $5 - Pat McInerney, Jini Van Etten, and Ahneece Hancock.
Dec 21st: Winners were: $20 -Ed Fairbrother and Pat Williams; $10 -Tom Rhodes, Eliene Putnam, John Hoos, and Donna Barto; $5 - Skip Smith, Linda Whitney, and Janice Updike.

From the Scrapbook:

King Lion Judy's new suspenders

Santa's helper, Barb Rhodes, provided the gifts & auction items!

Lion Lance Muir (right), Auctioneer, Tail Twister, and MC, works the crowd

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 01/06/2010
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