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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Judy Zimmerman -- 562-3461

Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

May, 2010
Events Calendar:
May 10th @ 6:30PM
Regular Club Meeting at the COMMUNITY CENTER with CATERED DINNER
  May 17th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  May 24th @ 6:30PM Dinner / Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.
  May 28-31 Coffee Reststop at Campbell. Lion Lance Muir is in charge.

Congratulations to our three new Melvin Jones Fellows!
Our 40th Anniversary celebration was well attended with about 63 members and guests. It was a fitting evening to do something our Club has never done before - present Melvin Jones Fellowship Awards! Our three new Melvin Jones Fellows are Lion Don Williams, Lion Merrill Lynn, and Lion Bim Van Etten. On hand to present the awards were Lion Dr. Ed Cordes, PID, and DG Bill Williams. Lion Bim could not attend, so King Lion Judy Zimmerman arranged to contact him via cell phone. By this method Lion Bim could hear the presentation, and the assembled crowd could hear his response. At the same celebration, DG Bill Williams presented Lion Donna Barto with a certificate of appreciation recognizing her 25 years of service to Lionism.

From Lion Bim:

PID Dr. Ed Cordes, DG Bill Williams, and King Lion Judy
Zimmerman presenting the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award
to Lion Bim Van Etten via cell phone

Dear Sec'y John and the Big Flats Lions,

What a pleasant and heart-warming surprise last evening that the club had given me a Melvin Jones Fellowship award. My work with and for the Big Flats Lions over the past 20 years was never aimed toward personal recognition. It was truly an attempt to live up to our "WE SERVE" motto.

Hopefully I was able to serve the community and Lionism as was intended. It was always fun and an enjoyable experience where I gained as much as I gave. The club is a great one and I will always hold it in my heart even though I am now 1800 miles away.

Again, many thanx - and keep up the good work.

Warmest regards,

Club News:
Thanks go out to the members who participated in April work parties. Lions at Camp Badger were Donna Barto, Gary Bernhardt, Gene Herber, Connie Lambert, Dave Marks, Tom Rhodes, Don Williams, and Judy Zimmerman. Adopt-A-Highway Lions were Gene Herber, Dave Marks, Richard Seely, Dick Wardell, Don Williams, and Dean Zimmerman. There were also two vision screens, manned by Lions Mary Ann Balland, Donna Barto, Rita Dery, and Grace Yanak. Committee Members for the 40th Anniversary Celebration were Lions Don Williams (Chr), Donna Barto, Bob Byland, John Farr, Merrill Lynn, and Mike Yanak.

Board Action:
Reports and other Announcements:
* Memorial Day Rest Stop - May 28 - 31: Lion Lance Muir distributed a signup sheet, noting that this would be at Camp Bell. Cookies will be arranged via email and meetings in May.
* Community Days - June 12th: Lion Lance distributed a signup sheet.
* Gator Float - Lion Tom Rhodes announced that he has most of what he needs, including Lions signs and various props. He asked for suggestions on producing a banner sign with words such as, "Big Flats Lions, Serving Since 1970" (so as to be reusable).
* Antique Car Show - June 13th: Lion Lance distributed a signup sheet.
* Camp Badger - Lion Gary submitted an attendance report to the Secretary and announced that there were 8 people for a total of 69 hours, and that they had finished the ceiling.
* Blood Drive: King Lion Judy announced that the goal for March 30th was 34, 37 were collected.
* Children's Miracle Network, Thank You for our $200 donation.
* LCIF Thank You for $390.50 to Haiti.
* Donation request from BSA Venture Crew 0442.
* Donation request from Camp Sunshine.
* Donation request from Visions VCB.
* Invitation to DG Bill Williams' testimonial on May 21st.
* Check $133.69 from Canandaigua Lions for 679 metal frame glasses and 161 usable plastic frame glasses.
* BSA Troop 4097 Thank You for $75 donation.
* Lion Lance also passed along an unwritten Thank You he received on behalf of the Club from a recipient of eyeglasses.
Good of the Order:
* Lion Tom Rhodes mentioned that we need to knock down the meal counts for the Community Center meetings as we had to pay for one extra last time.
* Southern Tier Retired Lions Anniversary on April 25th: King Lion Judy Zimmerman and Lion Donna Barto will attend.

Board Meeting / Second Reading of the Slate of Officers for 2010-2011:

  President: Lion Bob Byland
1st VP: Lion Bill Powell
2nd VP: Lion Mary Ann Balland
3rd VP: Lion Sue Brinthaupt
Secretary: Lion John Farr
Treasurer: Lion Tom Rhodes
Tail Twister: Lion Lance Muir
Lion Tamer: Lion Dean Zimmerman
1Yr Director: Lion Gene Herber
1Yr Director: Lion Gary Bernhardt
2Yr Director: Lion Dave Marks
2Yr Director: Lion Rita Dery
Immediate Past President: Lion Judy Zimmerman

Activity Report for May:


Community Services:
* Meals on Wheels - 13 hrs
* Town Committees - 15 hrs
* Historical Society - 7 hrs
* Food Banks/Pantries - 28 hrs
* Adopt A Highway - 30 hrs
Environmental Services:
* Tanglewood - 34 hrs
* Camp Badger - 65 hrs
* Low Vision Center - 3 hrs
* Church - 58 hrs
Total Hours: 253

* Maintained at 37

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:

Slideshow / Music Video celebrating 40 years of the Big Flats Lions

Birthdays in May:
Happy Birthday wishes this month go out to Lions Judy Zimmerman, May 4th, and Al Draht, May 20th.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 05/07/2009
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