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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Judy Zimmerman -- 562-3461

Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

June, 2010
Events Calendar:
  Jun 12th Community Days Chicken BBQ
  Jun 13th Vintage Car Show Chicken BBQ
  Jun 14th @ 6:30PM Regular Club Meeting at the COMMUNITY CENTER with CATERED DINNER
  Jun 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Jun 28th @ 6:30PM Awards and installation meeting at the CRYSTAL HOUSE. Guests are welcome!

Club News:
The weather cooperated with us for our Memorial Day Coffee Reststop, and all indications are that it was a success. Make sure to ask Lion Neal Gummoe what the Wegman's drivers like to eat! Lion and Horseheads School Superintendent Ralph Marino presented the proposed school budget for 2010-11 at our first meeting, and the various challenges were made clear. At our second meeting in May, Dr. Hubert Wang gave a wonderful presentation on the great wall of China. Lion John Farr attended DG Bill Williams' testimonial dinner in May and was awarded the District 20-E2 Newsletter award. And while our Club did not win the Club Contest for our division, DG Bill awarded us a patch for participating in the contest. Our own awards committee has convened, so please join us on June 28th to witness the results!

At the request of King Lion Judy, reporter Jeff Murray kindly wrote a story about our three new Melvin Jones Fellows, Lions Bim Van Etten, Don Williams, and Merrill Lynn. Check it out at the Star Gazette website!

Coming up we have our busiest BBQ weekend ever. Community Days BBQ will be Saturday, June 12th, followed on the next day by the Antique Car Show BBQ. Manning for these events was about 70% at press time, so if you haven't done so already, PLEASE SIGN UP!

Board Action:
Reports and other Announcements:
* Treasurer's Report: We're in good shape with Community Service fund but a little short on Administrative.
* 40th Anniversary - Lion Judy handed out programs to anyone who needed them, and noted that pins are available. She announced the Jeff Murray article regarding the MJF award winners and distributed copies of that, noting that Jeff did a wonderful job.
* Community Days - June 12th: Lion Lance reported that it looks ok people-wise. Lion Gene reminded members that the running race participants will be entitled to chicken dinners.
* Gator Float - Lion Tom is working on banners and can accommodate two riders to distribute candy. Barb Rhodes has come up with a mini-Lion for the front bumper.
* Antique Car Show - June 13th: Lion Lance reports its in pretty good shape. 250 chicken halves.
* Camp Badger - Lion Connie Lambert is still cleaning up there, and brought two hanging baskets.
* Lion Lance - Requests for loan-outs: Larry Wagoner requests racks for a graduation party and Higher Hope Church has requested a tent and 6 racks for a picnic. Grates belong to the Park and the racks belong to us. There will also be a Costa's fly-in in the Fall. These loans were approved by the Board.
* Lion Bim Van Etten - Thank you and acceptance note for MJF award.
* Lion Gary Boisseau - Check PU-101's.
* Phelps Lions Club - Golf.
* Club Health Assessment.
* Lions Officer Training on May 22.
* District N challenge.
* LCIF newsletter from Lion Al Brandel.
* Canine Helpers for the Handicapped April newsletter.
* Other: Lion Secretary Farr to write a thank you note and deliver the $25 check at DG Testimonial.
New Business:
* Installation of Officers - Lion Bob Byland to identify a distinguished Lion to perform ceremony.
* Meeting locations for next year - Will finalize this at June Board meeting.
Good of the Order:
* Lion Treasurer Tom Rhode reported again that two members have not paid dues, and this is the second year in a row for one of them. Lion Secretary Farr to identify their sponsors. Need to clarify the alternatives for levels of membership. Need to resolve by July 1st , before dues are billed.

Please keep Lion Gary Bernhardt in your thoughts:
This from King Lion Judy on June 8th: "I spoke to Adrienne this evening and she reports that Gary is doing well. He actually had a partial hip replacement yesterday as a result of the fall he took on Sunday. They replaced the ball part of the hip. He was up walking a little today and will be going to St Joe's for rehab perhaps tomorrow or Thursday. The length of stay has yet to be determined, but Adrienne thought at least two weeks. Meanwhile. their kids have worked out a schedule and will take turns being with their mother for the next several weeks. I offered food, assistance, etc. and she said she felt things would be fine while the kids are on duty. I told her we have a raft of capable, able Lions who could do a wide variety of "things" should she need help, and she promised she would let me know. Depending on where he is at St. Joes, Gary may not be able to have visitors until after 5 pm, that's 5th floor rehab-. I will let you know. Meanwhile, cards and notes would cheer him I'm sure. Thanks in advance. -KL Judy". Update from KLJ: "Gary is doing well and will be moved to St. Joe's tomorrow morning. Address is: 555 St. Joseph's Blvd., Elmira 14901. Don't know visiting hrs. yet, but you could call (737-6541) tomorrow and find out. Adrienne thinks he'll be there a couple of weeks. I again offered our services."

Slate of Officers for 2010-2011, Approved on May 24th:
President: Lion Bob Byland
1st VP: Lion Bill Powell
2nd VP: Lion Mary Ann Balland
3rd VP: Lion Sue Brinthaupt
Secretary: Lion John Farr
Treasurer: Lion Tom Rhodes
Tail Twister: Lion Lance Muir
Lion Tamer: Lion Dean Zimmerman
1Yr Director: Lion Gene Herber
1Yr Director: Lion Gary Bernhardt
2Yr Director: Lion Dave Marks
2Yr Director: Lion Rita Dery
Immediate Past President: Lion Judy Zimmerman

Activity Report for May:


Community Services:
* Meals on Wheels - 3 hrs.
* Town Committees - 11 hrs.
* CG Museum Guide - 6 hrs.
* Historical Society - 7 hrs.
* Food Banks/Pantries - 28 hrs.
Environmental Services:
* Tanglewood - 23 hrs.
* - 15 hrs.
* Church - 42 hrs.
Fundraising Projects:
* Coffee Rest Stop - 120 hrs.Total Hours: 253

*Increased by 1 to 38.

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:

This one's for the Tail Twister!

Birthdays in June:
Happy Birthday wishes this month go out to Lions Ed Rhodes, 6/8, Rita Dery, 6/11, Gene Herber, 6/17, Dean Zimmerman, 6/29, Dick Seely, 6/30.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 06/09/2010
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