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Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414

Lion Bill Powell -- 739-4509
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

July / August, 2010
Events Calendar:
Aug 9th @ 5:30PM
Annual Club Picnic at Community Park. $3/each - Bring a friend!
  Aug 16th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Aug 27th - 30th Coffee Reststop at Kanona.
  Sep 13th @ 6:30PM Regular Club Meeting / Dinner at the BIG FLATS COMMUNITY CENTER.

Club News:
In June we wrapped up our Lions year in grand style and began to prepare for the next one. Among our many accomplishments was our dedication of the veteran's memorial, our 40th anniversary celebration, and the 868 pairs of glasses collected by Lion Bill Powell during the year. Past Council Chair, Lion Art Peck was on hand to install our officers, and King Lion Judy gave her "swan song". She thanked everyone who helped her, mentioning Lion Donna Barto in particular for "making her go to District events". She said that the larger world of Lionism was a real eye opener, and that it was an enjoyable year. Our end of year celebration was further enhanced by a gift of wine from Hazlitt 1852 Vinyards. Just two weeks earler, Lion Bob Byland had invited Jim and Ellen Mathers to speak to us about wine, but we were at the Community Center, so the wine had to wait! Thanks Ellen and Jim, for the wonderful talk and gift. Presiding Officer Lion Bill Powell's first official function as 1st VP was to conduct the 50/50 drawing. Lion John Hoos won the wine drawing, and Past Council Chair Art Peck won the money (which he donated this to our administrative fund). Thanks!

This year's Lion of the Year award went to Lion Tom Rhodes, and the Citizen of the Year award went to Lion Mary Ann Balland. Both awards were presented by King Lion Judy, who shared many personal remarks about their service to Lionism and the community. Congratulations Lions!

Activities in July included two Concerts in the Park, our "Weed and Feed" work party to spruce up the area surrounding the Big Flats sign, and Lion Bob Byland attended officer training in Ithaca. Coming up in August we have our annual picnic on the 9th, and our coffee Rest Stop at Kanona from the 27th through the 30th.

At least three of our Lions were in and out of the hospital in July. Please keep Lions Gary Bernhardt, Bim VanEtten, and Bob Byland in your thoughts. Please also reach out to those Lions we have not seen for awhile.

At least three of our Lions were in and out of the hospital in July. Please keep Lions Gary Bernhardt, Bim VanEtten, and Bob Byland in your thoughts. Please also reach out to those Lions we have not seen for awhile.

Board Action - June:
There was no quorum, but several items were discussed. Lion Bill Powell suggested that we write thank-you notes to non-Lions who participated in recent work parties, and King Lion Judy volunteered to do this. Our proceeds for the Vintage Car Show BBQ were discussed in contrast to other fundraisers, such as coffee rest stops, and it was agreed that alternatives should be discussed. It was suggested that we revisit the $5 cookie fee, charging $10 if not attending, perhaps even billing members after the event if they did not attend.
* Camp Badger / Lions Appreciation Day scheduled for July 25th, 10:30 to 3:00PM.
* Thank you note from DG Bill Williams for our $25 gift.
* Thank you (again) from LCI for Haiti Relief.
* Message to Lion Leaders from International President Eberhard Wirfs.
* USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum - Sep 23-25 - registration info.
* Harlem Ambassadors Show Basketball Team - Fundraising opportunity / sponsor a show.
* Thank you note from Big Flats Little League for donation.
* K9 Companions for Independence / New Center at Medford, NY, request for $1,000.

Board Action - July:
Past Council Chair Lion Art Peck performed the installation ceremony for incoming Directors, Lions Gary Bernhardt and Rita Dery.
Budgets: Administrative and Community Service budgets were read and approved. Notes were made of the rotating donations to dog-related causes, the new expense account for DOH permits, and Journey for Sight.
Reports and other Announcements:
* Rest stops: There was discussion as to whether this should be 3 days instead of 4 (Monday at issue), and we will keep it at 4. Lion Don Williams said that King Lion Bob Byland had asked if there were any more openings for rest stops, and he determined that Columbus Day at Konona was open if we move quickly. This was approved on a motion by the Board. Dates for Kanona on Columbus Day will be Sat. 10/9 through Mon. 10/11. There was further discussion regarding the Vintage Car Show BBQ, but the Board agreed that we do not need to decide at this time whether to continue with that.
* Adopt-A-Highway: Only 4 people participated last time and it took 6 hours. An October pickup is tentatively set for the 2nd, which will be the same day as Costa's Fly-in BBQ.
New Business:
* Review brochure and approve calendar for 1010-11 (with changes noted, such as changing to the Crystal House for the first meeting in October due to Columbus Day). Board decided to wait for King Lion Bob Byland before approving calendar changes. It was noted that the 1st Oct meeting will correspond to tear-down at Kanona. The Board passed a motion to cancel the 1st Oct Meeting.
* Community Service 50/50: Lion Rita Dery has tickets and balls. Will distribute at August picnic.
* Ideas for Membership: Involve HHDS in service project, and discuss using organizations like RSVP to help us identify Big Flats families or persons who could use help from our club . Lion Mary Ann Balland is on the Office for the Aging / LTC Board and will check with them.
Ideas to increase visibility of our club: Town Board recognized the cleaning around the Big Flats sign done by the Lions. Also a suggestion of putting in Horseshoe pits for the Town.
New Tent: The Board approved a $269 payment to Treasurer/Lion Tom Rhodes for the new tent he purchased for the Club.
New Committee List: A new list of committees and committee chairs was circulated to Board members.
* Thank you note from Camp Badger for work on Cabin #3.
* Newsletter and funding request from The Circle of Life Camp at Lion's Camp Badger for Children with Diabetes.
* Funding request and newsletter from Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. Our Club has budgeted $200 for this cause this year.

Message regarding Adopt-A-Highway, from Lion Gene Herber:
We'll be approaching our 20th year for our Adopt-A-Highway effort. The number of volunteers has diminished over the years but not the amount of refuse. During our last pick up some of us spent 6 hours or more before finishing our section or making the attempt. Thanks guys! Your time was well spent and is appreciated. Only six Lions volunteered last time out. Ten to twelve are required to keep the hours to four or less. Its allot nicer to work in pairs. Not only for the camaraderie, but also to consolidate the refuse into one large bag to set along side the road for pick up.

The New York State Department of Transportation expects us to do four pick ups per year. We are down to two. Any group less than ten will require us to do only part of our section at a time. Effectively this would bring us down to one pick up per year. If that is what we are capable of that is what we will have to live with. It is better than the alternative of having Camp Monterrey prisoners pick up once every few years.

Some of us are probably thinking why not abandon the project. This is our town. Unfortunately, no other group is stepping forward to make the commitment. The road signs give us recognition and our end result gives us a feeling of satisfaction when we drive by. For most of us this is on a daily basis. Think of the inner pride that is felt when driving by the Big Flats sign and seeing the shrubbery and cut grass knowing this was a Lions effort. Think back 20 years and remember what the road sides looked like before Adopt-A-Highway came into being in this area. We were the first in Chemung County to sign up!

A solution might be to have a pick up on both Saturday and Sunday on the same weekend. The duration of time spent will be up to you. Even one bag full would be helpful. Hopefully you will all give this some thought. Our first pick up will be October 2nd and possibly the 3rd.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome,
Lion Gene

Activity Report for June:

  Community Service:
* Community Days BBQ - 25 Lions, 155 hrs.
* Meals on Wheels - 2 Lions, 12 hrs.
* RSVP - 2 Lions, 8 hrs.
* Town Committees - 2 Lions, 16 hrs.
* CG Museum Guide - 1 Lion, 6 hrs.
* Historical Society - 1 Lion, 5 hrs.
* Food Banks/Pantries - 7 Lions, 55 hrs.
* - 1 Lion, 23 hrs.
* Eyeglass Recyling - 1 Lion, 2 hrs.
* Church - 3 Lions, 86 hrs.
Total: 368 Hours.

* Vintage Car Show - 25 Lions, 150

* Maintained at 38.

Activity Report for July (reflects new groupings from Lions International):


Assistance to Individuals:
* RSVP - 1 Lion, 8 hrs.
Community & Cultural:
* Concerts in the Park - 13 Lions, 116 hrs.
* CG Museum Guide - 1 Lion, 16 hrs.
* Historical Society - 1 Lion, 9 hrs.
* Town Committees - 2 Lions, 8 hrs.
* Food Banks/Pantries - 9 Lion, 34 hrs.
* Meals on Wheels - 4 Lions, 24 hrs.
* Church - 7 Lions, 31 hrs.
Disaster Preparedness & Relief:
* American Red Cross - 2 Lions, 7 hrs.
Environmental Services:
* Tanglewood - 1 Lion, 16 hrs.
Total: 269 Hours

*Maintained at 38.

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:


Birthdays in July and August:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Sue Brinthaupt - 7/9, Dave Manchester - 7/9, Ed Fairbrother - 7/15, Bob Byland - 8/29, and Dick Wardell - 8/30.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

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