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December, 2010
Events Calendar:
Dec 5th
Arctic League
  Dec 13th @ 6:30PM Lions Christmas Dinner at the CRYSTAL HOUSE. Guests are Welcome!
  Dec 20th @ 7:00PM Board of Director's Meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.

Elwyn Robert VanEtten (Bim) 4/13/1925 - 11/6/2010
Lion Bim joined our club in 1987, but over the years he served the community in many other ways, such as Little League, Small Fry Football, Boy Scouts, the town Parks Commission, and as Town Historian. His love of history was well known by all, and well documented by John Cleary in his column on Dec. 4th. We certainly know he loved the Lions Club. Lion Bim was a President, a Citizen of the Year, a two-time Lion of the Year, a three-time 100% Secretary Award recipient, a sponsor of six new members, and our very first recipient of the Melvin Jones Fellowship award. For many years he served as Publicity Chair, and he attended nearly every Board meeting whether as a guest in an official capacity. He was emblematic of the core values of Lionism, and his fidelity to those values made him a wonderful and memorable orientation instructor. He was indeed a "Lion among men", but he was also a Lion among Lions, and we will miss him greatly.

Club News:
King Lion Bob opened our first November meeting with some words and a moment of silence for Lion Bim Van Etten, who passed away on November 6th. After dinner, Dave Hickman spoke to the club about a Chronic Disease Management Workshop. Elements of the Self Management Toolbox include physical activity, medications, managing fatigue, planning, better breathing, working with health professionals, problem solving, using your mind, managing pain, communication, healthy eating, and understanding emotions.
King Lion Bob and Lions Judy Zimmerman and Donna Barto attended the Fall Conference, where they saw some service dogs from various organizations. The results of the vote on Consolidation were not yet available at meeting time. Secretary/Lion John Farr distributed Perfect Attendance pins and service chevrons for 2009-2010 Lions Donna Barto, Gary Bernhardt, Bob Byland, Rita Dery, John Farr, Gene Herber, Merrill Lynn, Lance Muir, Bill Powell, Tom Rhodes, Don Williams, Grace Yanak, Mike Yanak, and Judy Zimmerman. Service chevrons went to Lions Jane King (15 yrs), Jim Ormiston (15 yrs), and Harry King (20 yrs), and notably, Lion Don Williams for 40 years!

For our second November meeting, Lion Judy Zimmerman invited, Joyce Hyatt, RN, PhD, PCNP, Grant Facilitator at Chemung Valley Rural Health Network to speak. Her topic, "Respecting Choices: End of Life Issues", raised many important issues to consider with respect to DNR, CPR, life support, and tube feeding. The CVRHN website is at

It was announced that the Scouting for Food collection was lower than last year, and the Scout troop at the Maranatha Church now delivers to the new pantry at that location. Turkey Raffle - Lion Judy Zimmerman reported that four of the Turkeys were designated for the Food Pantry, including Lion Bim's. Lions Christmas party will be December 13th at the Crystal House. This will be our only regular club meeting in December. Acting King Lion Bill Powell encouraged members to invite guests. Membership - Phil Moshier's application was approved at the November Board meeting. His installation is scheduled for the first meeting in January so as to avoid the busy December meeting.

Board Action:

Event Reports:
   o Turkey Raffle: Lion Sue Brinthaupt reported that four of the turkeys went to the food pantry, including Bim's.
   o Rest Stops: On behalf of the Food Pantry, Lion Tom Rhodes thanked the club for donating the extra snacks.
   o Scouting for Food: King Lion Bob (KLB) reported that 3,470 items were collected. This is less than last year (4,359) but not the lowest year. KLB mentioned that LCI would be mounting a similar food collection effort. Info to follow.
   o Christmas party will be 12/13 at the Crystal House. A young jazz guitarist will provide entertainment.
   o Horseshoe pits in the Town Park: KLB reports that the Town Board is open to the idea. Dedicate to Lion Bim Van Etten? Lion Rita Dery added that she put the rose arrangement from Larry and Mary Peterson in the Library in memory of Lion Bim. KLB charged the Board to put on thinking caps to come up with a project worthy of Bim's memory.
   o War Memorial: Lion Judy Zimmerman reports that Larry and Mary Peterson will donate roses for the memorial if we pay $15 shipping.
Good of the Order:
   o Lion Judy Zimmerman: Blood Drive on Dec 21st from 1-6. Lions Gary Bernhardt and Constance Lambert will work at the canteen. Members are encouraged to donate and invite donors.
   o Lion Lance Muir: Vintage Car Show has been officially notified that we will no longer participate.
   o Lion Jane King: Only 2 slots still open for bell ringing at Minier's on December 18th.
   o KLB received a letter from Norm at the National Soaring Museum regarding sponsorship of a child for Eileen Collins Space Camp. Lion Judy Zimmerman received a similar inquiry from Ron Hudock.
   o KLB has spoken to LCI about "Cyber Lions", which is a level of membership where one's club participation can be entirely online.
   o Lion Sue Brinthaupt submitted a report on the Turkey raffle including the winners. They will be posted in the bulletin.

   o STAVI - Copy of "The STAVI Visionary" for October, 2010.
   o 1st VDG David Rupright - Secretaries Workshop announcement.
   o CS Lion Gary Boisseau - 2011 MD-20 Convention Information
   o CS Lion Gary Boisseau - District 20-E2 December 2010 newsletter
   o Lions Clubs International - Official Lions Pocket Calendar offer
   o Lions Clubs International - Lions Party Supplies offer
   o President Sid L. Scruggs - Lions October Message from President Scruggs
   o Ultimate Fundraising Inc. - LCI - Art In Nature Spring Flower Fundraiser!!

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct 26th: Winners were: $20 - George King and Rose Byland; $10 - Bill Powell, Lydia Lynn, Alaina Muir, and Henry Farr; $5 - Judy Zimmerman, Tom Balland, and Signs & Safety.
Nov 8th: Winners were: $20 - Sydney Luff and Connie Ogilivie; $10 - George D. Dery, Donna Barto, Sylvia T., and Jennifer Adams; $5 - J. Kakritz, Paula Schuller, and Donna Peck.
Nov 15th: Winners were: $20 - Bim Van Etten and Norman Wead; $10 - Henry Farr, Big Flats Lions (Judy Zimmerman), Jackie Draht, and Phyllis Rogan; $5 - George Martinec, Ralph Marino, and Gary Brewse.
Nov 22nd: Winners were: $20 - Glenda Solovaij and the Big Flats Lions Club; $10 - George Dery, Lydia Lynn, the Big Flats Lions Club, and the Big Flats Lions Club (again); $5 - Todd Cross, Victoria Updike, and Teresa Dean.
Activities Report for November:

Activity Report for November:


Assistance to Individuals
* RSVP - 1 Lion, 26 hrs.
Community / Cultural
* CG Museum Guide - 1 Lion, 4 hrs.
* Scouting for Food - 15 Lions, 63 hrs.
* Food Banks/Pantries - 8 Lions, 23 hrs.
* Meals on Wheels - 1 Lion, 6 hrs.
* Boy Scouts - 1 Lion, 10 hrs.
* Town Committees - 1 Lion, 14 hrs.
* Church - 3 Lions, 14 hrs.
* Eyeglass Recyling - 1 Lion, 2 hrs.
Disaster Preparedness
* Environment Emergency Services - 1 Lion, 3 hrs.
Environmental Services
* Tanglewood - 1 Lion, 21 hrs.
Fund Raising
* Turkey Raffle - 17 Lions, 39 hrs.
Total Hours: 225

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:

DG Richard "Dick" Ernst presents a Certificate of Appreciation to King Lion Bob Byland
at the 2010 Fall Conference in Geneva.

Birthdays in December:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Gary Bernhardt, 12/5, Harry King, 12/21, and Chris Friend, 12/21. Note: Please contact Lion John Farr if this is your birthday month and your name is missing.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 12/08/2010
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