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Lion Bill Powell -- 739-4509
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

February, 2011
Events Calendar:
Feb 14th @ 6:30PM
Club Meeting / Valentine's Dinner - BIG FLATS COMMUNITY CENTER. Bring your Valentine! Entertainment by A.J Stow.
  Feb 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Director's Meeting at BIG FLATS COMMUNITY CENTER (center is open).
  Feb 28th @ 6:30PM Dinner / Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.

Welcome Lion Phil Moshier!
Let's all give a warm welcome to our newest Lion, Phil Moshier! He was inducted in January by our Charter member, Lion Don Williams, and sponsor Lion Al Draht. Lion Phil has been active in Boy Scouts for many years and is well known as a contributer in our community. He will be a strong addition to our Club!

Club News:
King Lion Bob has introduced a new method of fun and "fairness" in the way we determine which table hits the buffet line first. Past methods have ranged from pure randomness to counting the number of guests at each table, and now we have King Lion Bob's Trivia Challenge! It started at the first January meeting with questions with an international flavor, and the topic at the second meeting was Finger Lakes Trivia. Caution: Tables with mobile Internet access may have an advantage!

At King Lion Bob's invitation, Operations Director Norm Smith of the National Soaring Museum presented a slideshow in January featuring Eileen Collins Aerospace Camp. The camp began in 1996 and hosts about 30 campers annually. Cost is $350 for youth ages 9-14. Our club is looking into the possibility of sponsoring a camper for this worthwhile program. King Lion Jim Hackett and Lions Russell and Carol Gridley visited us at our second meeting in January, where King Lion Jim gave a moving presentation regarding Lion Milt Adams, who would have been their first Melvin Jones Fellow had he not passed away before the ceremony. This was followed by a moment of silence.

In other news, Lion Jane King announced that we had received a Thank You note from the Big Flats Food Pantry for our bell ringing efforts. We raised $911.78 out of the $6,500 total. Lion Judy Zimmerman announced that the next Blood Drive will be Feb. 15th from 1-6PM. We are encouraged to make appointments but it's ok to show up without one. On the topic of mailings from Lions Clubs International, King Lion Bob noted that only 9 of our 35 members have email addresses logged with LCI. Unless members object, KLB will add these to our member records so we may receive mailings from LCI.

Finally, Lion Don Williams contributed a happy dollar for his 80th Birthday!

Window Decals:
If there is enough interest we can place an order for window decals featuring the Lions logo with the name of our club at the bottom. These would cost only $1.50 each, but the minimum order is 50. Please contact Secretary Farr if interested.

Board Action:
Treasurer's Report:
   o Donations for the year have been issued from the community service account, and the balance is still high. Our turkey raffle, 50/50, and rest stop fundraisers have been on budget, but we've had additional income from such things as ramp building. We have also not received a bill from Minier's yet for the turkeys.
Committee Reports:
   o Rest Stops: Lion Don Williams has information from Transportation Department. The same weekends from last year are available, which are May 27-30 at Campbell, Aug. 26-29 at Kanona, and Oct. 7-10 at Kanona. Lion Tom Rhodes will send in applications for these weekends.
   o Blood Drive: Lion Gary Bernhardt reported that he and Lions Connie Lambert and Marshall Updike volunteered and also donated blood at the last drive on 12/21. Next drive is Feb. 15.
   o Camp Badger: Lion Gary Bernhardt reported that this is still on for April 16th.
King Lion Reports & Announcements:
   o District Food Drive on May 7th.
   o Extra visibility: Talked to Norm Smith about Lions providing a $350 scholarship for a Big Flats Elementary student to attend Eileen Collins Aerospace Camp. The Board decided to pursue this on the condition that the student reside in Big Flats, that we be notified of the name of the selectee, and that the Big Flats Lions are named in the scholarship.
   o Suggested we try This is a search engine where every click can go to benefit Lions Camp Badger. This will be announced in the newsletter.
   o Canine Companions for Independence - Project for veterans. May want to add to our list of donations.
   o Haiti LCI Relief: According to Lions Magazine, Dominican Lions have provided 600 homes in a year, so our donations are really going to work there.
   o Zone Meeting, Jan 26th at 6:15PM, Elmira Holiday Inn. Speaker: Mike Atchie / Marcellus Shale.
   o Suggested we register our email addresses with LCA so we can receive their mailings directly. The alternative is to forward things around.
   o Horseshoe pits: The Town likes the idea if we would pay for it. We need to form a committee for implementation in the Spring. We could do this in memory of Lion Bim VanEtten.
   o Related note: We could also ask the Library for memorial ideas for Lion Bim. Lion Rita will follow up with Library / genealogists at the Steele Library.
   o SOS Program: KLB did 3 hours of work fixing leaks and other things for a local elderly woman.
   o NYS/Bermuda Lions $100 tickets - KLB to offer these at dinner meeting.
   o Sight/Hearing Impaired placards: Lion Rita noted that she saw these at St. Joseph's recently and wondered if/when we had produced these. We did, but nobody recalled exactly when.
   o Business of the Year Award: KLB reflected on the generosity of Minier's for not charging us for the turkey's, and raised the idea of a "Business of the Year" award to complement our LOY and COY awards.

Correspondence - (Contact Secretary Farr for more details on any of the following):
   o Association for Vision Rehabilitation (AVRE) newseletter.
   o 1st VDG David Rupright - Next generation of the Activities Report!!!
   o Eberhard J. Wirfs - Lions Clubs International Foundation Newsletter January 2011
   o PDG Bob Jensen - ACA Memorial Park - Seeking Help to get Pepsi Grant
   o Katerina Barcal - Webcast for New Features in WMMR
   o CS Lion Gary Boisseau - February 12th Cabinet Meeting
   o CS Lion Gary Boisseau - District 20-E2 February 2011 Newsletter
   o Lions Clubs International - [Newswire] January Lions Clubs Newsletter
   o Lions Clubs International - 2010-2011 Perfect Attendance Pin
   o ZC Mike Eisenhart - Zone Meeting
   o DG Richard Ernst - FW: The Club Health Assessment for December 2010
   o IP Sid L. Scruggs III - January eletter from President Scruggs
   o Ultimate Fundraising, Inc. - Lions Clubs International Spring Fundraising 2011

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners:
Oct 26th: Winners were: $20 - George King and Rose Byland; $10 - Bill Powell, Lydia Lynn, Alaina Muir, and Henry Farr; $5 - Judy Zimmerman, Tom Balland, and Signs & Safety.
Nov 8th: Winners were: $20 - Sydney Luff and Connie Ogilivie; $10 - George D. Dery, Donna Barto, Sylvia T., and Jennifer Adams; $5 - J. Kakritz, Paula Schuller, and Donna Peck.
Nov 15th: Winners were: $20 - Bim Van Etten and Norman Wead; $10 - Henry Farr, Big Flats Lions (Judy Zimmerman), Jackie Draht, and Phyllis Rogan; $5 - George Martinec, Ralph Marino, and Gary Brewse.
Nov 22nd: Winners were: $20 - Glenda Solovaij and the Big Flats Lions Club; $10 - George Dery, Lydia Lynn, the Big Flats Lions Club, and the Big Flats Lions Club (again); $5 - Todd Cross, Victoria Updike, and Teresa Dean.
Dec 13th: Winners were: $20 - Christopher Dery and Finger Lakes Engineering; $10 - Erika Brinthaupt, Lydia Lynn, Judy Zimmerman, and the Big Flats Lions Club (Lion Judy Zimmerman); $5 - Dick Gewenus, Shirley Salvatore, and Donna Peck.
Dec 20th: Winners were: $20 -Jeffrey Updike and Connie Ogilvie; $10 - Ralph Marino, Shaemus McGannon, Kerin
Thomas, and Hanneh Belosky; $5 - Doug Brinthaupt, Gene Herber, and Bonnie Dery.
Jan 10th: Winners were: $20 - Eric Byland and Charles Kakritz; $10 - Signs & Safety, Shaemus McGannon, Connie Lambert, and Signs & Safety; $5 - Christine Miller, Judy Zimmerman, and Chris Friend.
Jan 17th: Winners were: $20 - Signs & Safety and D. Mathew; $10 - Tom Rhodes, Teresa Dean, Laurie Dunlop, and Eric Byland; $5 - Jean Williams, Al Draht, and Cathy Byland.
Jan 24th: Winners were: $20 - Constance Lambert and Dick Gebenus; $10 - Mark Brinthaupt, Ralph Marino, Barb Rhodes, and Gene Herber; $5 - Big Flats Lions (Lion Judy Zimmerman), Dick Seely, and Tom Osborne.

Activity Report for January:


Assistance to Individuals
   o Seniors / SOS / Other - 1 Lion, 6 hours
Community / Cultural
   o Historical Society - 1 Lion, 5 hours
   o CG Museum Guide - 1 Lion, 3 hours
   o Town Committees - 2 Lions, 26 hours
   o Food Banks/Pantries - 12 Lions, 65 hours
   o Meals on Wheels - 2 Lions, 19 hours
   o Church - 4 Lion, 37 hours
   o Boy Scouts - 1 Lion, 4 hours
Disaster Preparedness
   o Environment Emergency Services - 1 Lion, 7 hours
   o Tanglewood - 1 Lion, 28 hours
Total Hours: 200

   o Big Flats Branch Library - 200.00
   o Finger Lakes Region Lions Hearing Foundation - 300.00
   o Guide Dog Foundation - 200.00
   o Leader Dog Foundation - 200.00
   o STAVI (Low Vision Center) - 300.00
   o Lions Club International Foundation - 500.00
   o Big Flats Cinderella Softball - 200.00
   o Big Flats Lacrosse - 100.00
   o Big Flats Little League - 250.00
   o Boy Scout Troop #3097 - 75.00
   o Boy Scout Troop #87 - 125.00
   o Children's Miracle Network - 200.00
   o Empire State Speech and Hearing Clinic - 200.00
Total Donations: 2,850.00

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:

Induction ceremony for Lion Phil Moshier. Left to right: Lions Al Draht (sponsor), Phil Moshier, Don Williams,
and King Lion Bob Byland.

Birthdays in February:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lion Jane King, 2/12. Note: Please contact Lion John Farr if this is your birthday month and your name is missing.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Published: 02/11/2011 - Revised 02/21/2011
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