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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414

Lion Bill Powell -- 739-4509
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

March, 2011
Events Calendar:
Mar 14th @ 6:30PM
Regular Club Meeting at the COMMUNITY CENTER with CATERED DINNER. Our speaker will be Ron Hoodock of the Wings of Eagles Museum.
  Mar 21st @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Mar 28th @ 6:30PM Dinner / Regular Club Meeting at the CRYSTAL HOUSE.
  Apr 16th Camp Badger Work Party. Lion Gary Bernhardt is in charge.

Club News:
Our first meeting in February was special because it happened to fall on Valentines Day, and King Lion Bob made it special by arranging for entertainment and encouraging members to invite guests. A.J. Stow played piano, and King Lion Bob handed out roses to to women present. Barb Rhodes announced that son and Lion Ed Rhodes is making his 3rd trip to Haiti for church group / orphanage work.

At our second meeting, King Lion Bob Byland lit two candles in honor of ill and departed Lions. Coming up we'll have Ron Hoodock of the War Plane Museum speak to us at our March 14th meeting. There will also be a Camp Badger work party on April 16th, where Lion Constance Lambert has volunteered to provide food.

Concern for Lions:
Let's keep Lions Sue Brinthaupt and Rita Dery in our thoughts. Lion Rita lost her mother in February, and Lion Sue is now at home after recovering from a hip fracture and total hip replacement.

Board Action:
Treasurer's Report:
   o Treasurer Rhodes noted that he added back the amounts of two uncashed checks, including $25 for Administrative and $110 for Community Service.
Committee Reports:
   o Membership - Judy may have two prospects and KLB may have one. They will be visiting over the next two meetings.
   o NYS & Bermuda Lions Foundation $100 ticket (1 award). KLB will present this at next meeting.
   o LCI Food Drive May 7th - Will be like Scouting for Food, where Scouts collect and we sort. Check calendar.
   o Space Camp Scholarship - Norm Smith is enthusiastic and will followup with school counselors. He will give us a name so we can invite the recipient and their family to a meeting.
   o Email addresses / Registration for LCI publications - KLB has updated these for 96% of members.
   o Lion Lance Muir reports:
      * Rest stops - Permits have been secured for the upcoming year. Dates are May 27-30, Aug 26-29, and Oct 7-10.
      * Community Days will be June 11th. Confirmed with Mark Gould. No other information.
      * Workman's Compensation waiver (Health Department requirement) - This has been taken care of.
      * Sales tax not necessary for any events this year.
   o Lion Gary Bernhardt reports:
      * Blood Drive - Lion Gary and Lions Dean and Judy Zimmerman manned the last canteen from 1-6PM. All donated as well, along with Lion Marshall Updike.
      * Camp Badger - Lion Constance Lambert will provide food at our next work party. Cabins 1 and 8 are still ours;
cabins 2 & 3 are adopted by default from Horseheads and Odessa.
New Business:
   o Horseshoe Pit Project - Committee of 3 to start it. Lion Gene Herber developed a plan for a $1,300 project and presented it at the meeting. Expenses are for materials only; mostly fencing. KLB to follow up with Town.

Correspondence - (Contact Secretary Farr for more details on any of the following):
   o Letter Lions International - Thank you for our $500 donation.
   o Leader Dogs for the Blind - Thank you for $200 donation.
   o Big Flats Youth Basketball - Thank you plaque.
   o VISIONS - Services for blind and visually impaired - Request for donation through 20-E2.
   o Guide Dog Foundation - Thank you letter.
   o STAVI - Thank you letter.
   o Camp Badger - Thank you letter.
   o Lion Wayne Wagner - Additional thank you letter on behalf of LCI for donation.
   o Children's Miracle Network - Thank you letter.

Big Flats Lions Community Service 50/50 Winners (Final):
Oct 26th: Winners were: $20 - George King and Rose Byland; $10 - Bill Powell, Lydia Lynn, Alaina Muir, and Henry Farr; $5 - Judy Zimmerman, Tom Balland, and Signs & Safety.
Nov 8th: Winners were: $20 - Sydney Luff and Connie Ogilivie; $10 - George D. Dery, Donna Barto, Sylvia T., and Jennifer Adams; $5 - J. Kakritz, Paula Schuller, and Donna Peck.
Nov 15th: Winners were: $20 - Bim Van Etten and Norman Wead; $10 - Henry Farr, Big Flats Lions (Judy Zimmerman), Jackie Draht, and Phyllis Rogan; $5 - George Martinec, Ralph Marino, and Gary Brewse.
Nov 22nd: Winners were: $20 - Glenda Solovaij and the Big Flats Lions Club; $10 - George Dery, Lydia Lynn, the Big Flats Lions Club, and the Big Flats Lions Club (again); $5 - Todd Cross, Victoria Updike, and Teresa Dean.
Dec 13th: Winners were: $20 - Christopher Dery and Finger Lakes Engineering; $10 - Erika Brinthaupt, Lydia Lynn, Judy Zimmerman, and the Big Flats Lions Club (Lion Judy Zimmerman); $5 - Dick Gewenus, Shirley Salvatore, and Donna Peck.
Dec 20th: Winners were: $20 -Jeffrey Updike and Connie Ogilvie; $10 - Ralph Marino, Shaemus McGannon, Kerin
Thomas, and Hanneh Belosky; $5 - Doug Brinthaupt, Gene Herber, and Bonnie Dery.
Jan 10th: Winners were: $20 - Eric Byland and Charles Kakritz; $10 - Signs & Safety, Shaemus McGannon, Connie Lambert, and Signs & Safety; $5 - Christine Miller, Judy Zimmerman, and Chris Friend.
Jan 17th: Winners were: $20 - Signs & Safety and D. Mathew; $10 - Tom Rhodes, Teresa Dean, Laurie Dunlop, and Eric Byland; $5 - Jean Williams, Al Draht, and Cathy Byland.
Jan 24th: Winners were: $20 - Constance Lambert and Dick Gebenus; $10 - Mark Brinthaupt, Ralph Marino, Barb Rhodes, and Gene Herber; $5 - Big Flats Lions (Lion Judy Zimmerman), Dick Seely, and Tom Osborne.
Feb 14th: Winners were: $100 - Ralph Marino, Constance Lambert, and Emily Belosky; $20 - Finger Lakes Engineering and Shirley Salvatore; $10 - Ryan Luff, Dick Suley, Cathy Suley, and the Big Flats Lions Club (Lion David Marks); $5 - Theresa Dean, Sharon Nichols, and Sue Brinthaupt.

Thanks Lion Rita for another great year of the Community Service 50/50 Raffle!

Activity Report for February:


Assistance to Individuals
   o Seniors / SOS / Other - 2 Lions, 29 hours
Community / Cultural
   o CG Museum Guide - 1 Lion, 4 hours
   o Food Banks/Pantries - 7 Lion, 23 hours
   o Boy Scouts - 2 Lion, 12 hours
   o Church - 2 Lion, 7 hours
   o Tanglewood - 1 Lion, 33 hours
   o Blood Drives - 3 Lions, 7 hours
Total Hours: 115

John Farr , Club Secretary

From the Scrapbook:

Valentine's Day Meeting / Celebration

Birthdays in March:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lion Mary Ann Balland, 3/14. Note: Please contact Lion John Farr if this is your birthday month and your name is missing.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.


Published: 03/06/2011
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