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Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414

Lion Bill Powell -- 739-4509
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

May, 2011
Events Calendar:
May 7th
4th Cabinet Meeting: Trumansburg
  May 7th District Food Drive
  May 7th @ 8:00am Adopt-A-Highway - Continuation from April. Lion Gene Herber for details
  May 9th @ 6:15pm Regular Club Meeting at the COMMUNITY CENTER with CATERED DINNER. Lion Ralph Marino will speak about the school budget.
  May 16th @ 7:00pm Board of Director's Meeting at the BIG FLATS COMMUNITY CENTER
  May 22nd Lions Recognition Banquet; Canandaigua
  May 23rd @ 6:30pm Regular Club Meeting at the CRYSTAL HOUSE
  May 27th -30th Coffee Reststop at Campbell
  Jun 11th Community Days Chicken BBQ
Club News:
King Lion Bob's trivia challenges have become quite a tradition, and the first meeting in April was no exception. The topic was the Food Pyramid, which he chose to correspond with our speaker that evening, Diana Rumsy, Director of Resource Development for the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. This is one of the eight Food Banks state-wide, serving 4,000 square miles with a volume of 7 million pounds of food per year. There are 72,000 individuals who are at or below the poverty line in this area (14% of the population, making $24,000 or less). At 258 pounds of food per individual per year, 7 million pounds covers only about half the need. The local Food Bank serves 163 agencies, including Food Pantries, the backpack program, and the Mobile Food Pantry. The area runs from Wayland to Deposit. Lion Aaron Manchester won the 50/50 drawing at that meeting, and he donated his winnings to the Food Bank.

In other news: Camp Badger - Lion Gary Bernhardt announced that 8 Lions contributed hours, and three ladies cooked a great lunch. We received a thank you note from Dave Noteboom on behalf of the camp for our services. District Food Drive - KLB needs 3 people to help with this. He's not sure of the details, but will attempt to organize the Lions and the Scouts into a single effort, perhaps later than the May 7th target date. Ticket Sales - KLB has coordinated the sale of shares for one of the MD20 $100 tickets, and Lion John Farr coordinated the sales of 10 tickets for the Camp Badger drawing at $5/each. Adopt-a-Highway - Lion Gene Herber led a cleanup effort on April 30th, and has scheduled a second cleanup for Saturday, May 7th. Thank you, Lion Marshall Updike, for helping Lion Gene Herber put up the signs for this event as he had problems with bursitis of the knee.

Ideas for the future: At our second meeting, KLB asked for 3 ideas from each table regarding things that the Club could do that it isn't already doing. Members deliberated on this, and after about 20 minutes the tables presented their ideas. These included such things as providing rides to senior dinners and the Food Pantry, day outings for the visually impaired, and a Saturday where we would invite Lions to the Food Bank for sorting (we supply the donuts). Lion Judy Zimmerman won the 50/50 drawing at this meeting and donated it back to the Lion.

Board Action:
There was no quorum present for April's Board meeting, but reports were given and items were discussed.
Committee Reports:
   o Camp Badger - Lion Gary Bernhardt reported that 8 Lions replaced rear doors of cabins 2&3 for 60 hrs. total.
   o Blood Drive - Lion Gary Bernhardt reported that 3 Lions donated 9 hrs. total.
   o Adopt-A-Highway - On behalf of Lion Gene Herber, Lion Bill Powell reported that 9 Lions have signed up for the first day (4/30) and 5 for the next (5/01).
   o MD20 Band / $100 raffle ticket - Lions Bob Byland, Rita Dery, and Gene Herber have bought shares so far.
   o Rest Stops - Lion Lance Muir circulated a signup sheet. Will need $5 from each member for cookies.
   o Community Days - Will be June 11th. We will participate in BBQ and parade/float.
   o Horseshoe Pits - Lions Lance Muir and Tom Rhodes have volunteered their labor for cost savings.
   o Summer Picnic - Set for August 8th at Community Park / Jacobus pavilion.
   o Thank you note from the Food Bank for Lion Aaron Manchester's donation of $14 - 50/50 winnings.
   o Empire State Special Needs Experience at Camp Badger - $5 Raffle Tickets. Secretary Farr will offer for sale at next regular meeting, two purchased at Board meeting (Lions Lance Muir & Audrey Manchester).
New Business:
   o Secretary Farr indicated that Amanda Manchester's membership application was received since the last Board meeting and will need to be approved as soon as a quorum is available.
   o Lion Bill Powell submitted that we need to establish a new member orientation process, even if just informal. Lion Lance Muir suggested that we assign a mentor. It was suggested that the sponsor should be the default mentor, but this can be problematic when sponsors are new members themselves.
Good of the Order:
   o Annual reports are coming up. We will need a list of committee chairs by the end of June.

Activity Report for April:


Assistance to Individuals
* Seniors / SOS / Other - 3 Lions, 10 hours
* RSVP - 1 Lion, 6 hours
Community / Cultural
* CG Museum Guide - 1 Lion, 4 hours
* Steele Library - 1 Lion, 3 hours
* Food Banks/Pantries - 11 Lions, 60 hours
* Meals on Wheels - 1 Lion, 10 hours
* Church - 2 Lions, 4 hours
* Camp Badger - 8 Lions, 60 hours
Disaster Preparedness
* American Red Cross - 3 Lions, 9 hours
* Environment Emergency Services - 1 Lion, 3 hours
Environmental Services
* Adopt A Highway - 3 Lions, 9 hours
* Tanglewood - 1 Lion, 36 hours
Total Hours: 214

John Farr , Club Secretary

Nominated Officers for 2011 - 2012:

  President Bill Powell
  1st Vice President Mary Ann Balland
  2nd Vice President Gene Herber
  3rd Vice President Audrey Manchester
  Secretary Suzie Brinthaupt
  Treasurer Tom Rhodes
  Tail Twister Lance Muir
  Lion Tamer Dean Zimmerman
  1 Year Director Dave Marks
  1 Year Director Rita Dery
  2 Year Director Al Draht
  2 Year Director Judy Zimmerman

Birthdays in May:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Judy Zimmerman, 5/04, and Al Draht, 5/20. Note: Please contact Lion John Farr if this is your birthday month and your name is missing.

Editor’s Note:
News items and other submissions from Club members are always welcome! Please feel free to send any announcements or other items of humor or interest.

Published: 05/04/2011 - Revised: 05/06/2011
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