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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Bill Powell -- 739-4509

Lion Mary Ann Balland -- 562-3106
Lion John Farr -- 562-7621

October, 2011
Events Calendar:
Oct 2nd
Costas Fly-In - to provide BBQ grill on October 2nd
  Oct 7th - 10th Coffee Rest Stop at Kanona - Columbus Day
  Oct 10th NO MEETING ON THE 10th
  Oct 14th Repack at Food Bank. King Lion Bill for details.
  Oct 15th Camp Badger Work Party. Lion Gary Bernhardt for details.
  Oct 17th @ 7:00pm Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Oct 22nd Adopt a Highway. Lion Gene Herber for details.
  Oct 24th @ 6:30pm Dinner / Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.

Lions to keep in our thoughts this month (added 10/9/2011):
Please keep Lions Dean Zimmerman, Bob Byland, and John Hoos in your thoughts and prayers this month. Lion Dean was in a car accident recently and is still in the hospital. Lion Bob was recently in the hospital, and Lion John is struggling with health issues. My apologies if I am forgetting anyone. If so, please contact Lion John Farr at 562-7621 and I will get the word out.

Club News:
King Lion Bill was pleased to announce that all of the programs have been filled out for the year. Many thanks to those who volunteered to speak or arranged for programs. King Lion Bill kicked off the year with a program of his own, which was a slideshow and presentation of our club projects. Thanks also to the seven Lions who donated 19 hours at the Community Kitchen, and to our ramp builders. Lions Bob Byland, Bill Powell, Al Draht, Don Williams, and Tom Rhodes, donated 72 hours on our most recent project. Our Lions also made headlines in the Star Gazette in early October by assisting with the Costa's Fly-In Chicken BBQ!

DG David Rupright visited our club at our second meeting, and was joined by Lion John Sobodka. DG Dave reminded us of the Fall Conference in November and the District Convention in May, and asked that we keep track of any trees that we plant, in support of the goals of our new International President. He also encouraged us to nominate a Woman of the Year and forward any Peace Poster entries by October 15th.

Coming up we have a number of projects in October, including the Coffee Reststop at Kanona, a Camp Badger work party, a Food Bank repack work party, and Adopt-A-Highway.

Board Action in August:
Finished Service Projects:
   o Ramp - Sept 17th - 6 Lions worked 74 hours to complete ramp in Elmira
   o Community Kitchen - 7 Lions worked 19 hours.
Upcoming Service Projects:
   o Camp Badger- Oct. 15th. Lion Judy will contact Lion Connie regarding lunch.
Upcoming Fund Raisers:
   o Columbus Day Weekend Reststop - sign up sheet at next dinner meeting and on the web.
   o Request from Lion MaryAnn to try offering hot dogs on Saturdays-several have offered to help with this-further discussion after the first of the year.
Standing Committees:
   o Membership - several possible candidates mentioned.
New Business:
   o An orientation for new members was suggested. Possibly do a review of Lionism in several short sessions at dinner meetings.
   o A list of speakers for the year should be published and made available to all Lions,

Birthdays in October:
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Lions Tom Rhodes, 10/1, and Bill Powell, 10/26. Note: Please contact Lion John Farr if this is your birthday month and your name is missing.

Published: 10/07/2011 - Revised: 10/09/2011
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