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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Mary Ann Balland -- 562-3106

Lion Gene Herber -- 562-3168
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

December, 2012
Events Calendar:
Dec 7th @ 9:00
Repacking at Food Bank
  Dec 10th @ 6:30PM Christmas meeting at Crystal House. Bring a partner, cost $15.00
  Dec 17th Board of Directors meeting cancelled.
  Dec 22 & 23 Bell Ringing for Big Flats Food Pantry / Lion Jane is signing people up.
  Jan 11th Next Community Kitchen

Board Action:
   o Town of Catlin requested use of our sign board, approved Our policy on providing eyeglasses was discussed and new guidelines established. We will provide up to $125.00 to Empire Vision but will not provide any transportation.
   o Lion Dave Marks reported that the Community Kitchen of 11/9 served 65 people 116 spaghetti meals with the work of 6 Lions and 1 spouse.
   o Lion Gary reported on the 11/3 Blood Drive which collected 25 pints of blood.
   o Treas. Report as of 11/19. Balance-Administrative Fund $2,684.38 & Community Service fund $8,993.00

Club News:
Program at the Nov. 12 meeting was provided by Lion Neal Gummoe, who told of his experiences during the last days of WWII in France as Allied Forces were taking control of small pockets of Nazi resistance while conditions were still very chaotic. The Manager of Camp Badger spoke on Nov. 26. He provided a list of the 2012 accomplishments and goals for 2013 which include repairing 3 leaky roofs and repair to the drain of the swimming pool as well as several new projects. He also listed all the visitors which in addition to many Lion work parties there were 2 weeks of Summer Camp, several weddings and other family gatherings many of which provided rental income. There were a total of 1741 visitors during the season.

Remember that guests are welcome at the Christmas Party which will have entertainment as well as the Chinese Auction. (Bring quarters) December birthdays: Gary Bernhardt 12/5 & Harry King 12/21. Remember new member Margie Flynn while she is recovering from knee surgery.

50/50 winners:
11/12 $20. Lydia Lynn, P Canula; $15. Margie Flynn; $10. Scott Zimmerman, Amy Macintosh, George King, Dick Seeley.
11/18: $20. Finger Lakes Engineering, Laurel Cody; $15. Lois Love; $10. Linda Whitney, Joe Marino, Coleen Hassan, Ryan Horn.
11/26: $20. Amanda Manchester, Arnie Keller; $15. Gene Herber; $10. Kim Boisseau, Matt Schneider, Carder Fairbrother, Judy Zimmerman.



  A very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year for us all.


Published: 12/03/2012
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