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Big Flats, New York

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Lion Mary Ann Balland -- 562-3106

Lion Gene Herber -- 562-3168
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

February, 2013
Events Calendar:
  Feb 1st 9-12
Repack at FBST Contact Lion Bill Powell for info.
  Feb 11 @ 6:30 Dinner Meeting at Community Center. Program will be provided by Care First (formerly Hospice)
  Feb 15 9-12 Repack at FBST
  Feb 18 @ 7:00 Board Meeting at Community Center. All members are welcome.
  Feb 25 @ 6:30 Dinner Meeting at Crystal House. Bob Byland will surprise us with his program.

The Club mourns the loss of one of our most hard working and faithful members, Michael Yanak. Mike joined the Club in 1991 and served as King Lion in 1995-6 and 2008-9. He was Lion of the Year in 1992-3. Projects he chaired were Mint Sales and Journey for Sight. His humor and joie de vive added greatly to Club Meetings. His presence among us will be greatly missed. Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt support go to Lion Grace in her grief.

Board Action:
Discussion on the length of hours individual Lions make to service projects, especially in regard to Bell-Ringing and Rest Stops. Shorter periods of time have been suggested and are under consideration.

The DG has approached King Lion Mary Ann about the possibility of merging with Horseheads Lions. We did not feel we had enough information to even begin such talks and Lion Mary Ann was to contact various people to get some clarification. The club will be informed at all times.

Treasurers Report: 12-17-12/1-21-13

  Community Service Balance $8,418.00
  Administrative Balance $1,830.47
  Total Checking $10,248.47
  CD's $4,670.33
  Savings $809.89
  Total worth $15,728.69

Club News:
District Governor Perry Hartzell attended our Jan 14th Meeting spoke of the loss of members district wide which also means a loss of dues, therefore finances are down. He also spoke of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the impact on Clubs in that area of the District. Since his Club is Appalachian, Lions in the Southern Tier have first hand knowledge of the kinds of help most needed.

Our regular program was a slide show about the activities of Boy Scout Troop 87 by Lion John Farr, mostly featuring son, Benjamin, with several mentions of Lions John Hoos and Bob Byland and their contributions to the Troop.

87 spaghetti and meatballs meals were served at Community Kitchen on Jan 17 by 5 Lions and one spouse to great acclaim. Bon Appetit!

At our 1/28 dinner meeting, Pat Silvernail gave a talk on the History of the Girl Scouts USA with especial emphasis on Chemung County. She also asked for help distributing Girl Scout Cookies from the Armory to the various troops on Feb. 13.

February birthday: Lion Jane King 2/12

50/50 winners:
1/14: $20. Mildred Ruger, Ann Ormiston; $15 Andy Zimmerman; $10. Niles Byland, Henry Farr, Doug Brinthaupt, Ann Dennington
1/21: $20. Ryan Horne, Peg Densberger; 15. Ashley Brinthaupt; $10. George Martinec, Diane Knapp, Phyllis Rogan, Bill McHale
1/28: $20. Susan Brinthaupt, Monte Sullivan; $15. Christopher Muir; $10. Sylvia Tuller, Nicole Burt, Judy Hambruch, Gus Seltsman.

Published: 01/30/2013
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